Nominations go as planned, Emmett wins the veto

March 23, 2013

A Look Back at Day 31 in the Big Brother Canada House

Today was not an overly eventful day inside of the Big Brother Canada house. The nomination ceremony took place, and all went according to plan. As was discussed last night, Suzette would be the target this week. AJ was informed that he would go up as a pawn and was guaranteed safety by Peter, Topaz, Emmett, Jillian, Talla and Andrew. Alec went through with the plan, nominating Suzette and AJ for eviction. Players were also picked for the veto competition shortly after nominations were made. Alec, Suzette and AJ were automatically in the competition as the HoH and nominees, and Emmett, Jillian and Gary were selected to play. Alec spoke with Gary to again make sure that Gary had no intention of using the PoV if he were to win it. Gary said that if he is playing the game smart, Suzette has got to go. He said that he would not use the Power of Veto. Alec noted that Suzette is not the best in the game and will not win, so there is no point in keeping her from her kids.

Talla later came to speak with Alec about her concerns that Gary was going to use the veto to save Suzette. She was freaking out because she felt that she would be the replacement nominee if the veto were to be used, which is true. Alec told her that Gary would not be using the veto and she has nothing to worry about. AJ shared the same concerns, as he did not want himself to be put at further risk and he also did not want to see Talla go home. Fast forward to this evening and their concerns were no longer relevant, as Emmett won his second consecutive Power of Veto. Suzette seemed to have accepted her fate, saying that she likes everyone in the house so she will be happy no matter which one of them wins the game. She also said that she realizes that she isn't the best player, but that she is thankful for the opportunity. Barring a huge turn of events, the rest of the week should be fairly straightforward. It's very likely to be a 7-0 vote to evict Suzette.

There was not a whole lot of game talk throughout the night, but Emmett, Alec and Andrew did do some talking in the hot tub. Looking ahead to next week, the names that were thrown out there as targets were Gary and Talla. Andrew suggested Gary, and Emmett agreed that Gary is definitely a threat. Andrew said that, just like Suzette was Alec's target this week, Gary would be his target next week. He would use either Peter or Topaz as a pawn, but was leaning towards Topaz. Alec said that he is going to blackball the idea of Peter as a pawn. He said that they each get one blackball, Jillian for Emmett and AJ for Andrew. Alec then threw Talla's name out there as another potential target. Emmett said that Talla is a threat because she can beat them in endurance competitions. The guys agreed that they can beat Gary in physical competitions. Alec said that he thinks that Talla is a more imminent threat than Gary. Similar to the last time that Suzette and AJ were on the block against each other, there is unlikely to much game talk that centers around the current week. Expect to see people playing ahead to next week.