The veto ceremony and the week ahead

March 11, 2013

A Look Back at Day 19 in the Big Brother Canada House

The Veto Ceremony

Tom was a man of his word, using the veto to take Gary off the block. Things went as expected, with AJ going up as the replacement nominee. AJ and Tom had discussed this yesterday, and AJ was fine with it. After the veto ceremony, Tom again pointed out that AJ volunteering to be a pawn will build trust within the group. Both men are confident that it will be a 10-0 vote to evict Suzette.

Girl Power Alliance

Jillian, Liza and Talla met outside by the hot tub this afternoon, quickly going over their plan for the weeks ahead. They agreed that the guys were likely to keep them safe for the next three weeks. They then discussed their ideal final six, settling on themselves along with Tom, Emmett and Peter. They agreed that any nominations that didn’t include those six would be acceptable, but obviously some options are better than others.

Alec brought up the girls’ alliance to Peter and Tom, asking if they were at all concerned about it. Tom was not at all concerned about it, noting that behind each of the girls is one of them. Alec said that that’s not true in the case of Talla, but Tom said that she can be the first to go when they get to jury. They discussed that the alliance would only have the potential to be the girls plus possibly Aneal and Gary. Tom said that if the girls were ever smart enough to come after them, they would just start picking the girls off one at a time. Alec noted that Topaz isn’t in on the alliance, but feels that she needs to try to be if she wants to avoid becoming a target. They discussed that Aneal isn’t that big of a threat in terms of winning competitions, but Peter pointed out that he has a very strong social game that cannot be underestimated.

Tom Plans the Week Ahead

Tom had been a calmer version of himself while in power as HoH. Likely sensing that the end of his reign is near, today, he started to shift back to the Tom of a week ago, looking to plan everything for everyone. He first wanted to get an idea of where Liza’s head was at. He asked her what her game was, what strategy she was looking to employ. Liza said that she aims to be likable enough that everyone trusts her and feeds info to her, and then she takes that info and processes it. Tom told her that she’s playing the best in the house in terms of having everyone trusting her and not viewing her as a threat. Tom suggested that the guy version of her was Andrew, but Liza quickly shot that down. Liza said that it was Peter, which Tom then agreed with.

From there, the two began to discuss who should be the next to go. Tom said that he has a gut feeling about Andrew and believes that he needs to go. Tom feels that Andrew is playing with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, feeling the need to go out there and prove himself by taking out a big target such as Tom himself. With Andrew in the house, Tom is convinced that he will not be able to get as far as he wants to in the game. Tom may very well be correct, as Andrew told AJ and Alec that he wants to win HoH and take out Tom. He said that Tom has to know it’s coming, because he doesn’t have a good poker face. Liza didn’t feel that taking out Andrew would be a big move for her personally, but was okay with going along with that plan.

Tom then went on to plan out the HoH weeks of everyone in the house. When he got to Gary he came up with what he deemed to be his master plan. Jillian had come to Tom yesterday in order to make a last minute pitch to Tom in order to try to make him reconsider taking out Suzette over Gary. Tom said that it could be beneficial to let Gary know that so that Gary could possibly take out Jillian. He would have him nominate Jillian and Andrew, with Jillian going home if Andrew were to win the PoV. With Jillian out of the picture, Tom felt that he would be “fully in control of Emmett.” While Tom himself would not vote to evict Jillian, he said that he would secretly push for others to do so. Perhaps looking to keep her options open in terms of a girls’ alliance, Liza explained that Jillian is in no way a threat to Tom. Tom agreed, but felt that Jillian would be someone that gets tougher to get out as the weeks go by.

Tom later went to Alec and Peter with his plan to target Andrew. He told them that if Andrew were to get to jury, he would take one of them (Quattro) out. Tom said that he likes Andrew, but they need to protect themselves. Peter and Alec didn’t offer up much resistance to Tom’s plan, but you could tell that they weren’t 100% sold on the idea either. Emmett was also not an easy sell in terms of the plan to target Andrew. Emmett felt floaters should be taken out before Andrew. He said that he will put his head through a wall if a floater makes it to the final two. He pointed out that he would much rather see someone like Topaz, who sleeps all day, sent packing before a competitor like Andrew. Emmett told Tom that if by some chance Peter or Alec were sent home, Andrew could be of value to them as a replacement. Tom countered by saying that it’s much easier to take out people like Aneal and AJ than it is to take out someone with something to prove like Andrew.

He also noted that Liza will take care of Topaz if she wins HoH. Emmett asked Tom if Liza had something against him, as she would always stop talking when he came into the room. Tom denied that, telling Emmett to talk with her. Emmett continued to warn Tom about Liza, saying that she wants to break up the four. Tom said that Liza is good to have around, as she has everyone’s ear. Emmett pleaded with Tom to be careful when it comes to Liza, because he doesn’t want to have to look back on things and say “I told you so.” Emmett went on to say that he can handle his girl, so Tom better be able to handle his as well even though she’s sneakier than Jillian. He said that this is Big Brother and you can get backstabbed and he’s starting to feel like they are getting too comfortable and trusting too many people. Tom said that he realizes, noting that Liza is the smartest girl in the house. Tom later told Liza that Emmett had warned him about her. Liza said that it’s a smart move by Emmett, as she is one of the only things sitting between him and Tom.

Backdoor Plan

Shortly after Tom had made his pitch for why Andrew had to go, we found out that Peter and Alec had a much different vision for the week ahead. Emmett was initially in on the conversation as well. Alec threw out the idea of nominating Aneal and Gary with a plan to backdoor Liza. Alec said that, by proxy, if Tom is making decisions for the group (Quattro), which he is, Liza is controlling them. For obvious reasons, Alec was not okay with that.

Once Emmett had left the conversation, Peter and Alec began discussing a plan to backdoor Tom. Rather than targeting Andrew next week, the two had plans to try to use Andrew to replace Tom. Knowing that Emmett wasn’t completely on board with taking out Andrew, they felt that they may even be able to draw Emmett in on the plan by bringing Andrew into what would be their new four person alliance. They discussed that taking out Tom would have to be a last minute play in order to keep Tom from catching wind of it.

Peter mentioned that taking out Tom would be a direct blow to Liza. Knowing that many are quickly becoming concerned with Liza (Emmett, Alec and Topaz included), this could very well be part of the appeal of making such a play. Obviously Peter has selfish reasons of his own, knowing that Tom is one of the people that potentially stand between him and Liza. In order to move forward with the plan, Alec, Peter or Andrew himself would need to win HoH. While he has thrown the previous competitions, Peter said that if he was going to win one, this would be the week.