Tom wins the PoV, Suzette has another outburst

March 9, 2013

A Look Back at Day 17 in the Big Brother Canada House

Suzette Still the Target

Alec and Emmett spoke with Tom this morning, looking to see if his plans remained the same. Tom said that he still intended to pull Gary off the block with the veto, putting up a pawn next to Suzette. Alec informed Tom that AJ and Andrew were not totally sold on the idea of evicting Suzette and were not likely to use the veto on Gary if they were to win. Tom replied by saying “that’s bullshit, they want Suzette here cause she will target big players. They want to float their way through.” Tom later told Andrew and AJ that they don’t have to use the PoV on Gary if they don’t want to, but that he intends to honour his word to Gary by taking him down if he wins.

Alec told Tom that he was willing to use the PoV on Gary. Emmett was also open to doing the same. He went to Gary in order to let him know that he should pick him for the veto comp if he were to get houseguest’s choice, because he would use the veto on him. Alec said that a benefit of having Gary in the house next week is that you know that AJ and Andrew would be targeting him, not them, if they were to win HoH next week.

Aneal joined the discussion in the HoH room. Quattro asked him who he would be after next week. Aneal responded by saying that he can’t stand listening to AJ and wants him out before jury. Tom reassured Aneal that he has no plans of using him as a pawn this week. Aneal is worried that Gary will do everything in his power to get him nominated. Tom later told the guys that he didn’t want to use Aneal as a pawn on what was a sure week, because he would rather save that card for later (Aneal noted that he would be willing to be a pawn in the future in order to stay last week).

After Aneal left, Alec and Tom discussed that they can’t trust him. Tom said that Aneal’s days are numbered and that he will have to go soon if they are to keep Quattro a secret. Alec noted that they won’t have to worry about Gary as long as Aneal is in the house, as Gary intends to target Aneal. Alec also said that he would be one of the first to know if those plans change, because Gary confides in Topaz. Tom told Alec that he liked where his head was at in terms of Gary, saying that his one week can be used to get out Aneal or AJ before they take him out.

Girl Talk

The next major conversation to take place was between Talla and Liza. Talla was concerned that a bunch of the others have a showmance and that she would be one of the first to go once they get to the nine. Liza told her that there is no showmance alliance where the three couple intend to go to the Final 6 together, and that she has throats to cut along the way. She noted that there are two strong groups of three in the house; Jillian, Emmett and Tom and Alec, Peter and Topaz.

Liza went on to say that they had Jillian and Tom on their side, but that Emmett is a problem. Her ideal scenario is to eventually see Emmett nominated next to Alec, as that immediately leads to two votes to evict Emmett (Peter and Topaz). With Emmett out of the picture, Liza said that both Tom and Jillian would have no one to turn to except for herself and Talla. The girls agreed that they would like to see both Aneal and Gary stick around for a while. They felt that these are the types of people that could win an HoH and make a big move that would benefit them in the long run.

The Veto Competition and the Ensuing Aftermath

The houseguests participated in a hockey competition. From what we could tell based on their conversations, it sounded like they had to shoot at tiles with the other players’ faces on them in order to break them and eliminate them from the competition. It sounded like they had to first answer questions in order to earn the opportunity to take a shot. Tom won his second consecutive competition, giving him even more power this week.

Suzette apparently had another outburst while the feeds were down, adding to the one she had after Thursday’s HoH competition, and she was seen apologizing to Jillian when the feeds came back up. She then went in front of the house to apologize to Tom, the person that she has said the most things about. She said that she wanted to apologize in front of everyone for disrespecting Tom with the inappropriate comments that she made. She went on to say that she enjoys the company of everyone in the house and wants to congratulate Tom on his win.

We can’t be certain what it was that Suzette said, but Tom later joked that if she had won PoV, she wouldn’t have apologized and rather would have been sitting in a room calling him a homophobic, racist, asshole and a redneck, so I would assume that it was something along those lines. Suzette had also apologized to Tom in private before she did it a second time in front of the entire house, and Tom later said that Suzette claimed to have heard that he was calling her the “c word” and directing racial slurs her way. Tom said that he told Suzette that he forgives her, but also told her that she will be going home by a vote of 10-0. Tom found it amusing that karma caught up to Suzette, as she evidently broke her own tile during the veto competition. Specifically, Tom said “how funny does karma work? When you (Suzette) need to save yourself the most, you take yourself out of the game!”

