AJ accepts his role as the pawn, Liza seems to overplay her hand

March 10, 2013

A Look Back at Day 18 in the Big Brother Canada House

Early Morning Game Talk

Liza continued planting seeds that Emmett needs to go next week. She spoke with both Talla and Aneal about this. While Liza wants Emmett out of the house, she doesn’t want to be the one that has to win the HoH to take him out and get the blood on her hands. She plans on throwing the competition.

Tom and Emmett spent some time talking some game, with Tom saying that Topaz concerns him because she is in so good with everyone in the house. Tom said that he has the same concern with Liza. He told Emmett that Liza constantly tells him that he and Emmett will not make the Final 2 together, which makes him want to do it even more. Emmett said that they have got to be careful because people who they don’t think are their threats could turn out to be their biggest threats of all. Furthermore, Emmett said that Liza is throwing the competitions. He said that after every competition she feels the need to point out how she was the first one out and that it wouldn’t surprise him if she won when she needed to win.

Tom and Emmett continued to discuss people that concern them moving forward. Tom said that if Andrew gets into the nine, he will start to take them out. They feel that Andrew is a physical threat and can do some damage in the house and thus it could be smart to backdoor him. Tom said that Andrew needs to go to jury first, then Liza can go after him and Andrew will get what he wants; alone time with Liza. Emmett said that if anyone takes Tom out, he will go as hard as he can to send that person out the following week. Tom said it will be the same for him if Emmett leaves. Tom mentioned that they need to keep Alec over Peter if the two were to be nominated against each other as Peter is more of mental threat and knows the game inside out.

Big Brother Punishes the House Again

This afternoon, the houseguests were sitting around when Big Brother had an announcement for them.

Attention houseguests: This is Big Brother. One of the have-nots yesterday broke the rule by sleeping in a bed outside of the have-not room. As a result, the entire house will be punished. Jillian, please remove all of the sheets from all of the beds in the main bedroom and the have-not room. Fold them and bring them to the storage room. Also bring all of the blankets. The house will remain without bedding until Big Brother sees fit.

This punishment came about due to Jillian going to lay down with Emmett in the main bedroom just before noon yesterday. The houseguests got a reminder at the time that the have-nots were not allowed to sleep in that room.

AJ Agrees to be a Pawn

Jillian approached Emmett to voice her concern about leaving Gary in the house. She felt that Gary is a much bigger threat to win competitions and will come after bigger players like her and Tom. She felt that Tom would eventually regret not taking Gary out. She asked Emmett if she was right, and Emmett told her that it’s worth discussing. She then went to Tom to discuss it, but Tom ensured her that evicting Suzette was the best play. He said that Gary can and will go next week, while Suzette has to leave now. He said that he built up trust with Gary and that should count for something, while Suzette leaving is still personal for him. He also noted that it’s best to get her out now while it’s a 10-0 vote and everyone is happy. If he flip-flops the house will be thinking he’s pulling strings. Jillian said that’s fine and she’s 100% with him, but felt the need to throw that idea out there.

Following the conversation with Jillian, Tom talked to AJ and told him that he was thinking of putting him up next to Suzette as a pawn once he pulled Gary off the block. Tom told AJ that will be an easy 10-0 vote. AJ didn’t put up an argument, saying “no problem, I like it.” He did ask Tom who else he considered as a pawn, as Andrew had suggested that he do. Tom said that he thought about Aneal, but he wanted to save that card for a later date when they would simply backdoor Aneal. He also said that he considered Andrew, but he had heard that Andrew was telling people that he better not go up.

AJ asked Tom if he should look upset when he gets put on the block. Tom said no, because he simply needs him to go up on the block and look pretty on eviction night. Tom told AJ that he would build some trust within the group by agreeing to be the pawn and that he would go after anyone that didn’t vote to evict Suzette. AJ said that he was fine with the plan and that it would diffuse their guy thing somewhat, which is good.

Andrew Answers the Phone

Late this afternoon, Andrew answered the Big Brother phone. While we could not hear what he was told, we can draw some conclusions based on his subsequent actions. He began telling the houseguests that today would have been his late father’s 70th birthday. He said that his father loved his carbonara dish, so he was going to make that for dinner for the entire house. He then proceeded set the table for the 12 houseguests. Jillian later announced that Andrew's meal would be ready in about 15 minutes. The feeds proceeded to go down. When they returned, the houseguests had pizza and alcohol. Whatever Andrew's task was, he likely successfully completed it and thus the houseguests were rewarded.

Is Liza Overplaying Her Hand?

Gary and Talla were outside chatting and Gary told her that he was excited that Tom was taking him off the block. Gary said that if Tom did this to earn his trust, it worked. Talla asked for how long and Gary replied by saying that Tom has his trust until the end of the game. He said that it was a huge move and whatever Tom needs, he’s got him. Talla asked what Gary would do with the next HoH. Gary said basically whatever Tom wants. He would want Aneal or maybe even AJ to go, but Tom could pick the pawn.

Liza then joined them outside. Gary said that he was just telling Talla that if he wins HoH, it’s whatever Tom wants cause he owes him his life. Liza said “no no no no, all you owe Tom is not going after Tom.” She told Gary that he cannot become a puppet, another puppet, of Tom’s in this house. Gary said that he was planning to take out Aneal or possibly AJ. Liza told him that if he does that, he will be the next one going home. She said that she doesn’t want to tell him what to do, but she has an idea in mind. Gary pleaded for her to tell him. He asked if it was Jillian and Emmett that she wanted nominated or perhaps Topaz and Alec.  Liza said that she guesses that nominating a showmance would be the easiest way to go. Liza continued on by saying that you only need to thank Tom by not going after Tom, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t go after Emmett, Jillian, Alec, her etc.

Liza said that she needs someone else to win HoH, such as Gary or Talla. She said that she can’t knock out certain people at this point, but can encourage others to do so. She told Gary to look at the numbers. Aneal is a one, AJ is a one and Gary himself is a one. On the other hand, she said that Topaz, Alec and Peter are a three, as are Emmett, Tom and Jillian. She told Gary that he won’t be able to gain any ground in the house unless he goes after the threes.

The conversation ended, and then Gary proceeded to run straight to Topaz and Alec with everything that Liza had just told him. He explained that Liza is doing work, saying you’re a one, you’re a one and Topaz/Peter/Alec are a three. Topaz said “she wants Alec out” and Gary concurred. Gary then went on to say that Liza is going out first in every competition because she is throwing them all. She wants the “ones” to do her dirty work for her. Gary quickly left to avoid being seen relaying the information to Alec and Topaz, but they had heard all that they needed to hear. The two were already concerned about Liza, with Topaz mentioning this morning that Liza is the person that she would most want to nominate, and this should only add to their concerns.