Houseguests discuss their plans for the week ahead

April 3, 2013

A Look Back at Day 42 in the Big Brother Canada House

Day 42 was filled with game talk, as everyone prepared for the week ahead. With the HoH competition just a day away, the houseguests became more open about their plans. Rather than taking the easy route and saying that they would target Topaz, a number of houseguests revealed that they have a different target in mind. Here is a recap of some of of the more prominent conversations that took place throughout the day:

The Sheyld

Peter told Alec that if one of them wins HoH, they bring in Jillian and Emmett and say we're supposed to be the Final 4, so we need to create an environment that gives us the highest possible chance of ensuring that's possible. Peter said that they will then ask who of the remaining three people are the largest threat, suggesting Andrew. That way Peter and Alec can see if Emmett and Jillian are hesitant to take out Andrew. Alec said to Peter that there is no doubt in his mind that Emmett and Jillian are connected with Andrew and that Andrew would take Emmett and Jillian over them. Alec said that Emmett would probably take Andrew over them as well. Peter told Alec that they would then need to get rid of Andrew. Alec said that if Peter wins HoH, he and Talla could be the votes and then Peter could break the tie. They were unsure if Talla would actually vote to evict Andrew if he was on the block next to Topaz.

Peter said that "Andrew has become this middle piece that needs to be moved out of the game." Alec suggested that they could get Jillian on the block and tell Emmett that they were getting concerned about Andrew and had to ensure his vote. Peter said that he doesn't want Andrew to get into a 5th place scenario and then it becomes 3 (Emmett/Jillian/Andrew) on 2 (Peter/Alec) against them. Yesterday, Peter told Talla that he would use her as a pawn. Alec mentioned to Peter that Talla said she didn't get why Andrew couldn't be a pawn. Peter said that he can use that to his advantage in order to get Andrew on the block by telling him that Talla is uncomfortable with being a pawn, so he is the only other option.

Alec told Peter that they could then monitor the situation throughout the week and he could pull Topaz off the block if he won veto, making Jillian go up as the replacement nominee. Peter told Alec that it would be a bold move, but Alec said that it has to happen. Peter said that Emmett would have some animosity towards then. Alec agreed, but noted that it would still be in his best interest to work with them. Peter added that "them as a pair are fine, but as a trio at this point in the game, it becomes difficult to negotiate." Peter told Alec that they really have to win tomorrow, for once, but Alec said that it may not be necessary if they are able to bring in Talla and Topaz right now. Alec eventually told Talla of his plans, mentioning that he may go the route of nominating Andrew and Topaz, with the Topaz being the pawn. He also mentioned other potential nominations, including other members of Talla's alliance. Alec made what could be viewed as a mistake when he told Talla that he feels that he can trust Topaz. Talla has been losing in trust in Alec because she has felt that he was lying about not being with Topaz, and this would seem to confirm her theory.

Emmett, Andrew, Jillian and Talla

The various members of the alliance spoke on many occasions throughout the day. Andrew told Emmett that he had come up with a name for his three person alliance with Emmett and Jillian, referring to them as the "Beast Coast" alliance. Still paranoid about a potential twist that would save Gary, Andrew laid out his plan for if that were to happen. He had previously stated that he would nominate Peter, but he has now changed his mind. Andrew wants to nominate and target Alec if there is a twist. He said that they have to split up Alec and Topaz, and Alec is a much bigger threat. Emmett said that he couldn't see Peter sticking with Topaz if Alec were to go, making it likely that Peter would come and work with them.

Andrew later let Jillian in on his plans in the event a twist. Andrew wonders if Peter and Alec can see that he is in an alliance with Emmett and Jillian. He said that he doesn't care if they can see it, because they can draw a line in the sand and go at each other. He said that the game is completely numbers based and they have the 4 on 3 advantage. Andrew told Jillian that Peter would be too scared to nominate him and Emmett. He guessed that Peter would nominate both he and Topaz as "pawns". He then backtracked once Jillian mentioned that Alec and Peter likely have a Final 3 with Topaz. Andrew feels that Peter and Alec would be stupid to take Topaz out next week. Talla eventually confirmed that Andrew was right in his initial thoughts, telling him that Alec is considering nominating Andrew and Topaz, with Topaz being the pawn.

