The veto ceremony highlights an uneventful day

March 25, 2013

A Look Back at Day 33 in the Big Brother Canada House

It was a slow day in the Big Brother Canada house. The veto ceremony took place and, as expected, Emmett decided not to use the Power of Veto. At some point while the feeds were down, possibly during the veto ceremony itself, Emmett called out Suzette for always trying to guilt trip people and make them uncomfortable. Suzette was visibly upset afterwards, asking Gary if people really think that about her. Gary didn't say a whole lot to her when she questioned those things. Gary later told Emmett that Suzette told him that he had said that the whole house hates her. They agreed that Suzette was twisting Emmett's words. Emmett said that what he really told her was that he has spoken with a few people, and they believe that Suzette guilt trips them whenever she talks to them and it makes them uncomfortable.

Alec spoke with Emmett about how things have been awkward with Topaz. Alec is still having mixed feelings about her. He doesn't seem to be feeling the connection that he once was, but he feels that Topaz can still help his game. He acknowledged that being there for Topaz and appearing to be 100% loyal to her is what will allow him to have Gary on his side. He also discussed with Emmett that he may end up ending things with Topaz like Emmett did with Tom, by throwing her a vote. He said it is possible that it will end in jury house as well. The two mentioned that Topaz and Gary are after Andrew, while Andrew is after Gary. Emmett and Alec agreed that they need Andrew in this game for the time being and would rather keep him than Gary.

Emmett said that they can use Andrew to do the dirty work, cause he has the balls to do it. Alec said that if the next three to go are Talla, Gary, Topaz, it's at that point that they would take out Andrew over AJ since there would no longer be any dirty work to be done and they can take it from there. Emmett suggested nominating Talla and Topaz next week. Alec felt that it would still be best to take out Talla in that scenario, as it would remove a potential third alliance member for the pair of Andrew and AJ. Keeping Gary and Topaz around ensures that they will continue to go after Andrew, while Andrew will go after them. Alec said that the positive about taking out Gary or Topaz is that it eliminates someone that is after Andrew, someone that they want in the game for now.

Alec told Emmett that he would like to stick with Jillian until the Final 4 (Alec/Peter/Emmett/Jillian). Alec said that Jillian can be the new Tom, except that they wont tell her everything. Once it gets to the four, he explained to Emmett that it will be good because it will be you two (Emmett/Jillian) vs us two (Alec/Peter). Alec told Emmett that he would not take him to the Final 2 over Peter, because he has already given Peter his word. He said that it would be up to Emmett to fight for himself at that point. Emmett said that he expected as much and that it was fine with him. Other than that, there was not a whole lot of game talk going on. It was a slow day in a slow week. Things should pick back up as we near Thursday night's eviction.