A look at the current status of the vote

March 17, 2013

A Look Back at Day 25 in the Big Brother Canada House

Today's game talk centered around yesterday's nominations and Thursday's vote. There is still much debate within the house as to who should be evicted this week, Tom or Liza, even though there seems to be an overall consensus forming. While the veto ceremony has not yet been held, it is highly unlikely that Alec will be using it. He has given Gary his word that he will not be using it and he has already explained that to Tom.

The Status of the Vote

Gary: As HoH, Gary does not have a vote this week. However, he is in power and feels that he is entitled to get what he wants. What he wants is for Tom to be evicted on Thursday. That being said, not everyone had been made aware of his true intentions up to this point. Gary wants the house to feel that it's "Liza, Liza, Liza" when, in reality, it's Tom that is the target. To those that are in the know, Gary has made it clear that he wants a 9-0 to evict Tom. He said that he wants to see the look Tom's face when he doesn't get a single vote and realizes that he has no one in this game.

Topaz: As Gary's closest ally, Topaz has been let in on virtually all of Gary's plans. Topaz was one of the main people leading the charge against Liza over the past week. Topaz knows that Liza is out to break up the pairs, including herself and Alec. While Topaz has told Talla that she is on the fence because she hates Liza and sees Tom as the bigger threat, she is willing to go along with Gary's plan. Topaz has said that they should keep Liza because if Emmett was to win HoH, he would target her. Alternatively, if Tom stays and Emmett wins HoH, Tom would still be in the house.

Suzette: After being the center of attention last week, Suzette has been relatively quiet this week. While she has given Tom props for being a straight shooter, it is not likely that she will vote to keep him. Gary is one of the few people in the house that Suzette actually has a relationship with. She told Gary on Friday night that she would vote to evict Tom. Suzette wants to fade into the background and lessen the target on her, so it's hard to imagine her changing her mind and going against the wishes of the HoH and the house.

Emmett: Despite pressure from Gary to make it a 9-0 vote, Emmett has not backed down from his stance that he will not vote to evict Tom. Gary was noticeably frustrated when Emmett told him that he would not vote to evict Tom. Emmett said that Gary wants a 9-0 vote personal reasons, not strategic reasons, and his vote to evict Liza doesn't impact anything. Jillian also chimed in, telling Gary not to do that to Emmett. Gary said fine, but nobody showed him sympathy when Danielle was leaving. Not only does Emmett not want to vote to evict Tom, but he also feels that it may be the wrong decision to target him over Liza. He told Gary that Tom has more friends in the house than Liza and done so much damage that you don't know if you can trust people's word when they say that they will vote to evict Tom. He also expressed concern that it would make for too good of a story that Liza's showmance goes home and then she goes on to win HoH to exact revenge.

Gary said that Liza won't beat him (Emmett) in HoH and jokingly told Emmett to make sure that he follows the rules. Jillian said that Tom is more likely to win HoH, so Gary told Emmett to listen to his girl. Gary tried to squash Emmett's concerns about Liza being able to manipulate people by saying that she may be good, but she's also bad. He said to look at how quickly Liza got exposed and think about if everyone will really just run back to her if she says sorry. Gary added that Tom was trying to throw Emmett under the bus to everyone, but he declined to give specific examples. Emmett didn't buy it without proof, so Gary said to vote to evict Liza then and also added that the vote won't matter anyway because Tom is going home. Right after this, Gary spoke with Topaz and told her that he was not happy that Emmett said that he didn't want to vote out Tom. Gary said "I'm HoH. Give me what I want." He said that he is not going to beg for a vote, because he's in power this week. He plans on playing it off that he is hurt by having to go to Emmett so many times to ask for his vote.

Jillian: While Emmett is reluctant to vote out Tom, it is a clear cut decision in the mind of Jillian. She wants Tom gone. Jillian told Liza that she would have her vote. Jillian relayed to Emmett that, based on her conversation with Liza, Tom may have lost his trust in the bros. Jillian also told both Suzette and Talla that she feels that Tom needs to go. When asked if she will vote with Emmett, she said that she has no problem voting the opposite and thinks that Emmett may end up being the only vote to evict Liza. Jillian later discussed her plans with Peter, telling him that she is set on taking Tom out of the game this week.

Peter: While Tom and Peter are technically aligned through Quattro, it's Liza that Peter wants to see stay in the house. Peter spoke with Jillian and expressed that Tom is big competitor and will be able to bully he his way into getting what he wants if he stays. Peter said that this is good opportunity to take someone out that will be difficult to remove later in the game.

