Alec wins HoH, an AJ vs Suzette rematch is likely

March 22, 2013

A Look Back at Day 30 in the Big Brother Canada House

After over 24 hours without feeds, the feeds returned shortly after 1 AM and we found out that Alec had become the new HoH. Alec also won $10,000, but we did not receive much in terms of the details on how that happened. Alec and Peter were alone in the HoH room discussing their plans for this week and beyond. The plan for this week is to target Suzette. They decided that AJ should go up as a pawn. If Suzette were to win the veto, Talla would be the replacement nominee and target.

Alec also told Peter that Topaz is starting to bother him. He said that they have done such a good job protecting her up to this point, but Peter said that now Topaz has to be dealt with. They agreed that they will need Andrew to be the one to nominate her, as they can't directly take her out. They also agreed that Andrew is someone that can take out Gary for them. Gary is on their radar for next week, as their next target, assuming that Suzette leaves this week. Alec discussed the option of asking AJ who he wants out next, expecting that he would reply by saying Gary. Alec said that they could then tell AJ that they will help him take out Gary next week if he helps them this week by going up as a pawn.

Alec wanted to bring the group together to let AJ know that he would be a pawn and reassure him that he would be safe this week. The people in the room were Alec, Peter, Topaz, Andrew, Emmett, Jillian, Talla and AJ himself. Alec opened the discussion by saying that they have to figure out how to get Suzette out of the house this week. He added that a pawn is needed. AJ immediately said that he has already done that. Alec asked if that means that he would not be willing to do it again. AJ said that he didn't want to. Alec told AJ that it's just that he is not seen as a threat at all. Emmett added to that, saying "no offense, but you're the least physical threat here." Jillian added that "you're not really a threat at all, in any way." She immediately said that that didn't come out right and made her sound like a bitch, but she felt that AJ would be the safest choice for a pawn.

Alec proceeded to give AJ his word that he would not go home this week, even in the event that Suzette won the PoV and took herself off the block. All of the others in the room told AJ that they would not vote him out, even if Suzette came off the block. AJ eventually agreed to be the pawn. He acknowledged that it does seem to be pretty safe given the numbers that were in the room. He needs 4 votes to stay and had 6 people give him their word that they will not be voting him out. Alec noted that it is the rematch that Canada has been waiting for, Suzette vs AJ.

AJ, Talla and Andrew immediately went outside and had a quick chat. AJ brought up the possibility of Suzette winning the PoV, mentioning that he would need to hear an alternate plan for if that were to happen in order to feel 100% safe. He then said that if he wins the PoV and Gary is the replacement nominee, there will be a decision to made in terms of who to evict. Even though Suzette can be irritating, he noted that Gary is the bigger threat. Talla told AJ to push for Gary to go up as the replacement nominee. Before the conversation broke up, Andrew pointed out that while Emmett and Jillian are strong as hell, you have to look at the other group. He said you have Peter and Alec, and then who is Alec is close to? Look who's in his bed every night and you see Topaz. Add in Gary and there is a group of four right there. Andrew told AJ and Talla that they are left as the remaining three.

Alec again approached AJ, letting him know that he really appreciates him doing this. He asked AJ who he would like to see go home next week. AJ said, assuming that Suzette leaves this week, Gary. Alec asked AJ if he was fine with Gary going up if Suzette won the veto. AJ said that Gary would go home and that it is the right play. Alec's true plan would be to use Talla as the replacement nominee and to send her home, but he did not want to let AJ know this. AJ then brought up that he would like to see Gary be evicted over Suzette if he won the veto. Alec let him know that he cannot leave Suzette in this house after making it clear that she was the target. AJ said that he was fine with taking out Suzette then.

Alec asked him why he would have to use the veto if he won it. AJ replied by saying that you have to use the veto on yourself. Alec said that he is not putting AJ in harms way. Understandably, AJ would not back down and said that he would be using the veto on himself if he were to win it. He asked what the chances were that Gary would win the veto and use it to save Suzette. Alec said 0%. Gary had agreed not to use it if he were to win, because Alec did not use it last week when Gary was HoH. AJ was happy to hear that, and the plan to use him as a pawn will be put in place tomorrow at tomorrow's nomination ceremony. Before AJ left, Alec and Peter let him know that they would be with him for next week as well.