Aneal evicted, Liza and Tom not seeing eye to eye

March 14, 2013

A Look Back at Day 22 in the Big Brother Canada House

The live feeds were down for the majority of the day, as the houseguests prepared for the live eviction. We found out on Sunday that Canada would be given the Power of Veto. Tonight, we found out that Canada had decided to use the Power of Veto on Suzette. All week it was believed by the houseguests that Suzette would be leaving by a vote of 10-0, so this really shook things up.

Forced to name a replacement nominee, Tom decided to nominate Aneal for eviction. Aneal was then evicted by a vote of 8-2, with Jillian and Liza being the two votes to evict AJ. The houseguests then participated in the HoH competition, with Emmett eventually being crowned the new Head of Household.

Tom and Liza No Longer Seeing Eye to Eye

Liza was extremely frustrated by Tom's decision to nominate Aneal, not Andrew, for eviction. Liza expressed her frustration throughout the night, both to Tom and to the others in the house. Simply put, Liza thinks that Tom got puppeted by Emmett. She mentioned multiple times that the only name that came out of Tom's mouth all week was Andrew's and that the only name that came out of Emmett's mouth all week was Aneal's. Liza worked hard the past couple of days to shift Andrew's target from Tom to Emmett. She was successful in doing so, but that is ultimately what led to Aneal being nominated instead of Andrew. In a week that she was 100% safe, Liza overplayed and it came back to bite her. She noted that the only reason that Tom is cool with Andrew is because of her, yet she was very upset that Tom backed down from taking Andrew out of the game.

We found out that Andrew and Tom cut a deal before the eviction. Andrew approached Tom and told him that he would not nominate him if he won HoH tonight. In return, Tom agreed not to nominate him the following week. He went on to explain that Aneal's name came up from a lot of people throughout the course of the week, so he felt that it was the safest play to make. While it was a move that had to be made, it was certainly not an easy one for Tom. He said that it was a shitty feeling and that when he hugged Aneal and Aneal started crying on his shoulder, he almost died.

Liza expressed her frustration with Tom to Jillian, telling her that she was totally puzzled with why Tom nominated Aneal. She said that Tom called Emmett into the storage room and then suddenly Aneal was nominated. Liza went on to say that she told Tom that he is getting played and that this was Emmett's 3rd HoH in a row, giving that he puppeted Jillian, puppeted Tom and now won an HoH of his own. She told Jillian that the entire house felt that Emmett played her during HoH week and now the same thing happened with Tom. One of her main concerns was that Tom took out someone that was a vote for them (the girls). Liza told Jillian and Suzette that she didn't like that Aneal was gone, as there were plenty of other people in the house that could have been removed. She explained that it was a prime opportunity to make a power move, but Tom opted to remove one of the weakest players in the house.

Tom told Emmett that Liza was questioning him as to why he made Emmett's play (taking out Aneal). Tom said that he explained to her that everyone in the house wanted Aneal out, but Liza said that everyone said that just to shut Tom and Emmett up. Tom was clearly frustrated with Liza, telling Emmett that she has got a lot of explaining to do. Emmett mentioned that he had warned Tom that Liza was after them. Tom said that he wasn't going to sit there and listen to an Aneal pity party from Liza. He said that he wanted to say to Liza, "why are you so mad? Emmett just won. You should be happy." He also wanted to say that if Liza is worried about Emmett coming after her, then he doesnt want to hear about her building her little army to go after Emmett.

Perhaps the most telling line of the night was said by Tom to Alec, as he said "I have been blind, but now I see."

A Look Ahead to Nominations

Emmett and Tom had a few discussions throughout the night. Emmett told Tom that he intends on nominating Talla and Suzette for eviction. Emmett told Tom that "from now on, do not talk to Liza. We talk within the four and that's it." Emmett pleaded with Tom to look at the bigger picture, saying that the goal is to take out people that want to break them up and people that are their threats. Who are their threats? According to Emmett they are the light girls. He told Tom that they can beat any of the guys in the physical competitions, but the girls are capable of beating them in some puzzles and endurance competitions where you have to hold your weight.

Emmett reassured Tom that it has been them two from Day 1 and it will be them two until the end. He swore to God that he will do everything that he can to make sure that it is them two in the end. Emmett told Tom that the only way that they are going to make it far in this game is if they throw everything personal aside. He asked Tom what's more important, proving a point or taking home the money?

Emmett later spoke with Alec, telling him about how he helped keep Andrew off of the block. Emmett said that he told Tom to test the waters by putting up Aneal and seeing how Liza would react. Emmett informed Alec of his true plan, that being to nominate Talla and Suzette with the goal of backdooring Liza. Alec said that if this plan works, they will have everybody working with either Emmett and Tom or Peter and himself. Alec also mentioned that it might be a good idea to keep Topaz scared this week by keeping her out of the loop. Lastly, he discussed that they will have to let Tom know beforehand if Liza is going to be leaving, in order to try to minimize the damage.

Alec appears to be the only one that is in the know, at least for the time being, when it comes to Emmett's true intentions to backdoor Liza. Emmett told Jillian that he would be nominating Talla and Suzette, but told her nothing more. Jillian mentioned that the only person that she didn't want to be put up was Liza. Emmett told her that she was fine. When Jillian tried to get more info as to who the target was, Emmett told her that it's best that she doesn't know so that she can't get into trouble.

If Emmett does ultimately backdoor Liza, it may end up being the best move that he could have made. Just as he feels threatened by Liza, she feels threatened by him. Liza noted that it's for the same reasons that Emmett wants her out, that being to free up her man (Tom). Liza mentioned that Emmett had warned Tom to watch out for her, and is probably worried about his bro and feels that she needs to go home. Liza said that Emmett is running the whole house and is playing the perfect game. Does she truly believe these things or is she simply trying to put a huge target on the back of Emmett so that someone else can do her dirty work? Perhaps it's a little bit of both.