Alec: Similar to Peter, Alec is 100% on board with the plan to evict Tom. He has been working closely behind the scenes with Peter, Topaz and Gary to ensure that everything goes to plan. As one of the driving forces behind the plan to evict Tom, it is extremely unlikely that Alec will vote any other way than to evict Tom. The only way that he would be likely to change his mind is if the numbers are lost, but that is not an issue at the moment.

Andrew: When he spoke with Talla, Andrew said that he would be willing to keep Tom around if Tom guaranteed him safety for a couple of weeks. He said that Tom has a better chance of winning things than Liza does, so it could help to have him on their side. Later, Andrew spoke with both Alec and Peter. Andrew expressed his concern with Emmett, but both Peter and Alec let him know that Emmett had never once said that he wanted Andrew out of the game. They said that it was always Tom that brought up Andrew's name. Andrew was still a little uneasy about Emmett, but Alec said that it may be that Tom is sucking the fun out of him. He said that Emmett got stuck with a shitty partner from the beginning and they may see a whole new Emmett if Tom is gone. Alec and Peter seem to have convinced Andrew that Tom is the one that needs to go. Andrew told them to give him the word and let him know what the decision ends up being.

Talla/AJ: One of Tom's strongest supporters, Talla has been freaking out all day. She has been fighting for Tom to stay almost non-stop. She has spoken with everyone in the house except for Emmett. Her main partner in crime has been AJ. These two appear to be forming a close bond. Talla is set on keeping Tom. While AJ raises more questions about whether or not it is a good move, he is still in the dark as to how the house is voting and seems to be leaning towards keeping Tom at this point. Talla and AJ met with Alec and Peter late in the night and asked them to keep them updated on what was going on. Peter and Alec said that Liza is 100% gone as of right now, but they will keep them updated.

Votes to evict Tom: Topaz, Suzette, Jillian, Peter, Andrew, Alec
Votes to evict Liza: Emmett, Talla, AJ

Obviously only the houseguests themselves know where their heads are at, but that's how I see the vote playing out as of right now based on everything that we have seen since the nominations. While it's still very early in the week and people like Talla and AJ are not yet "in the know", the numbers are still in Liza's favour. If the plan remains the same as the week goes on, it's possible that more votes will shift in Liza's favour, particularly those of AJ and Talla. As of now, Tom is the one that is leaving on Thursday.

Tom Makes a Final Plea

Tom is totally in the dark in terms of who is going home on Thursday. He feels quite certain that he is safe and that Liza will be the one that gets sent home. Gary told Tom that he was safe. Tom attempted to save Liza. His pitch involved getting Alec to use the veto on him and having Gary name AJ as the replacement nominee. In exchange for doing so, Tom guaranteed Gary that he would be safe with himself, Liza, Emmett and others for at least three weeks until Andrew, Talla and Suzette went home. He explained that Liza is genuine girl and a sweetheart, and it's not right that she is being sent home before jury because she was playing the game. Tom said that while Liza was definitely talking to people, she was only trying to protect Tom and herself. He said that Liza used words, not actions. If Liza had tried to take out Alec or Emmett, Tom said that he would have put a stop to that.

Tom proceeded to throw Emmett and Jillian under the bus, saying that they came to him last week and tried to get him not to use the Power of Veto on Gary. He said that Emmett and Jillian wanted Gary out almost this entire time. Tom said that Liza is someone that can be very beneficial to the two of them if Gary is willing to help keep her there. He continued to reiterate that Liza did nothing but use words, yet she got into trouble because people are playing in fear. Tom said that he could tell by the look in Emmett's eyes that Emmett realized that they were wrong and had hurt him (Tom) and are going after someone that is not a threat (Liza). Gary told Tom to try to get Alec to use the veto on him cause, at the end of the day, it is Alec's decision. Gary then spoke with a number of people throughout the night, such as Jillian, Alec, Topaz, Peter and Suzette. Alec guaranteed Gary that he is not going to use the PoV and that there is nothing that will change his mind. Alec and the others all still want to see Tom go home, so everything is still on track for Tom to be evicted on Thursday.

Peter told Alec that he had told Liza to not talk any game and to let him take care of things, even though the plan was already in place for Liza to stay. He wants Liza to believe that he was the one responsible for saving her. That way, in the event that Liza wins HoH, Peter can influence her to keep certain people safe. He told Jillian that he would push Liza to nominate Gary and Suzette, with the rationale that she needs to do something that appeases the majority of the house in order to get back on their good side after everything that has went down this week.