Emmett stripped of his HoH, Gary is the new HoH

March 15, 2013

A Look Back at Day 23 in the Big Brother Canada House

Beginning last night, many people took to social media to complain that Emmett had "cheated" during the HoH competition. The houseguests were not supposed to transfer the balls in their hands, but a number of them did. Emmett was seen transferring a ball in his hand. The Big Brother Canada Facebook and Twitter pages said that they were looking into the matter. Today, we were told that the feeds would be down for the day as lots was going on in the house. When the feeds returned, we found out that the houseguests got to see video evidence of what happened during last night's competition. Emmett was removed as HoH and Gary won the new HoH competition. The have-nots for the week seem to be those that were accused of cheating during the competition. Emmett, Talla, Alec and Jillian are have-nots.

Gary wasted no time talking to all of the houseguests. He allowed each person to talk to him individually. He opened up the sessions by saying that he would keep everything that was said between them, not sharing it with anyone. He asked the same out of the others. He pushed everyone to give three names of people that they would like to see nominated. Gary got a variety of options for nominations presented to him by the various houseguests, but had seemingly settled on one by the end of the night. Here is what he heard from each person:

Tom: Tom suggested that Gary nominate Andrew and Suzette. Tom explained that the only other option is to nominate Andrew and AJ. Tom's main goal was to take out Andrew. If Andrew were to win the PoV, Suzette would be the one to go home. Gary was not very receptive to the idea of Suzette going home, so he settled on Andrew and AJ.

Liza: Liza advised Gary to make some alliances. She told him that the house sees him as not being in any alliances, except for having a connection with Topaz. Liza said that the problem with Topaz is that she is in a showmance with the biggest threat in the house, Alec, and Alec had told her not to trust Gary. She then went on to try to save both of her men, saying that Emmett, not Tom, is the biggest physical threat in the house and that Alec, not Peter, is the biggest brain in the house. Her suggestion was that Gary should nominate either Andrew and AJ or Alec and Topaz, but she said that she didn't want anyone to puppet Gary's HoH like Emmett did with Jillian's.

Suzette: Suzette said that she felt that it would be easier to trust Emmett and Tom than Alec and Peter. She said that Emmett and Tom are straight shooters, while Alec and Peter are sneaky. Suzette said that as soon as it was apparent that she was going home, Peter and Alec became ruthless and didn't care. She went on to say that every time there is game talk, Peter and Alec are at the center of it. From there, Suzette explained that Liza is pretty sneaky and that she doesn't trust her. She said that thinks that Liza is playing her hardcore and is more devious than they think.

Talla: Emmett was the main person on Talla's radar. She explained that she doesn't know how far Emmett would be willing to take some of them in the game and thinks that Emmett will be extremely tough to get out down the road. Gary asked who Talla would nominate next to Emmett. Talla said that she would nominate a pawn and suggested Andrew. She also said that the backup plan should be a guy.

Emmett: Emmett explained to Gary that he had found out that Liza was after him. He let Gary in on what his plan was going to be if he had kept his HoH. Emmett was going to nominate Talla and Suzette, with the goal of backdooring Liza. Gary asked how do you take her out without getting Tom after you? Emmett explained that if Tom is his friend, he won't come after him simply for taking out Liza. He said that if Tom turned on him, he would ask Tom if he's there for a showmance or to win the money. Emmett said that the next chance that he gets, he's going to test that friendship by going after Liza. Gary told Emmett that he feels that he is the only person that he can truly trust. Gary said that he likes that because less is more and you only have to protect one person.

Gary's concern with going after Liza was that Tom would come after him. Emmett explained that he could protect Gary from having Tom come after him. Emmett said that he has six reasons why Tom won't come after him if Liza goes, cause he has caught her in a bunch of lies. Gary said that he knew that Emmett would take Tom to Final 2, but what about him? Emmett said that Tom doesn't have his head screwed on straight, and he honestly doesn't think that Tom will be there at the end. Emmett said that if Gary helps him out, he swears to God that he will do everything he can to help get him to the end. Once they get to Final 2 or Final 3, it's everyone for themselves. Emmett said that he would take the heat for the Liza nomination. He was willing to say that he told Gary that he would protect him if he nominated Liza.

