Loyalties become clearer, as the houseguests look ahead

April 2, 2013

A Look Back at Day 41 in the Big Brother Canada House

Loyalties are Becoming Clearer

There are currently four pairs in the house: Alec and Peter, Emmett and Jillian, Gary and Topaz and Andrew and Talla. Gary is on his way out on Thursday, which will leave Topaz on the outside. The consensus around the house is that Topaz needs to go next week after Gary leaves this week. As for the other three pairs, Emmett and Jillian seem to have positioned themselves the best. Both Peter and Alec and Andrew and Talla have plans to go to the final four with Emmett and Jillian.

The alliance of Emmett, Jillian, Andrew and Talla is the one that has been at the forefront this week. The main trust issue has been between Emmett and Talla. Emmett told Andrew that people were again telling Talla that he is after her and that she was buying it. He said that Talla cant be trusted. Andrew told him that they don't have any other options. Andrew explained that Talla wont get anywhere with the other side, while she could potentially get to the Final 4 with them. He also said that Talla could be used as the sacrificial lamb if needed. For example, if Topaz were to go next week and then Alec were to win HoH and nominate Talla with any one of the three (Andrew/Emmett/Jillian), the other two could vote to evict Talla.

Peter approached Talla and told her that if she is looking for someone to trust in the game, he can be the guy. That being said, he told her that he would need to use her as a pawn next week in order to get Topaz out of the house. Peter said that it would be a sign of his trust in her that he knows that she can handle that position and understand that she is in no way a target. He explained that if he were to put up Jillian, people would push for him to nominate Emmett if Topaz were to win PoV.

Peter said that nominating Emmett is not something that he was willing to do. Talla asked Peter if he was scared to nominate Emmett. Peter said that he's not scared. He explained that Emmett and Jillian are a cohesive block and would vote together. He knows that they would vote to evict Topaz, so they are valuable to have as votes. Peter told Talla that she should prepare herself for the possibility of being a pawn next week no matter who is HoH, but that he wanted to be upfront with her about his intentions.

Talla told Jillian that Gary had said that there has been an alliance between Emmett, Jillian, Alec and Peter since Day 1. Jillian brushed that off. Talla asked if Jillian would rather get Alec and Peter out and go to the Final 4 with her and Andrew. Jillian said yes. Talla then asked if Emmett would want that. Jillian again said yes. Talla told Jillian that she knows who she is committed to (Andrew/Jillian/Emmett) and that nothing is going to change that unless Emmett throws her out of the house.

Talla then met with Andrew and caught him up on what she had heard throughout the day. She said that she doesn't know if Alec is being 100% honest with her about Topaz. Andrew agreed. They have a feeling that Alec and Topaz are still together or, at the very least, could easily get back together. As for Peter telling her that she would go up as a pawn, Andrew explained that he was doing that because he was scared of putting up Emmett, Jillian or himself in case they were to win the following HoH. Talla feels that Peter was trying to sway her because he is scared that she will be after him. Andrew said that Alec and Peter think that they have got everyone fooled but they don't. He feels that they are throwing the competitions in order to avoid getting blood on their hands.

Talla mentioned that Gary said that there is an alliance of four between Emmett, Jillian, Alec and Peter, but Andrew dismissed that idea. Talla didn't seem to think much of it either, and told Andrew that Jillian looked at her and said that the four is her, Talla, Andrew and Emmett. Andrew told Talla that Emmett is still nervous about her for some reason. He told Talla not to listen to what the others are saying about Emmett being after her, because they are solid as a four. Talla said that she would go talk to Emmett and let him know that he is not on her radar. She said that she is with Andrew, Jillian and, through Jillian, Emmett.

Talla immediately went and spoke with Emmett and Jillian, telling them that she is committed to them and Andrew. She said that whether or not Emmett wants her in the group, she's in it and is committed and wont be changing her mind. She explained that Peter plans on using her as a pawn and she cannot trust Alec, so there is no reason for her to change her mind. She said that Emmett is Alec's biggest threat in the game, so why would Emmett want to keep him in longer than her. Emmett told her that he understands and that they are cool. Talla said that's good because she is not changing her mind.

