The PoV goes unused, a night full of drama ensues

March 18, 2013

A Look Back at Day 26 in the Big Brother Canada House

The Veto Ceremony

The veto ceremony was held late this afternoon. For the first time, the power of veto was not used. Alec honoured his word to Gary and left the nominations the same. That means that either Tom or Liza will be evicted on Thursday.

As one would expect, Tom was not happy that Alec chose not to use the veto. He told Andrew that the guys had said that they would let him know what was going down once they made a decision. Nobody told him anything prior to the veto ceremony, just like nobody told him that he was going to be nominated. Tom mentioned to Liza that he held out the four throughout the veto ceremony as a sign that he was still ready to roll with Quattro. He said that Alec saw it and still declined to use the veto, so he is done with the four.

After he had calmed down a bit, he said that he would have to at least act like everything was still good with the four in order to help preserve his game. He said that he would nominate Topaz and Gary or Topaz and Alec if he wins the next HoH. His preference is for Talla to win HoH and make a big move. Tom still feels quite confident that Liza is the one leaving.

Liza has barely left Tom's side since the veto ceremony. She did have a brief conversation with Peter. Peter mentioned that it's hard to say what benefits his game more, keeping Tom or keeping Liza. Liza said that she doesn't know if Peter would stick his neck out there for her, and Peter replied by saying you don't know what I'm capable of. Liza told Peter to keep doing what he's doing. Peter told Liza to keep doing what she's doing, which is what he's telling her to do.

Liza told Peter that she has Jillian and thinks that she has Suzette, Andrew and AJ as well. She said that she hasn't campaigned in two days. Peter told her that's good, as the scouting report was that she was going hard prior to that. Peter asked her to let him get to know the real her. He went on to tell her that "I'm me, with you. There is no shield." Quite an interesting choice of words by Peter, given the name of his alliance with Alec. Peter said it was quite important that she tell him what she would do with HoH. Liza said that she would nominate Topaz and Alec. Peter said no, that's not a good idea. He told her that he would need her to listen to him. Liza said that they will take things one step at a time.

Tom Exposes Alec

Tom saw that the screen in the house said that Big Brother After Dark was on. He decided that it would be funny to go and open the shower door while Alec was showering. Alec did not take it very well. It's unclear whether or not the cameras actually caught anything. Liza was in the room at the time and claims that you could see nothing. Alec later confronted Tom and said that he didn't appreciate it and didn't find it funny. Tom was quite unapologetic. Tom mentioned that this is all coming from the guy that never wears a shirt. Tom explained that he didn't think that it was that big of a deal and that Alec didn't have to explain himself.

Topaz then went and spent some time with Alec. He didn't want to talk about the incident. Peter came by and asked Alec if he wanted him to stab Tom for him. Alec motioned for Peter to go away. Alec then got up and broke down crying as he headed for the bedrooms. As this was happening, Topaz bolted for the backyard to call out Tom. The feeds quickly went down. We were able to see a bit of the action on Big Brother After Dark. Here is some of what happened almost immediately after the feeds had went down, when Topaz was going off on Tom:

Tom- No one saw anything. Topaz- Everyone saw everything. He's fucking so upset, Tom. Fucking pathetic. You're fucking pathetic. Yes everyone, Tom's fucking pathetic! He's going to go and fucking embarrass someone on national fucking television. Fucking piece of shit. As much as I want to see you go home, Liza, cause you're a scheming fucking whore, I want to see Tom fucking go home!

Tom went and spoke with Alec and was now very apologetic. He explained that he saw Alec as one of the guys, one of the hockey guys. He apologized again and again, explaining that he felt horrible for what had happened and what was currently happening as a result. Alec told Tom that he knows that Tom didn't do it maliciously.

Topaz Exposes Liza

Amazingly enough, Tom and Topaz had a long sit down conversation not too long after Topaz had went off on him. Tom said that Liza doesn't poison him, but rather that everyone is lying. Topaz told him that Liza is throwing everyone under the bus. She explained that the plan wasn't even to get Tom out, it was a house decision to get Liza out. Tom asked why she didn't come talk to him. He said that he gets that Liza has to go, but why blindside him? Topaz told Tom that people had been hinting to him that Liza is poison. Tom said yeah, they are hinting, but why couldn't his own bros even tell him about what was going on. Topaz said that it was Emmett's job to convince Tom that Liza was poison and that he would be coming off the block. They eventually decided not to do it because Tom was so pissed off that there was no longer any point in doing it.

Topaz then started to reveal that Liza is in alliances with literally everyone in the house. She revealed to Tom that it was Liza that came up with the girls alliance. It was originally created to go after the guys once they got down to the final seven, but Liza had been pushing to start getting rid of the guys right now. She then explained that Liza had made an alliance with AJ, Andrew and Talla and had a secret alliance with Peter. She said that's why AJ has even joked about Liza having an alliance with the toaster! Topaz said that no one likes Liza cause she's playing a nasty game. She is throwing people's names under the bus when they haven't even done anything.

Tom said that he needs someone to grab his hand and sit him down and and be like "listen", just as Topaz was doing at the present time. He said that he needs someone to sit him down like a kid and be like "look", cause I'm blinded. Topaz continued to tell Tom that Liza is sneaky and is playing a dirty game. She said that everyone is just faking it when they talk to Liza. Topaz told Tom that Liza is dragging him down with her. Tom said that he gets it that they had to go behind his back and do this but, at the same time, you have to see it from his point of view with everyone going behind his back. He said that the others are all smart and figured Liza out, but it feels like he is getting dumped on. Topaz again explained that the group went over a bunch of different options and that this was what they felt that they needed to do in order to get rid of Liza. The two ended their conversation shortly thereafter.

