Quiet day on the eve of another eviction

March 27, 2013

A Look Back at Day 35 in the Big Brother Canada House

Following a Tuesday filled with game talk, it was a quiet Wednesday in the Big Brother Canada house. There were only a couple of big game related discussions. Emmett and Jillian had a long chat in the hot tub. Emmett told Jillian that they don't have to worry about Alec and Peter. He told Jillian that he is going to the end with Alec and Peter, that she is coming along with him and that the guys know that. Jillian didn't understand why Alec and Peter would be okay with that, but Emmett explained that he is helping to protect them and that the two duos will battle it out in the Final 4. Emmett told Jillian that he is confident that they can beat the guys if it came down to that. The topic of discussion then shifted to Gary. Emmett told Jillian that he feels their weakest relationship is with Gary and that he, Alec and Peter have been debating who should go first between Gary and Topaz.

Jillian was happy to hear this, as she thought that she was alone in thinking that Gary is a big concern. Emmett said that Gary is likely out there making deals with everyone. Jillian added that Gary wants to make big moves, such as taking the two of them out, and thus her worst fear is Gary winning HoH. Emmett said that he is concerned with Talla. Jillian let him in on the fact that Talla has been pointing out the four on the other side (Alec/Peter/Topaz/Gary) and wants to go after them. Emmett told Jillian that Talla can't be trusted and her word is shit, but to continue talking to her. Jillian did later talk to Talla, and Talla expressed her concern about Gary winning HoH and potentially going after Emmett and Jillian.

Talla told Jillian that it would be good if she or Emmett won HoH, cause then they would be able to control the votes. Assuming that they work as a five, they would have 4 votes from Talla, AJ, Andrew and whichever of Emmett and Jillian is not the HoH. This would be enough to evict the person of their choosing. Talla told Jillian that tomorrow they have to put their game face on and they are going to win no matter what. She said that she will not be afraid to make a move on threats to people that are her people, noting that Jillian is one of her people.

Peter quickly spoke with Emmett, letting him know about a conversation that he had with Gary. Peter said that Gary told him that if he wins HoH he will be trying to take out physical competitors. Specifically, Peter said that Gary told him that his hit list, in order, is 1) Andrew, 2) Emmett and 3) Jillian. He also told Emmett that Gary made it clear that he does not want a girl to go home next week. With all of this in mind, Peter said that Gary needs to be the target next week. Peter was already leaning that way as of yesterday, but the new info seemingly solidified his thoughts on the matter. Emmett was also already in favour of taking out Gary, so you can bet that he will be on board with taking Gary out if the opportunity presents itself.

The final big game talk of the night occurred between Alec and Topaz. Their feelings in terms of who needs to go haven't changed much from yesterday. However, Alec mentioned that if he put his secret alliance with Gary aside, he would think that Gary needs to be the next to go. Alec is concerned with Gary's behaviour, particularly that he is always hanging out with Suzette. Topaz says that Gary isn't going anywhere any time soon. Alec said that hanging out with Suzette, the one who reeks of death, is going to cause everyone around her to reek of death. He told Topaz to trust him and that the worst thing that Gary could be doing is hanging out with the person that is walking out the door. Topaz and Alec failed to come to an agreement on the matter, perhaps because Topaz told Gary that it would be fine if he talks to Suzette. Either way, it seems as though Alec is planting the seeds to be able to say "I told you so" if and when Gary is targeted next week.

Suzette's game is likely to finally come to an end tomorrow night, something that seemed like a sure bet to happen just a couple of short weeks ago. Expect things to get more exciting as the new week begins, given that there will be a little more uncertainty in terms of what will happen.