Andrew made it clear to both Emmett and Jillian that he is not a fan of Peter's game play. Andrew said that he has given it his all in every competition, while Peter sits back and lets everyone else do his dirty work. He told Emmett that he would rather go to the end with him and Jillian than with Alec and Peter. Similarly, he told Jillian that they will stick together until the Final 4 and can then battle it out. Andrew told Jillian that he would understand if she wanted to keep Talla over him at that point, but Jillian said that she wouldn't because her and Talla have the same strengths and she also wants the east coast alliance to make it to the end together.

Talla let Jillian know that Topaz said that she will not trust Jillian again. She made that statement because she thinks that Jillian told Emmett about her locket being from a guy back home, something that made it's way back to Alec. Emmett claims that all he said to Alec is that one of his buddies back home bought a necklace like that for a girl. Talla again reiterated her plans to stick with the four. She mentioned that the other side is going to try to get her, but she's staying with her alliance and they will have a four on three advantage. Talla has lost trust in Alec because he keeps trying to say that he's not with Topaz any longer, but she believes that he is. Talla also begun floating around the idea of targeting Alec next week. Emmett advised Talla to pretend that she is with the other side for now so that she can gather info from them.

While Andrew and Talla don't have much choice but to stick with Emmett and Jillian for at least the near future, Emmett and Jillian will have their options. Being in with both sides of the house, the two will soon be faced with the tough decision of picking a side. Emmett and Andrew have seemingly become very close of late, but Emmett told Jillian that Andrew keeps mentioning that it's a game. Emmett takes that to mean that Andrew would have no problem cutting him when necessary, so he is hesitant when it comes to fully trusting Andrew. He even hinted that he may trust Talla more than Andrew.

Alec and Topaz

Alec has begun trying to reel Topaz back in. He told Topaz that next week he's going to tell Andrew that he's the target. If Andrew wins PoV, Emmett can go up. He added that Andrew would be his target even if Gary were to stay, because he doesn't trust Andrew and sees how close he's getting with Emmett and Jillian. Alec wants to win HoH and prove to Topaz and Talla that they can trust him. Topaz told him that he doesn't have to prove anything and that she trusts him already since she has no one else to trust.

Alec says that it's in their best interest to hope that they can trust Talla. He doesnt think that Talla has a very strong relationship with Emmett and Jillian at all. Topaz said that Talla is planning on putting up Emmett and Andrew. Alec asked if that's what Topaz wants. She said that it would be fine with her cause she wants Andrew gone. Topaz wondered if Alec had decided to keep her because Gary is gunning for him. Alec said that he was keeping Topaz the whole time and that Andrew's target was Gary, but he did not want Gary to find out.

Topaz mentioned that Talla is another one that can go, but that Jillian and Emmett eventually need to be broken up though. Alec says that he trusts Talla more than he trusts Emmett and Jillian. Topaz trusts Talla too and that is why she didn't put her up. Alec said that if Topaz is comfortable with Talla, then that is all that he needs to hear.

As for tomorrow night's eviction, Gary is still on his way out the door. Emmett briefly considered trying to make a play to get Topaz out of the house, but ultimately decided not to. Jillian told him that Gary is onto their alliance with Andrew , and would expose them to Peter and Alec. This would only strengthen the other side, so Jillian felt that they should stick to the plan and take out Gary. Anything other than a 5-0 vote to evict Gary would be a surprise at this point. In terms of next week's targets, Andrew and Talla appear to going after Alec. Topaz, Peter and Alec would like to see Andrew leave the house. Emmett and Jillian seem likely to play it safe, at least until after they see what happens with the veto, and target Topaz to avoid having to choose between their alliances.