Houseguests plan for next week, Gary wins a power

March 26, 2013

A Look Back at Day 34 in the Big Brother Canada House

There was plenty of game talk today, as the houseguests began to really start looking ahead to next week. The first part of the recap will deal with the major conversations that were held in that regard.

Talla, Andrew and AJ

Last night Talla spoke with Jillian, discussing a potential alliance. She noted that it's Alec, Peter and Topaz and Topaz is close with Gary, so that's a four. Then there is herself, Andrew and AJ together, with Jillian and Emmett as a pair. Talla explained that they could take advantage of the closeness of herself and Jillian and Andrew and Emmett. If they combined to make a group of five, they would have the numbers. Jillian told Talla that she had said this to Emmett before. Talla asked what Emmett thought of it. Jillian simply said "don't worry". She didn't want it to get out that Emmett had said anything, but told Talla not to think that no one has been talking about that idea.

Fast forward to this morning and Andrew, AJ and Talla had an interesting conversation about their plans for the week ahead. Andrew is after Gary, but expressed concern that Big Brother would throw a twist at them to save Gary, just like they did to save Suzette. Andrew said that Gary is a massive threat and a major player in this game. When Talla asked AJ and Andrew if they would have a problem putting Gary up, AJ said "of course not" and Andrew said "no". The attention then turned to Topaz. Andrew does not want to see someone like Topaz go far in the game, because she hasn't done anything and is always sleeping. Talla seconded that, saying that Topaz doesn't ever help with anything around the house and that she doesn't show much in terms of the game. AJ said that the reason that he personally would not go after Topaz is because she hasn't done anything and hasn't won anything. AJ noted that he would prefer to take out bigger players like Gary and the guys.

The three then discussed who they would nominate if they were to win the next HoH. AJ said that he would nominate Gary and a pawn and that he was leaning towards using Peter as the pawn. If Gary were to win the veto, he said that he would have to think about a backdoor to take out someone bigger. He explained that he is not going to win HoH too often, so he needs to get someone big out when he does. Talla said that she would definitely put Gary up. Talla had let Andrew and AJ in on her conversation with Jillian the night before and she said that if they (Topaz/Gary/Alec/Peter) are the four and if we (Andrew/AJ/Talla/Jillian/Emmett) are the five, then she would probably put someone up from the other side, likely Topaz or Peter. Andrew said that he would nominate Gary and Topaz.

Talk then turned to who would go home if Alec and Topaz were nominated together. Andrew said that he would get rid of Topaz first because she hasn't done anything. AJ and Talla disagreed. Andrew said that when the time comes, they can discuss it. If they all agreed, he would be for getting rid of Alec. Talla explained that Alec is the glue that holds Peter and Topaz together. Talla credited Liza for teaching her this. She said that you need to split that up and then afterwards they can concern themselves with Topaz and whoever else.

Andrew and Jillian

Andrew made a somewhat rare effort to speak with Jillian herself, perhaps looking to pounce on a potential opportunity to work together after hearing that Talla had discussed a group of five with Jillian. Andrew let Jillian in on his plans to nominate Gary and Topaz. Jillian told Andrew that it would be a deadly move (in a good way). When asked if she would make the same nominations, Jillian said similar but not identical. She would go after Gary, but didn't seem too keen on nominating Topaz. Andrew and Jillian agreed that Gary needs to be the one to go next week. Andrew was concerned that Emmett would ignore Gary, opting to nominate Topaz and Talla instead. Jillian said that she has some influence with Emmett and would talk to him about it again.

Andrew also advised Jillian that she begin to think about who she wants to be in the Final 2 with. He said that she might want to take Emmett and that's understandable, but Emmett is a beast. He clarified that he was telling her this both as a friend and as a possible partner. The two discussed that they are not fans of floaters, particularly Topaz, and don't want to see them make it to the end. Andrew noted that he views Peter in the same light as Topaz, feeling that Peter has not done anything in the game. He said that he doesn't know where Alec and Peter stand, cause all they care about is not making people mad.

Alec, Peter and Emmett

The guys again debated who should go first, Topaz or Gary. There were plenty of pros and cons presented for each side. Emmett remained fairly set on getting Gary out before Topaz. Alec said that if Topaz leaves next week, it leaves Talla a target to go after (Gary). Andrew and Gary would also still be after each other. For this reason, Alec said that it may be best to take Topaz out over Gary next week. On the other hand, Alec noted that Gary is after Andrew and they would be screwing him over by leaving Gary in the game, so it may be best to take out Gary for that reason. Peter added that Gary is a capable individual that will release the wrath of hell if he wants to.

