Suzette sent packing, Topaz wins HoH

March 28, 2013

A Look Back at Day 36 in the Big Brother Canada House

It was just two weeks ago that Canada used their Power of Veto to save Suzette from her inevitable eviction. Tonight, her luck ran out. Suzette was evicted by a vote of 6-1, with Gary being the lone vote to evict AJ. The result was expected, as it was the house's goal to take her out as soon as Alec won HoH.

Topaz is the new HoH. Over the past couple of days, Topaz has discussed with Alec that she wants Andrew out of the house. She has mentioned nominating Andrew and AJ. Alec always tried to talk her out of it and would suggest that she nominate Andrew and Talla, knowing that he could get the guys to save Andrew. Topaz's other major ally, Gary, is also in favour of taking out Andrew. It will be interesting to see what route Topaz decides to go, given the conflicting agendas of her two major allies.

The live feeds will be down until after Sunday night's episode, as there will be a SURPRISE EVICTION! We will likely see an eviction take place on Sunday's episode, with another coming on Thursday's episode.