Emmett makes a final attempt at saving Tom

March 20, 2013

A Look Back at Day 28 in the Big Brother Canada House

Relatively Quiet Morning and Afternoon

In terms of game talk, it was a quiet morning and afternoon in the Big Brother Canada house. Peter and Liza quickly touched base, with Peter again reassuring her that she would be staying. Liza told him that Andrew and AJ look at her like she's dead, like she's going home, but Peter told her not to worry and that he can handle them. Shortly thereafter, Tom joked with Liza that he may be the one going home. Liza said that she doesn't think so and that nobody tells her anything. Tom is still quite certain that he is staying. He told Liza that her leaving is the worst, but the best thing for his game. He also told her that he is really going to have to change his game up after she leaves.

Tom and AJ had a chat this afternoon. AJ tried to make it clear to Tom that he should be a bit more concerned about Gary than he currently is. Tom said that Gary has been telling him that he wants to work with him, but AJ said that Gary will be after him. He also noted that if they can cut Gary, Talla will be closer to them. Both of them shared a concern that Talla would try to make too big of a move if she were to win HoH. They plan on talking her out of it, suggesting that she nominate Suzette and Gary. Finally, AJ discussed his "all star team" with Tom. He said that coming into the show he wanted to put together an all star team. He believes that they have just that moving forward.

The hypothetical all star team consists of Tom, AJ, Emmett, Jillian, Andrew and Talla. AJ said that this team is flawless and could win everything. He said that they have physical strength, they have people like himself to win mental competitions and they have the two best people for endurance competitions (Jillian and Talla). Tom said that they will need to make it happen. AJ and Tom discussed if he had the votes to stay. AJ said that the only scenario in which he could see Tom leaving is if Emmett and Jillian flipped. Tom reassured him that Emmett and Jillian are locked in. That being said, Tom noted that he expects that it will be a close vote and he urged AJ to make sure that nobody gives Liza a sympathy vote.

Elsewhere around the house, Emmett and Andrew talked some game during an "outdoor" lockdown. Andrew told Emmett that they are from the same place and should trust each other. He said that as much as people say that geography doesn't matter, look at Alec and Peter. Both guys agreed that they would love to win HoH and be the one responsible for taking Liza out of the game. Andrew asked Emmett if he trusts Jillian 100%. Emmett said that he does and that she doesn't have anyone else in this game. Andrew said that he also trusts her. As for Peter, they said that he is a good guy and they can trust him for now, but he is friends with everyone. They said that he is likely going to continue to throw competitions. Shortly after this discussion took place, Alec told Peter that they don't have to try to win HoH if Liza is out of the competition. The two also discussed that Gary is a dangerous player. They said that if it came down to a Final 7 of themselves, Emmett, Jillian, Gary, Andrew and Topaz, they would have to take Gary out.

Emmett Takes One Last Shot at Saving Tom

After a quiet morning and afternoon, things picked up late in the evening. Emmett and Gary had a long conversation in which Emmett raised his concerns about Liza staying. Emmett said that he thinks that Liza knows that she is staying. He mentioned how often this happens in Big Brother, where the person that everyone hates stays over someone that is viewed as a more difficult person to evict later on, and then the person that everyone hates gets back into a rhythm. He said that they need to watch out for Liza. Emmett added that he knows that Gary doesn't like Tom and he is not trying to keep him there, because he is tired of trying to drag him around, but Tom takes all the heat. With Tom out of the picture, Emmett explained that it will be he and Gary that take the heat. Emmett said that they will be the two most physical competitors remaining in the house and that Gary is the only one of the two that has won anything.

Gary asked Emmett if he was suggesting that they keep Tom. Emmett said that it was a lose-lose situation, but at least Tom takes the heat off of him. He told Gary that Tom would not put either of them up if he won HoH. Emmett explained that Gary is in a position of power and can leverage that power to make a deal with Tom tomorrow. He suggested that Tom is alone without Liza and may cling to Gary. Gary said that he had already told Tom that he wanted to be the new Liza, but Tom told him that no one can replace her. Gary then said that it is too late for him to convince anyone to change their vote. Emmett said that they would have himself, Jillian, Talla and AJ. He asked if Gary could get Suzette, but Gary said that Suzette is voting Tom out regardless of what he tells her to do. Emmett went on to say that people will see Tom gone and then who will they look at? It will be Gary and himself. Gary said that he thought about switching it up, but it's too late and people want Tom gone.

Emmett explained that the fact that people don't like Tom is why he likes having him in the house. He said that Tom will be evicted before him every time. Gary said that while it may be a smart move for Emmett to keep Tom, it is not a smart move for him. He added that he does understand the risk involved in taking out Tom, as he does need Emmett in this game with him as long as possible. Gary mentioned that Liza needs to go next. He said that she is evil and talks a lot of shit. Emmett said that everyone will forget about it if she stops for a couple of weeks. He told Gary that things can change so fast from week to week and there is no guarantee that they will be able to get Liza out next week. He said that she will weasel her way through however she can. Emmett said that Liza was even rubbing Peter's leg and telling him that he gets better looking every day. Emmett told Gary that the best case scenario would be for Topaz to win HoH and take Liza out, but Topaz isn't going to win anything.

Gary then spoke with Topaz and told her that Emmett is concerned that people are going to forget what Liza has done and will keep her around. Gary and Topaz both agreed that Emmett is right in that regard. Gary mentioned that the fight the other night actually helped Liza, as now everyone is talking to her and feeling sorry for her. Emmett told Alec that Liza needs to go next no matter what. He expressed concern that Peter will not be willing to nominate her if he wins HoH. He said that Liza is getting in Peter's head and is controlling him. Emmett noted that Peter likes the attention and that Liza tells him personal stuff to get to him and even gets all touchy with him. Emmett said that if he were Peter, he would vote Liza out out of spite. "I'd be like bitch you're playing me, now I'm playing you." Emmett went on to say that people will get too caught up in continuing to remove physical threats, allowing Liza to slide by deep into the game. Alec told Emmett that, at worst, Peter would throw HoH if he doesn't want to take out Liza. Topaz and Emmett said that Peter better not throw the HoH competition and told Alec to make sure that Peter does not.

Before bed, Gary asked Topaz once last time if Tom needs to go. Topaz said yes. Gary said what if Tom promised to keep us safe? Topaz asked him if she was in the dark to some kind of plan. Gary said no, but Emmett told him that he could make sure that Tom keeps him safe. Topaz said that it is not worth the risk. Gary said that if they take out Tom, they make Emmett weak. Topaz agreed and said that is what they want. The plan is to wait until Big Brother gives the house their four hour warning, prior to the taping, before letting AJ and Talla in on the plan. AJ is very concerned about being one of the lone votes to evict Liza if Tom is in fact the one going home. It is likely that he will flip his vote and evict Tom once he finds out about the plan. He is also likely to convince Talla to do the same. Alec, Peter, Topaz and Suzette are locked in as votes to evict Liza. Emmett told Jillian that she should probably vote to evict Tom, but that he will be voting for him to stay. Tom doesn't seem to have much hope of getting more than 4 votes. When it's all said and done, a vote of 8-1 seems to be the most likely scenario, with Emmett being the only one to vote to evict Liza.