Jillian wins HoH, The Sheyld is in danger

April 4, 2013

A Look Back at Day 43 in the Big Brother Canada House

As expected, by a vote of 5-0, Gary was evicted from the Big Brother house. Gary joins AJ as the first two members of the jury. The HoH competition is an endurance competition, so the show ended without revealing a winner.

After the feeds returned and we found out that Jillian had won HoH, Topaz and Alec were seen talking in the have-not room. Topaz revealed that she and Jillian were the final two houseguests remaining in the endurance competition and that she had made a deal with Jillian. Topaz told Alec that they discussed keeping each other and their partners (Emmett and Alec) safe. She also said that they agreed on Andrew and Talla being the nominees. Alec and Topaz both want Andrew out this week. Alec felt that they should go to Talla and promise her safety after nominations. He wants to solidify her as their fourth alliance member. While Topaz agreed that Talla can be valuable to them, she did not think that it would be smart to be telling her that she is safe. Topaz is worried that Talla would bring this back to Jillian and then Jillian could use one of them as a replacement nominee because of it.

Emmett and Jillian briefly touched base, with Jillian telling him that she heard that Alec and Topaz were going to nominate them. Emmett thought that it was likely true. Jillian explained that she made a deal with Topaz and could not put her up. She was adamant that she would not go back on her word. Emmett said that she can still put Alec up. It was at this point that Jillian revealed that she is planning on nominating Alec and Peter.

Alec let Peter know of the deal that Topaz had made with Jillian. The Sheyld was feeling good about themselves, noting that things could not be going any better. Alec said that if Talla were to win PoV, they need Topaz to go up to ensure that Andrew leaves. Alec also noted that it is a good thing that he got back together with Topaz, because she fought to keep them safe. Emmett joined the conversation and Alec filled him in on the deal that Topaz had told him about. Emmett said that didn't have much time to speak with Jillian yet, so he didn't know about it.

Upon finding out that a deal was reached to nominate Andrew and Talla, Emmett told Alec that he doesn't think that Jillian would nominate Talla. He said that those two seem to talk a lot. Emmett asked what Topaz would have done if she had won HoH. Alec said that her target was Andrew, so she either would have nominated Andrew and Talla or Andrew and Emmett. Emmett asked Alec if he's back together with Topaz. He said that he feels that Topaz is back on his side and would do the things that he would push her to do, but she is not 100% back with him. Alec wants Topaz to be there next week, as he is concerned that leaving Andrew and Talla together would be dangerous. Alec said that he has no problem cutting Topaz at Final 5. He said that he has done it before and he is not in to Topaz.

While Alec claims to be fine with cutting Topaz, he advised Emmett not to replace Jillian with Andrew in their Final 4. Alec was slightly concerned that Jillian was not feeling great about her Final 4 deal with the three guys. As for who they want to go this week, Alec said that Andrew can win things and prevent them from getting to the Final 4. He said that Talla is only good in endurance competitions. Emmett pointed out that Talla did well in the veto. Alec eventually said that he doesn't care who goes this week, but the remaining one has to go up against Topaz next week.

Emmett then went back up to the HoH room to talk to Jillian. He asked if she had told Topaz that she would nominate Talla and Andrew. Jillian said "no, we didn't make a deal about that at all." Jillian said that she asked Topaz who she would nominate, and she said Talla and Andrew. Emmett said that's bullshit and that Alec just told him that Topaz would have nominated him with Andrew. Emmett let Jillian know that Alec thinks that she is nominating Andrew and Talla. Jillian said that she had to say in order to get Topaz to drop. She asked if that was okay. Emmett said that this is Big Brother and you can lie. Jillian again mentioned nominating Alec and Peter. Emmett told her that he will have to beat Alec in the veto competition.

Emmett and Jillian are not on the same page when it comes to Talla. Jillian has bonded with Talla and told Emmett that she is the girl that she has decided to work with in this game. Jillian explained that Talla is in Emmett's alliance and they need her. Emmett said that she is not in the alliance and is on the outside. Emmett said that he is nice to Talla but that she drives him insane. Jillian told him that once they put Peter and Alec up, they will be out of the group and will need Talla. Emmett told her to justify her nominations by saying that Talla is her only girlfriend in the house, so she didn't want to nominate her and also couldn't go back on her word with Topaz. Jillian was fine with Emmett pinning the nominations on her in order to stay close with the guys. If one of the guys wins the PoV, Jillian said that they could possibly use Andrew as a pawn seeing as Andrew himself mentioned that it was an option. Jillian plans on sticking with her alliance, and told Emmett that it would be deadly if they were to make it to the Final 3 with Andrew.

Jillian later got a chance to speak with Andrew and Talla, and she told them that their four is never going to change. Jillian revealed that the plan is to nominate Alec and Peter. She asked them if she should nominate Topaz as the replacement nominee if one of them wins PoV. Andrew and Talla said yes. They said that going back on her word to Topaz is different and that they know that she wouldn't do it to them. When Topaz got a chance to speak with Jillian alone, Jillian ensured her that she can sleep easy because she will not be nominated. However, Jillian did tell Topaz that she is close with Andrew and is not so sure that she wants to nominate him. Jillian hinted that she may nominate Peter. Topaz tried to talk her out of it by saying that Andrew can win things while Peter hasn't won a thing. Jillian said that she will talk to everyone tomorrow and figure it out. Talla ended up sleeping in the HoH room with Jillian. Jillian let her know that Alec is the target this week because he is the stronger competitor. Talla said that Alec is a threat to the others in their alliance, so she wants Alec out.