Emmett and Jillian Try to Save Tom

After Topaz, and to a lesser extent Jillian, had gotten Tom to believe that Liza was doing many of the things that she was being accused of, a lengthy conversation took place between Tom, Emmett and Jillian. Tom told Jillian that he will be 100% loyal to Emmett in this game and he will be 100% loyal to her in this game. That's it. Tom told Jillian that Talla plans to target Emmett, so don't drop if it comes down to the two of them in an endurance competition again.

Emmett then took over the conversation, telling Tom how he truly feels:

Emmett- I need your trust. I hate her (Liza) cause she took my best friend from the house. You have to understand that I came to you several times and said she has to go. It was going in one ear and out the other. Liza had everyone in this house thinking that I was going after everyone. I swear to God I didn't want you up there, but I couldn't get through to you. It was the only way. Everyone hates her so much. You're more of a threat cause everyone hates her and she was controlling you. I didn't know what else to do. I gave up and said that she won, she took my best friend. Now you've got such a big target on your back. After veto, I told you you have just gotta lay low. Tom- I'm lost in the lights, man. I'm lost in the lights, until tonight.

Emmett- I thought that if I could take Liza out, you would be back to your old self again. I told Jill tonight, even if I want to save Tom, I don't know if we can now. It stresses me out cause I know I cant go as far in this game without you. Tom- The only person in this house who wasn't being real with me was her. Finally, everyone has the balls to confirm it to me tonight. Finally. If I leave this game cause I pulled a shower curtain...

Emmett- It's not the curtain, it's that Liza has done so much damage. Your best bet, tomorrow you separate yourself from her. That shows that you didn't know what was going on. If you go back to her, that shows you know and you don't care. I swear to God she is poison. Well Tom, I don't know if you understand how much damage control you have to do. Tom- Everyone has come to me and told me I'm fine. Emmett- Tom, that is bullshit. I am telling you, as a friend, that is bullshit. Tom, they don't want you here Thursday. You have to change. You have to wake up tomorrow and there has to be a new Tom. You're not the Tom you used to be, man. You're a whole new you. It's not the same. I lost my best friend. Since you started hanging out with her, it wasn't what we wanted to do, it was what she wanted to do.

Emmett- Tom, honestly I think you have a chance cause everyone hates her so much, but everyone sees you as a threat so it's a good opportunity to get you out. You need to sit down with people individually and have a serious heart to heart. Jillian- You have us 100%. Tom- I've got you two, I think I can get Andrew and AJ, and Talla will keep me. She (Liza) is acting like she has accepted leaving. Jillian- She lists off the votes that she has. She is playing you. You think she is just saying "I'm going home Thursday, don't worry about it"? She knows she's not going home.

Emmett- Tom, don't even sleep in the same bed with her tonight. At least, if you leave, you know you did everything you possibly could to stay. If you go home, people will stay happy with me and I'll stay until 8 or 7 and then they will try to pick me off. If you stay, we're going to take heat right away, but maybe we can pick those people off that are coming at us...old school, like we started.

Tom Gets to Work

Tom almost immediately went to Alec. He explained that Liza used him and is going around telling everyone that she has the votes. Emmett joined in on the conversation, which made things awkward when Alec asked who the hell is telling Tom that he is going home. Tom avoided answering the question, even though he had already earlier told Alec that Emmett and Jillian had told him. Alec told Tom not to think that everyone is flipping. He said that just because he and Peter aren't all buddy buddy with him, it doesn't mean that they are voting him out.

Tom told the guys that this will be his weakest moment in the house and he hopes that they can be strong moving forward. He said that he watches Big Brother and realizes that when people go around and make millions of deals, like Liza did, they get burnt. He said that he just so happened to get caught in the crossfire. He told Alec and Emmett that he understands why they did what they did and that he is not mad about it.

Emmett explained that the way that Tom has been acting needs to change. He said that Tom's actions were out of spite and that he was dragging him down. Furthermore, Emmett said that it got to a point where it was all about Tom. He would come to them and tell them what they needed to do. Tom said that he acted this way because he was paranoid due to all of the things that Liza was filling his head with. Emmett told Tom that personal things need to be put aside moving forward. He said that he understands that what Suzette said sucked, but she cant win anything and was it really best for the group to take her out? Alec added that Tom just needs to trust them. He said that Tom doesn't trust them and that is what is causing him to make these unilateral decisions. Alec explained that they need Tom as much as he needs them.

When Alec got a minute alone with Emmett, he told Emmett not to be telling Tom things like this without consulting with him and Peter. Emmett told Alec that he is still with him and will go with whatever call Alec makes. Alec told Emmett that it's not his call, it's a team decision. They agreed to talk more later. Alec then went up to the HoH room and told Topaz and Gary that Emmett had told Tom that he did not have the votes as of right now. All three were puzzled as to why Emmett would do such a thing and all three agreed that Tom needs to go.

Tom is likely to have a long day of campaigning ahead of him tomorrow, as he needs to try to find a way to get back on the good side of many of those whose trust he has lost. He has already begun distancing himself from Liza, opting not to sleep in the same bed as her.