Gary nominates Tom and Liza, Alec wins PoV

March 16, 2013

A Look Back at Day 24 in the Big Brother Canada House

The feeds were down for most of the day. When they returned, we found out that both nominations and the veto competition had taken place. Gary had nominated Tom and Liza for eviction and Alec had won the Power of Veto. We also quickly found out that Alec had given Gary his word that he would not use the Power of Veto. Gary still wants Tom out of the house this week.

Emmett and Peter had a talk, and Peter acted as though he was fine with taking Liza out. However, the second that Emmett started to show some doubt in Tom, he jumped on the opportunity to try to play up the downside of keeping Tom. Emmett said that he was pretty sure that Gary wants Tom out this week. Peter said that as far as he understands, he's voting out Liza. If Gary says otherwise, he will consider voting out Tom. Emmett said that he was getting sick of Tom because he has warned him that he cant keep playing this emotional game with him. Emmett told Peter that he had some doubts that Tom would stick with the four moving forward. Peter said that Tom would be a "wild animal" if they kept him in the house another week. Emmett told Peter that if Tom had just listened to him and had been willing to part with Liza, he wouldn't have been in this situation.

Peter advised Emmett that even if the vote flips against Tom, Emmett should still vote to evict Liza in order to stay solid with his bro. Peter floated the idea out there of including Jillian in the four, in place of Tom. He said that she would secretly be part of it, but wouldn't actually know that the alliance between the guys existed. Peter told Emmett that Jillian is a lot easier to control than Tom is and she could benefit them. Emmett said that he would just feel like a piece of shit if he took out Tom, as he had made promises to him.

Peter and Alec then went up to the HoH room. Gary asked them if they wanted Tom to stay this week. They both said that they didn't really care and that it was up to Gary. As expected, Gary said that he wanted Tom to go this week, but he wasn't sure if that would cause problems with Emmett. Peter told Gary that he had just spoken with Emmett and that he felt that Emmett was prepared for Tom to go. Peter said that Emmett would not be voting against Tom, though. Gary said that he wanted it to be a 9-0 vote. Peter said that there may be a little room to work with Emmett in order to get him to switch his vote, seeing as Emmett is concerned with Tom's behaviour. Gary said that it better at least be 8-1 and that he would lose his trust in Jillian if she voted to keep Tom, as she nominated him and he could have easily done the same to her but didn't.

Alec and Peter explained to Gary that Tom thinks that the reason that Alec will not use the veto is because Peter would go up as the replacement nominee. They told Gary that that's perfect and to make people believe that. Alec said that it's going to be a shitty week because Tom is going to be an asshole and try to bully him into using the Power of Veto. Alec said that he will not even entertain any deals that Tom throws at him. Before the conversation ended, a new four person alliance was formed. Peter, Alec, Gary and Topaz are the members of the alliance. Alec later talked to Topaz and told her that Gary is very valuable. She said that she is glad that he finally realized it and that everyone else had written Gary off.

While Gary is working behind the scenes to have Tom evicted, Tom is already making plans for next week. It has yet to cross Tom's mind that he could be the one that is going home on Thursday evening. Tom said that he plans on nominating Gary and Topaz if he wins HoH, with Jillian going up as a replacement nominee. He originally wanted to use Alec as the replacement, but he felt that it was best to stay true to Quattro. Tom spoke with Peter and let me know know that it sucks that they didn't give him a heads up that he would be put on the block. Peter played it off as though he had no idea that Tom was going to be nominated. Tom bought it, later telling Liza that he believed Peter.

Tom explained to Peter that both Emmett and Alec knew that he was going to be put on the block, but neither came to him to tell him beforehand. He went on to say that there's a respect thing there and, if Quattro is going to work, these things can't happen. Tom told Peter that he still intends on working with Quattro going forward, but it has to be the four. He said that he had told Alec and Emmett that if they jerk him around again and don't trust him, he's done with them. Tom voiced his frustration that Emmett has controlled every HoH. He said that Emmett controlled his decision, as he wanted Andrew, not Aneal, to go up on Thursday. He also said that Emmett is controlling Gary's HoH and it's not right that he and Alec kept himself and Peter out of the loop.

Tom and Liza had a lengthy discussion as well. Tom told her that she's on the block because Emmett and Alec feel threatened by her and Emmett wants to have full control over him. Tom said that they had to put him up because they knew that he would take her down if he won the PoV. Tom again expressed his frustration, saying that his own person, that is supposed to be his bromance, knew that he was going up and didn't even tell him. Tom then went on to tell Liza that the house's biggest mistake is "leaving one pissed off motherf*cker in this house." He told her that "I'm just sorry that you didn't make it to jury house" and "I just didn't think I'd have to go this early in the game without you." Liza told him that it's okay and that the person that walked in the door to win the game is not the same guy that she is leaving behind. She said that she has opened his eyes to a lot of things and that he will be better prepared and focused now.

Jillian then came in to check on the two and noted that she doesn't feel that the decision is not 100% made as of now. Liza replied by saying "oh Jillian, I feel like you're a lap behind in this race." While Tom is convinced that Liza will be going home this week, they may very well be in for a big surprise. Liza appears to feel that she is the one leaving but, given that the feeds were down for so long, we cannot be sure whether or not Peter has let her in on the plan. While the entire house does not yet know of the his true intentions, Gary has said that he is not going to be happy until Tom walks out the door.