AJ completes a task, the Gary/Topaz/Alec alliance cracks

March 24, 2013

A Look Back at Day 32 in the Big Brother Canada House

AJ was given a task by Big Brother. While the feeds were down and we cant be sure what exactly it was, it seems like he may have been required to get a couple of people to do one of his obstacle courses. AJ successfully completed his task. As a result, the houseguests were rewarded with a party out by the pool. They got food, including chicken and burgers, and alcohol. They also got a net to use to play volleyball in the pool. Here are a few pictures from the party:

While the party was going on outside, Gary and Topaz were having a chat in the HoH room. Gary told Topaz that everyone was annoying him. He said that he didn't want to talk to anyone but her. Gary had done Jillian's makeup, and apparently people were joking around and asking her why she had bruises around her eyes. Gary took offense to that, saying to Topaz that Andrew doesn't know anything about makeup anyway and he's a 50 year old that acts like he is 14. Gary continued on his rant about Andrew, saying that he doesn't win anything and is of no value in this game. He even questioned why Andrew is making it to jury. Gary said that he could expose Andrew to everyone, because he hated all of them and would talk so much shit early on in the game. Topaz said that she doesn't really care if Andrew goes home, while Gary added that he wants him gone so badly. Gary said Andrew going home wont happen because Alec is in love with him. Lastly, Gary said that "when he (Andrew) touches me, it makes me cringe."

Andrew was far from the only one that Gary was wasn't happy with. While the feeds were down, it seems as though Topaz fell asleep while listening to the iPod in the HoH room, and it was taken away by Big Brother. Apparently Gary did not like Alec's reaction. He felt that Alec was trying to put a target on Topaz's back by making it out to be a bigger deal than it really was. Gary told Topaz that he knows how Alec is and he knows that he was doing this strategically. He said that he knows how this game works and that Alec is planting seeds for later on when he needs Topaz out of the game. By planting things now, Gary explained that it will be easier for him to have her taken out without getting the blood on his hands. Gary told Topaz that she will watch the show and see all of the seeds that Alec has been planting to get her out of the house.

Topaz said that she knows that Alec is there to play the game and she realized this when Alec was crying and bawling his eyes out, but then immediately was trying to patch things up with Tom and Liza. Gary mentioned that Alec has something to say about Tom and Liza every two seconds now that they are gone, but had nothing to say while they were in the house. He added that Alec is acting all big and bad now, but went and apologized to Tom when Tom exposed him in the shower. Gary said that once they get down to the Final 4 (Gary/Topaz/Alec/Peter), they will have to take Alec out. Topaz disagreed, saying that Peter has to go first. Gary asked her if she was crazy, and Topaz replied by saying that she doesn't want to be in the end with people that didn't do anything in the game (Peter). Gary had earlier mentioned that Peter has done nothing in the game, hadn't won anything and had simply talked to the right people at the right time. Topaz added that Peter had also fallen in love with a whore (Liza) and was still in love with her even though she was gone.

Not long after this conversation had taken place, Alec, Emmett and Peter were in the main bedroom discussing Topaz. Alec told the guys that he's beginning to realize that Topaz isn't the person that he thought she was. He said that things would be over between the two of them if they were outside of the house, but that it doesn't benefit him to distance himself from her. Alec said that Topaz is pissing him off, so he wants her out of the house, but it's not smart to take her out for that reason when she is loyal to him. Peter explained that there may be a play to be made to take Topaz out if Jillian were to win HoH. Emmett noted that even he would be willing to put Topaz on the block. Alec said that he would still prefer that Gary goes before Topaz. He said that Topaz will be sleeping in the HoH room with him and he may be able to smooth things over with her. Emmett told him that he gets that it's a game, but Alec shouldn't have to be smoothing anything over with her. He added that Topaz brings Alec and Peter down.

After Alec left the room, Emmett and Peter continued to discuss Topaz. They agreed that they should try to get Talla to nominate Topaz and Gary if she were to win HoH. Peter expressed his displeasure with Topaz, saying that he was getting sick of the alarms going off all day because of Topaz sleeping so much. He also added that "her vacation is getting very close to being over. That's what this is for her. She's not playing, she's just here." Peter said that the two nominees next week have to be Gary and Topaz, with one of them going home. AJ or Talla would be the replacement nominee if one of the nominees were to win the PoV. Peter ended things by saying that Alec needs to take a long hard look at what value Topaz brings. Emmett again said that she brings nothing and that she drags Alec and Peter down.

Elsewhere in the house, Andrew, AJ and Talla continued to bond. Andrew and AJ warned Talla that Gary is after her. Talla was immediately concerned to hear this, later bringing it up again. All of them agreed that they will be after Gary next week. Andrew let her know that he will be putting Gary up and it won't be against her. AJ added that it doesn't matter who goes up against Gary cause, just like with him this week, that person would be safe. Andrew again reassured Talla that things would be okay, telling her that "we are going to get him (Gary) out."

As for this week, everything is going according to plan and Suzette appears to be on her way out by a vote of 7-0.