Peter: Peter played it safe when talking to Gary, suggesting that there were two potential routes to take. The first option was to go after the people that would make the least impact on the house if they left. He suggested that you play it off as wanting people to prove that they deserve to be there. AJ and Talla were the names that he threw out in this category. Gary said that he wanted to make a big move. Peter said that in that case you would go for the pairs. He mentioned Emmett and Jillian as an option, but later backtracked by saying that Emmett and Jillian are not people that you want to have as enemies at this point in the game.

Jillian: Gary was pressing Jillian for names, but Jillian didn't want to say much. She eventually mentioned Andrew and AJ. Gary told her that that's a weak move. After he continued to press for more, Jillian eventually said that Liza is someone that he should go after. Jillian said that she didn't expect to be going after Liza, but she began to hear a lot of things about her that she didn't like today.

Andrew: Andrew feels that Emmett and Tom are very disrespectful in the way in which they treat people. Andrew said that he wants to make a big move. He said that he is even prepared to make a big move and leave the next week. He doesn't want to look weak. Andrew said that he would go after the guys, Tom and Emmett. He said that it's best to nominate both in order to ensure that one of the two goes home. The replacement nominee would be Jillian.

AJ: AJ suggested that there are a lot of couples/pairs in the house. He said that one of the stronger ones is Emmett and Jillian. While AJ said that Emmett and Jillian are strong, he said that the safe play would be to take out Suzette. If he had to choose between evicting Emmett and Jillian, he said that he would likely go with Emmett because he's the stronger competitor. AJ made it clear that he felt loyalty to Tom, as he saved both of them last week. AJ also made a push for an alliance with Gary moving forward. He said that they have a lot of common friends and could control the vote if they so choose.

Alec: Alec didn't waste any time suggesting that Tom and Liza should go up against each other. The reason that he wants Tom up next to Liza is that he doesn't want Tom to have the opportunity to win the PoV and save Liza. Alec said that Liza is going crazy and is making deals with everyone. He said that Liza wants to take out Topaz and himself, and probably doesn't care which one of the two goes home. Alec explained that it's not good for Gary if either he or Topaz is evicted. Alec pushed hard for Liza to be the target this week, saying that Tom will have no power if Liza goes home. Gary wanted reassurance that he would not be taken out by Tom next week if he were to get Liza out of the house. Gary wanted Alec to agree to use the PoV on him, not Topaz, next week if Tom were to win HoH. He also wanted to know that Alec would be fine getting rid of Topaz over him. Alec said that as long as Topaz signed off on it, he is fine with making that play. When the two talked to Topaz together, she said that she was fine with that. Gary made Alec agree that Tom had to go next. Alec said that, if he were to win HoH, he would nominate Tom.

While all of these meeting were taking place, there was some scheming going on elsewhere in the house. Topaz approached Emmett in order to see where his head was at. Emmett opened up about how he felt that Liza needed to go. Topaz was obviously on the same page, as she has been concerned about Liza for a while now. Peter walked in on the conversation and heard Liza's name being throw around. He had just been speaking with Gary and told Emmett that Gary said that he wanted to go after him and Jillian. This was not true. Topaz told Peter that that's what Gary had to tell him because they think that Peter is in a secret alliance with Liza. Emmett back Topaz up, saying the same. They told Peter that Liza was playing him. Peter said that this happens to him in real life, with girls using him. Whether or not Peter was actually buying that Liza was using him remains to be seen. Alec eventually joined in on the conversation, saying that Liza needs to go. Emmett told the guys that he had said in the DR that "she (Liza) is the poison and I'm the cure." Alec suggested that Tom be nominated next to Liza in order to prevent him from saving Liza with the PoV. Emmett wasn't a big fan of hearing that they were considering nominating Tom next to Liza, but eventually saw the logic behind the idea.

After everyone else in the house was asleep, Topaz and Gary met up to compare notes. It was at this time that we found out Gary's true intentions for the week. While he seems set on nominating Tom and Liza, he is not on board with the plan to evict Liza. He told Topaz multiple times that Tom has got to go. Gary said that Emmett may not be thrilled with that plan, but he's not playing Emmett's game. He did tell Topaz that he wants to take Emmett as far as he can in the game, and Topaz said that's understandable as Emmett is a good guy. Gary mentioned that if Liza or Tom win the PoV, the replacement nominee will be Jillian. This will be done to ensure that Tom or Liza go home. Gary made it clear that either Tom or Liza has got to go this week.. Interestingly enough, Jillian is someone that Gary wants out of the game in the near future, as he said that she is getting between him and Emmett.