More of the same, as the houseguests look ahead

March 12, 2013

A Look Back at Day 20 in the Big Brother Canada House

Today was quite similar to yesterday in a lot of senses. With the seemingly inevitable eviction of Suzette coming on Thursday, at least in the eyes of the houseguests, there was little talk about the present week. The focus was again on what needs to be done next week, with two of the main names being thrown around being Tom and Andrew.

Tom Becoming a Growing Concern withing Quattro

Peter and Emmett discussed their concerns about the whole Tom situation, with Emmett pointing out that he doesn't like how Tom keeps coming to them and telling them "this is what we are going to do." Neither of them are too keen on Andrew leaving the house at this point in the game, yet Tom that is the main person that Tom continues to push for. Peter said that they almost need Andrew to win HoH and that he would be fine with throwing it to him. Peter also said that if Andrew ends up being the play, then Tom is thinking with the wrong head. The other big concern for Emmett is that he feels that Liza is out to get him and is clouding Tom's judgement. Emmett told Peter that "it has always been the four. I don't know where the f*ck she (Liza) comes from. I don't bring Jill into this bullshit." He went on to say that he promised not to vote Tom out. Even at that, it was clear that Emmett has become frustrated with things. Peter said that if Tom continued to make erratic moves, it's of concern.

Peter warned Andrew that he needs to win HoH this week because Tom is after him. Andrew asked Alec for advice on who to put up if he won HoH. He specifically asked if he should nominate Tom. Alec said that he wouldnt. Andrew then asked about backdooring Tom. Alec said that if that option presents itself, you have to think about it. He went on to tell Andrew that Tom sees him as a dangerous competitor and feels that he is jealous of what he has with Liza. Andrew laughed it off, saying that Tom's a dumbass. Alec told Andrew that if Tom comes up to him and pushes for him to nominate Andrew it's not going to happen, but he cautioned Andrew to watch what he says to Liza. He told Andrew to avoid even mentioning Tom's name to Liza as the two of them are together.

Peter and Alec then met again to discuss what they should do about Tom. The two mentioned that Emmett appears to be losing his trust in Tom, at least partially due to his paranoia with Liza. Alec said that he shares in that paranoia in terms of Liza and that he and Emmett always talk about how they can't trust her. They then went on to discuss the pros and cons of getting rid of Tom. Alec said that the weird thing is, is that he is starting to trust Tom a little more. Peter agreed, but also noted that he still feels the same way in the bigger picture. Peter said that Tom is a giant target if left in the house but, conversely, he is going to be extremely tough to get out down the road.

Furthermore, Peter and Alec felt as though they may be able to gain favour with other houseguests if they are able to remove Tom, also allowing them to solidify some bonds. Alec feels that Gary is capable of being persuaded to get on board with the plan, given that he had mentioned going after the other two showmances when speaking with Topaz. In order to get Emmett on board, Peter and Alec decided that it may be a better option to offer up a Final 4 that includes Jillian with the three of them, rather than Andrew as was previously discussed. Alec also mentioned that they could expand that to a Final 5 that includes Topaz. Alec ended the Tom discussion by saying that there are only so many weeks that he can sit there and look at Tom and wonder is he working with us or is he working against us. In order to get a connection with Talla, the two decided that Peter and Talla should become a pair. Topaz brought this idea to Talla, and she was on board. Topaz also spoke with Peter about what he should do with Talla. Peter said that he wasn't interested in a showmance, but Topaz told him that he just needs to help fill Talla's head with the right things to say to people.

Liza Continues to Play Hard

Last week, Liza managed to stay under the radar for the most part. This week is a different story. She is putting herself in the middle of a lot of things. Today was no different. She approached Andrew and attempted to talk him into making a big move if he were to win HoH. She said that if he is stupid enough to nominate Gary and Aneal, it would be his death sentence in the game. She also told him that if he's stupid enough to be a part of any guys alliance, he will be the next to go because he is at or near the bottom of the totem pole. Liza then attempted to save Tom at the expense of Emmett. She told Andrew that Emmett is the one that is after him, not Tom. She said that Tom is not a threat to Andrew, has never said his name and that she was in his ear, while she cant say the same for Emmett and Alec. Liza again told him that if he were to nominate Gary and Aneal, he would be Emmett's puppet. She told him that Emmett wants those two out, not Tom.

Liza and Peter also had a discussion today, with Peter warning her that the house is becoming wise to her act and that she has to switch things up a bit. He told her that being around Tom all of the time is not good for her game. Peter said that the perception in the house is that she is the driving force behind Tom and she needs to change that. Liza didn't understand, as she said that Emmett and Jillian slept together all week last week, but Peter explained that there isn't the perception that Emmett is controlling Jillian. He told her that he is trying to do damage control for her, but that she needs help herself out as well by blending into the group a bit more and talking to more people than just Tom. Finally, Peter told Liza that she doesn't want to be the smart girl that everyone turned on because they thought that she was controlling a man. This was interesting, as Liza had spoken with Jillian earlier in the day and had told her that she felt as though Tom was throwing her under the bus a little. She explained that she felt as though Tom was trying to make it look like she was the one that controlled his HoH this week in order to make her the bad guy.

Tom Continues to Target Andrew

Tom continued to make his push for getting Andrew out of the house. He spoke with both Talla and Gary, and seemed to have both convinced that Andrew needs to go. After speaking with Tom, Gary said that he was now scared of Andrew. He said that he had forgotten that Andrew was even playing and that he was flying under his radar. Talla also bought into the plan, later telling Emmett that there was one person that was really on her radar, that being Andrew.

Depending on what the upcoming "PowerShift" twist is, Tom may even have a chance to get Andrew out sooner than he thinks.