Peter said that he had ran the scenarios last night on who should go first and he had settled on Gary. Alec then said that they could cut a deal with Gary if he were the one to stay. Peter countered that by saying that Gary is someone that could be making deals all over the place, while they at least know where Topaz stands. The three guys shared a concern when it came to Talla. They don't have a good read on what she would do if she were to win HoH, and Emmett noted that even Talla probably doesn't know what she would do. They figured that Talla would probably nominate Emmett and Jillian or Emmett and Peter. Alec later told Emmett that if Emmett and Jillian ended up on the block together and nothing can be done to save Jillian, he would be fine with Emmett pulling Andrew in as his partner if he wanted.

Topaz and Alec

Topaz and Alec had a conversation in the HoH room prior to going to sleep. Topaz is set on taking Andrew out, while Alec tried to talk her out of it and pushed for Talla to go. Topaz said that Andrew is after Emmett, maybe Jillian. Alec asked why she wants him out if he is after those two. She said that Andrew wants to make a big move and a big move would be Emmett, Jillian or even Alec. Alec said that Andrew seems to be getting paranoid about him and he doesn't know why.

As for her second nomination, Alec pushed for Talla to go up. Topaz didn't really want to put Talla up, thinking that it would be a waste. She prefers that someone like Jillian goes if she can't take Andrew out. Alec said to just put Andrew and Talla up and then they can decide who goes later. Topaz was still hesitant about putting Talla up and even suggested that the best case scenario might be Talla winning HoH. Topaz said that Talla would likely put up Emmett and Jillian. Alec said that she would be expecting them to vote out Emmett though. Topaz said that they could vote Jillian out and Emmett wouldn't be upset with them that she is gone, cause it wasn't them that had put her up.

They also discussed Gary. Alec said that he is having trouble trusting Gary. Topaz told him that he should trust Gary and that there is no reason not to until at least the Final 4. Alec said that he just cant trust him and that he hasn't done anything for them. Topaz pointed out that he took out Tom for them during his HoH. Alec said that is true and he was by no means suggesting to get Gary out. Topaz said that he's just a little paranoid about Gary, Gary is a little paranoid about him and she is a little paranoid about Peter. Topaz reassured Alec that Gary would never go after him as long as she is in the house. She said that comes to her about everything and she would not let it happen. She also added that Gary is sick of pretty much everyone else in the house right now. Gary wants Andrew out, is irritated with Talla, thinks AJ does nothing and thinks Jillian is fake. With that in mind, Topaz was explaining that Alec is not on Gary's radar.

Another Task and a Power

Early this evening, AJ and Suzette gathered everyone in the living room to make an announcement. Suzette said that it was double date night with Suzette and AJ! She said that they needed to choose two houseguests to join them on a dressy dinner date. The dating companions could not be a couple that was currently in a showmance. AJ and Suzette chose Talla and Peter to join them on the dinner date, where they would be served steak and lobster. The remaining six houseguests needed to be assigned jobs for the dinner, and the task needed to be completed within two hours. The tasks were assigned as follows: Host- Emmett, Waiter- Alec, Chef- Jillian, Sous Chef- Andrew, Entertainers- Gary and Topaz.

While the feeds were down for the task, the six houseguests that were not participating in the double date were give the opportunity to win a power. It seems as though they were blindfolded and there was a pinata that contained a power. Gary won it and is now able to remove a player from next week's veto competition and replace that player with someone of his choosing. He told Suzette that nobody knows that he can literally take anyone out of the veto competition, not just the randomly selected players. He said that he can prevent the HoH or a nominee from playing in the veto competition if he so chooses. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. He has been playing it off to some that he can only remove a randomly selected player from the competition, not the HoH or nominees.

Gary told Suzette that, if he is nominated, he will use the power to take his fellow nominee out of the competition. This competition did not go on without a little bit of controversy, as some of the houseguests felt that Alec had tried to cheat. Jillian and Andrew were particularly bothered by whatever it was that happened. From what we can tell based on their conversations, Alec removed his blindfold when he was not supposed to and tried to take the power away from Gary. Evidently, Gary won it regardless.