Tom still intends on honouring his word to Gary by pulling him off the block and replacing him with a pawn. Gary asked Topaz why Tom would pull him off the block, and Topaz replied by saying that she had told Tom to build trust with Gary. Tom told Emmett that this was a big move, getting Suzette out of the house and building trust with Gary at the same time. He felt that Gary would now not come after him if he were to win HoH, opting to target AJ, Andrew and Aneal instead. Peter said to Tom and Emmett that “we positioned ourselves correctly to make the moves that we need to make to go deep into the game.”

Tom is heavily leaning towards naming AJ as the replacement nominee. He is leaning towards choosing AJ because he feels that everyone else has proven themselves to be a better competitor than AJ. He told Emmett that he wants the vote to be 10-0 and that if there was a better option than AJ to ensure that result happens, he would be open to nominating someone else. His only thing was that he would not nominate anyone from the Quattro alliance. While AJ did not volunteer, he made comments throughout the course of the day that made it seem as though he would not be too concerned if he were to be used as a pawn. AJ was heard saying to Andrew that “there’s not even going to be a sympathy vote. 10-0...AJ, you are safe.”

A Meeting of the Masterminds

Liza and Peter had what was likely the most interesting game-centered conversation of the season. These two are always thinking about the game, and it was fascinating to get a greater insight as to what is going through their heads. Interestingly enough, Peter and Liza ranked #1 and #2 respectively in our power rankings coming into the week. The conversation began with Liza asking Peter if her showmance with Tom puts her at a disadvantage in the house. She mentioned that if the two of them were nominated together, Tom would be the one to go. Peter agreed, adding that even if Tom were to leave it doesn’t mean that Liza becomes unsafe. Liza responded by saying that she would put another shield in front of her.

Peter told Liza that she is in no way in any danger in the near future, but that people are definitely beginning to become wiser in terms of realizing how good she is. This is true, as today Topaz, Alec, Gary and Emmett all voiced their concerns as to how big of a threat Liza is throughout the day. He said that eventually it’s going to become evident that she has her hand in every pocket. Liza downplayed that, but Peter said that the only thing that matters is perception, and the perception in the house is that she is in good with everyone. He said that he tries to downplay that notion whenever he can, but he can only do so much. In a later conversation between Tom and Liza, Tom seemed to second that notion, stating that no one has a personal vendetta to get Liza out of the house. On the other hand, Jillian, Emmett and he are faced with that problem.

Peter asked Liza what would happen in her perfect world. She seemed to be getting antsy to make a big move, but Peter told her that it’s best that she avoids doing that and instead lets others make the moves for her. Liza explained that she likes to win things, so it’s tough not to be winning. Peter told her not to think of it as losing, but to think of it as delaying your winning. He went on to say that “winning, at this point, is irrelevant for you and for me.” Furthermore, he told her that you don’t have to have power to utilize it.

Peter asked Liza what she would do if Andrew were to win HoH, as he felt that it was inevitable that Tom would be nominated in that scenario. Liza said that she didn’t necessarily feel that it was a certainty. He then asked what she thought Andrew would do if he were to win HoH, and Liza responded by saying “whatever I want.” Peter replied with “oh my God, you’re good!”

The two continued their game talk by discussing that they collectively have their hands in a lot of pockets. Liza suggested that cutting Emmett would free up both Tom and Jillian to work with her, as it would be cutting away everything that they have. Peter said that he needs Emmett and that Emmett leaving would be detrimental to him.

Peter asked if Liza would try to get Andrew to take out Emmett. She said not necessarily, but perhaps she could get Emmett nominated alongside Tom. Peter told her that she would be running a risk there, but Liza said that she believes in Tom and thinks that he would beat the hell out of Emmett. She noted that Emmett is not a smart player. Peter eventually said that he is not saying that he can’t give up Emmett, because his only two untouchables are Alec and Liza, but that he would need to get something from Liza in return. They agreed that having Liza lose Jillian would be the most logical move. Peter said that Jillian is Liza’s Final 2, but Liza responded by saying “you’re my Final 2.”