Suzette makes a final push, Liza becomes a target

March 13, 2013

A Look Back at Day 21 in the Big Brother Canada House

Suzette Makes a Final Push

Rather than accepting her fate as the next evicted houseguest, something that far too many players do, Suzette attempted to make a bit of a push to stay in the house. While it's an extreme long shot at best, ignoring the twist, it was good to see that she cared enough to put in an effort. Suzette made her rounds, speaking to a number of people including Alec, Liza, Aneal, Topaz and Gary. Suzette's main pitch included that she is a better competitor than AJ, that she is more determined than AJ and that she came from across the country as opposed to AJ who lives in the city.

While people were willing to listen to her, they are unlikely to much thought into the idea of changing their votes prior to tomorrow night's eviction. Liza told her that she can't go against what Tom wants since it is his HoH. She said that Suzette would have to go to Tom and get him on board in order for her to change her vote. Aneal, Gary, Alec and Topaz did a little more listening and were less blunt than Liza, but they were still reluctant to commit to anything. It will be an extremely uphill battle for Suzette to get the votes to shift her way.

Andrew Changes His Tune

Andrew had been somewhat vocal about his wishes to get Tom out of the house. It's amazing what a day and a couple of chats with Liza can do to change things. Yesterday, Liza tried to drill it into Andrew's head that Emmett is the one after him and that Tom has never mentioned his name. Of course, it's quite the opposite. Tom is pushing everyone to evict Andrew, while Emmett and the rest of Quattro are opposed to that idea.

Today, Andrew spoke with Alec and AJ about his plans. He told them that, if he is HoH, he is getting either Tom or Emmett out of the game. While he still mentioned Tom's name, he is now convinced that Emmett, not Tom, is the driving force behind any plans to get him out. Alec told Andrew that it's more likely that Tom is after him than Emmett, but Andrew disagreed. Andrew said that he felt that those two were gunning for him and that he was a huge outsider, and he was getting fed up with it. AJ said that he doesn't see Emmett being the one after Andrew, as he doesnt picture Emmett as a big game player. Andrew again disagreed, saying that Emmett is definitely playing the game. He went on to say that he wants to be remembered for being a move maker and might even do something crazy like nominate Emmett and Jillian. While both AJ and Alec disagreed with Andrew's view of Emmett, they both said that they would support Andrew in his decision making process if he were to get HoH.

Andrew later approached Tom to talk. He again explained how it feels to be the old guy in there with a bunch of young guys. He said that he feels that he is on the outside. He told Tom that if were to get HoH, they would definitely need to talk. Andrew mentioned making a big move. Tom told him that while there are big moves to be made, there are also big repercussions if those moves don't work out. Feeling good about his chat with Andrew, Tom whispered to himself "and the plan is set in motion," after Andrew had walked away. Tom later told Liza about his conversation with Andrew, saying that he got the feeling that Andrew was now after Jillian and Emmett, not him.

Liza Becoming a Target

A number of houseguests are now catching on to Liza. She may have been overplaying her hand in recent days in order to cover for Tom. A conversation between Emmett, Alec and Peter revealed that Emmett has it on his mind that Liza needs to go as soon as possible. Emmett told Peter that they will need to talk to Topaz and whoever wins HoH about the possibility of taking out Liza. Peter asked what Tom would think about that idea. Emmett said that he would talk to him.

Emmett then said that they will have to put Liza's name in Topaz's ear when the time is right. Alec said that Topaz doesn't like Liza, so that shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish. Alec said that while it's unlikely that Liza would go after Peter, she is likely to nominate he and Emmett. Both Alec and Emmett said that they don't feel safe leaving Liza in the game until jury. Alec may be underestimating the bond that Tom and Liza have, as he said that Tom would go after Liza if she were to target members of Quattro. Emmett pointed out that Liza is there because she wants to stand out, she wants to make big moves and she wants to prove that she will do whatever she wants to do. Peter remained relatively quiet throughout this discussion, but one thing that all three of them did agree on was that they do not agree with Tom's idea to take out Andrew.

While Emmett and Alec had discussed bringing Topaz in on a plan to evict Liza when the time is right, she was already having similar thoughts of her own. Gary told Topaz that Liza would nominate her. Topaz has been concerned with Liza for much of the past week, and it wouldn't be overly difficult to get her on board with taking out Liza,. In fact, she told Gary that if she gets the opportunity to backdoor Liza, she would do it. Gary asked if she would make that move before taking out Aneal, someone that they both agreed does not like Topaz, and Topaz responded by saying "if I can." Topaz went on to point out that Liza is close with Tom, Aneal and Talla, each of which would be easier to work with without Liza around. Topaz also said that they could get Peter back to being 100% with them if Liza was out of the picture.

Tonight's Diary Room Sessions

Two of the more interesting storylines of the past few days have been the growing distrust between the members of Quattro and Tom and the growing relationship between Peter and Liza. Tonight's episode gave us a better insight as to what is going on in both situations. Here is what we heard in the various diary room sessions:

Emmett DR- Tom is straying away from the plan. He takes too many things too personal, and I wish he didn't.

Peter DR- Tom's power has completely gone to his head and it is something that Alec and I have been discussing for a long time.

Alec DR- Tom is under the illusion of being a powerhouse in this game. He feels like he has everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, but if you listen to the whispers you will see that he is wrong.

Emmett DR- He is really pushing it now. He is playing with fire up there. He is annoying people that he shouldn't and it's not going to be good.

Liza DR- Peter is the single most interesting person perhaps that I have ever met.

Peter DR- My relationship with Liza is probably the most complex relationship that I have had in the house and probably one of the most complex relationships that I have had in my life, period. Our relationship is not just about the game, and I constantly have to bounce back and forth about what's authentic and what's inauthentic. The problems is, the inauthentic stuff turns me on as much as the authentic stuff, so it's really confusing!

Peter DR- When Liza and I were on the couch, we held hands for a fraction of a second and then realized that if anyone were to see that, we'd be busted. We're playing a very dangerous game, but it's fun.

Peter DR- As far as I'm concerned, Liza is the only other person in the house that understands the game as well as I do. Her and I have a pretty similar strategy in terms of game play, which makes us very dangerous to each other yet very valuable at the same time. So I have to keep her around, but then there's the relationship with her and Tom, which is very irritating, so there's a lot of factors in play with Liza.

Liza DR- Peter and I are currently doing our best to not spend every waking minute together, and then if Tom wants to swoop in and take me to bed, that's ideal for me.

Peter DR- So Liza and I were getting pretty close and then Tom comes in and we don't know how to react. It's extremely awkward, with the three of us just sitting there in complete confusion. He's totally oblivious to what's going on, and the whole situation was just bizarre.

Peter DR- Tom is somebody who needs to go very, very soon, and I hope that if that situation arises, I'll be able to convince Liza to put her vote his way.

Peter DR- Alec and I were talking at the top of the stairs, specifically about the state of Quattro and our growing distrust with one of the members, Tom.

Alec DR- My plan is to win HoH next week, put Gary and Aneal up, and if I win veto or somebody really close to me wins veto, we backdoor Tom.

Peter DR- Tom is kind of the head of the house both in a literal sense and in a figurative sense, and is head is getting gigantic, which is one of the main reasons The Shield has to get him out of here. And, for selfish reasons, I want him out of here so I can have more Liza time.

Alec DR- He (Peter) thinks that he has Liza under control, but I also know that Liza is a smart, manipulative player. Just because he thinks he's controlling her, it doesn't mean he is.