Andrew keeps the nominations the same

April 1, 2013

A Look Back at Day 40 in the Big Brother Canada House

Topaz and Alec Agree to End their Showmance

After all of the late night drama last night surrounding Talla getting into bed with Alec, it was finally time for Topaz and Alec to talk. Topaz came clean about her locket being from her sister, telling Alec that she had lied to Talla and Jillian about it being from a guy. Topaz said that Alec been acting fake. Alec said that it was only yesterday when he found out about that locket, cause he felt like a fool. He told Topaz that he was open to it, but never thought that he would actually have a real connection in this place.

Alec said that this whole thing is a weird situation cause he doesn't know what to do. He said that he doesn't know what's game and what's not. He admitted that he has genuine feelings for her that are now mixed up. He told Topaz that the Big Brother house is not a healthy place for a relationship, especially when Topaz has someone waiting at home for her. Topaz told him that there is no guy waiting for her back home. Even that wasn't enough for Alec, as he told her that the showmance angle has to end. He said that they can pick things back up when they get out of the house and into the jury house where there is no lying. They agreed to end the showmance, but left the door open for something between them once they are done with the game.

As for their game relationship, Topaz questioned whether Alec even wants her there any more at this point. She said that she feels that Alec is so confused with her that he prefers that she leaves. She noted that Alec claims that he is fighting for her to stay, but she doesn't believe it. She feels that there is too much of a roller coaster of emotions and that he doesn't care if she stays. Alec told her that people are shut off to the idea of keeping her. That statement couldn't have done anything to help Alec's cause with Topaz as, last night, Talla had already told Topaz that she was staying.

Topaz said that she should be the one to stay, because all that she needs are votes from Alec, Peter and Talla. She noted that she could say that the three of them are assholes if she ends up leaving, seeing as they had the ability to control the vote and were supposed to be on her side. Topaz said that she doesn't want to hear that the HoH makes the decision on who goes, but Alec said that Andrew does kind of get the final call. Topaz told him that it doesn't work that way and to look at her HoH reign. Alec told her that he will do what he feels is right. He says that he wants her to stay but doesn't want his game to be ruined the rest of the way by making the wrong decision. Topaz pleaded with him to be open with her from now on. She said that she is tired of having to read between the lines. Even if Alec was playing her the entire time, she said that she will say that he played a good game. She told him that he will have her vote in the Final 2 no matter what and that she would take him to the Final 2 no matter what.

After speaking with Alec, Topaz reported back to Gary. She quickly went over everything that was said, telling him that Alec does not want her to leave but that the house does. Topaz then told Talla about her conversation with Alec, letting her know that the two of them came to terms with the fact that they have feelings for one another but should just be friends for now. Topaz turned her attention to her plan to have Emmett backdoored. She did not make much progress at all in putting that plan into place. Talla saw where Topaz was coming from, but just couldn't see the situation playing itself out that way.

Topaz was frustrated with Andrew because Alec told her that he saved Andrew because he said that he would be going after Emmett and Jillian if he won HoH, which is obviously not the case. Topaz said that she was sleeping for the whole game, not wanting to win HoH, and then woke up and won HoH, and it backfired. Topaz said that next time she would give HoH to Talla, but Talla has to make a big move. Talla agreed and told her that, this week, she will have her vote no matter what, even if there is a twist and someone else goes up next to her. Talla also said that Andrew, Emmett and Alec see Gary as a threat so there is no reason for things to change, and Gary should go before her.

Andrew, Talla, Emmett and Jillian

The four person alliance of Andrew, Talla, Emmett and Jillian appears to be staying together, at least for the time being. Talla let Andrew know that Topaz really wants to get Emmett out and was questioning why Andrew wouldn't make that move. Andrew replied by asking why Topaz didn't do it herself when she was HoH. Andrew reiterated that the two of them need to stick together. He told her that they can be a strong two and that she is the only person that he trusts.

Talla said that when she gets power Andrew will have nothing to worry about. She promised that she will never turn her back on Andrew, and said that Andrew better not turn his back on her or else she will destroy him in jury. Andrew then tried to get through to Talla that they need to stick with Emmett and Jillian. He told her to remember what they were talking about when AJ was there, the three stooges and Emmett and Jillian. He pointed out that they are a four and there are only three left on the other side once Gary goes home.

Andrew asked Talla if she thinks that Alec and Peter will take her, and told her that they wont because they are so tight. Talla told Andrew that Topaz told her that her break up Alec was fake and for the game. Andrew was not surprised, stating that it was pretty obvious to him. He said that Topaz, Alec and Peter are a three. Andrew noted that if they really want to make that big move that they keep talking about, they will likely nominate him and Emmett.

Andrew said that Alec loved his HoH because all he had to do was nominate Suzette, yet he is being criticized for not making a big move when he is taking out Gary. Andrew called Talla a "power player in waiting", telling her that she will win the next HoH. He told her that they have backup in Emmett and Jillian as well. Andrew said that he and Emmett are similar in that they want to win every competition that they play in, while Alec and Peter don't want to win anything because they don't want any blood on their hands.

Andrew then told Emmett and Jillian that he spoke with Talla and discussed the four again, but didn't mention the three (Andrew/Emmett/Jillian). He said that he and Talla are tight. Andrew then said that he would not be using the veto, which would leave three of them (Alec/Peter/Topaz) and four of "us" (Andrew/Talla/Emmett/Jillian). Andrew likes their chances of being able to win against the three on the other side. As for the plan moving forward, Emmett said that he sees how dangerous Alec is but is concerned about the idea of Topaz staying too long. Emmett also mentioned that they can't count Peter out because he could be throwing all of the competitions and might turn it on when he needs to.

The Veto Ceremony and the Subsequent Party

Things went as expected at the veto ceremony. Andrew chose not to use the Power of Veto, leaving Gary and Topaz as the nominees. Following the veto ceremony the houseguests were rewarded with "girlie drinks", as that is what Canada voted for them to receive. Everyone was having a good time drinking out by the hot tub. Talla had a bit too much to drink. Peter decided to help bring her back into the house and to the bathroom. Talla could barely stand on her own.

Big Brother Canada Talla Drunk

Peter guided her into the house and then eventually decided to carry her the rest of the way to the bathroom.

Big Brother Canada Talla Drunk

He helped her get in there and then asked her if she was okay. Talla did not respond. She had decided to lay down on the floor in the bathroom and had passed out. The feeds were cut for over two hours after this, but Talla was sound asleep in her bed when they returned.