Planning Ahead

Gary still believes that he will be staying this week. Topaz told him that she thinks that she can stay if Alec wants her to, but she feels that he would rather she just leave. Topaz said that Alec would not be able to stay away from her and that they would look like a showmance again, so Alec would likely rather move on from that now so that he does not have to hold back. Emmett later helped Gary shave his head, and Gary used the opportunity to get some game talk in. Gary told Emmett that it was Topaz that went to Andrew to try to get Emmett backdoored. He said that he didn't try to stop her because he knew that no one would bite on that plan.

Gary asked if he should nominate Alec if he wins HoH. Emmett said it would depend on whether or not he thinks that he can work with Alec. Gary said that it would be nice if he could, but then quickly changed his mind and said that he cant after what Alec did to Topaz. Gary said that he would nominate Alec and Peter, with Peter being the pawn. Emmett said that's a big move and would piss Alec off, but it's the way to go if he decides that he cant work with Alec. Gary plans to explain that he is going after Alec as a way to avenge Topaz, which is something that he also mentioned to Topaz herself. Gary told Topaz that he is trying to get Emmett to work with him and is trying to get Alec out of the house for both he and Topaz. Lastly, Gary told Emmett that now that Topaz is gone, he wants it to be him and Emmett in the Final 2. He said that Emmett might not want to hear that seeing as he is there with someone (Jillian), but that's what he wants.

Emmett later told both Alec and Peter about Gary's plans to nominate them and target Alec. Given that Gary is going anyway, it wasn't a huge concern to them. They figured that Gary would say that he is after Emmett if they were to talk to him. The three discussed that Topaz needs to go next week unless she wins HoH or PoV. Alec didn't like the idea of leaving their fate up to hoping that Topaz doesn't win, preferring that they get Topaz on their side. Emmett said that she can't be trusted and it wouldn't do anything to tell her that Gary is leaving. Alec suggested that it would prevent two of them from getting nominated against each other. Emmett was also concerned that Gary would then go spread rumours if he knows that he's going. Alec and Peter played that down, saying that Gary is gone regardless and there isn't much that he could say.

Talk then turned to the plans for after both Gary and Topaz are gone. Alec seemed to be in favour of bringing Andrew to the Final 5 over Talla. Emmett said that he has been talking to Andrew quite a bit lately, so they could take him if the guys wanted to. Peter's argument for taking Talla was that she is easier to beat. Peter then said that if Andrew were to win that HoH they could push for Emmett and Jillian to be nominated and they could just vote out Jillian, taking Andrew to the Final 4 instead.

Peter and Alec both noted that they would prefer to bring Jillian to the Final 4 though. Peter said that he feels that there is a better chance of making that Final 4 happen if Talla, rather than Andrew, is the 5th. Peter and Alec later got some time alone with Andrew in the HoH room. Alec asked Andrew what he would do if he won HoH at the Final 5. Andrew hadn't thought about it yet. Alec revealed that he would likely nominate Emmett and Jillian, which is some info that Andrew could potentially use to his advantage later on in the game when the time is right.

Everything is currently on track for Gary to be evicted by a vote of 5-0 on Thursday. The house is also currently in agreement that Topaz needs to be the one that leaves next week. If things were to play out that way it would begin to get quite interesting. People would then be forced to start drawing lines in the sand and revealing their hands, but there is plenty of time for things to change in the days ahead.

Non-Game Related Events

This afternoon, all eight houseguests were called to the diary room, one at a time, until they were all in there. The houseguests spent some time answering questions from the fans. Here is a picture of a bunch of them watching Talla enter the diary room. She was shocked to see them all in there when she entered and, as usual, tripped herself up upon entry.

This evening, Gary had Jillian wax his chest. It was quite the spectacle for the rest of the house. Everyone was in the bathroom watching as Gary screamed in pain.