The target on Alec's back grows

April 5, 2013

A Look Back at Day 44 in the Big Brother Canada House

There was plenty of game talk throughout the day, as the houseguests looked to position themselves correctly in order to avoid going on the block this week. Here is a recap of the more prominent conversations that took place throughout the day.

Peter and Alec

Last night Jillian revealed that she planned on nominating Alec and Peter. She eventually hinted to Topaz that she was thinking about nominating Peter, seeing as she was opposed to nominating Andrew. Today, Alec and Peter discussed what would happen if either of them were nominated. Alec said that they would go full force at Jillian next week if she puts them on the block, because it would be a sign that she is not committed to the Final 4. Peter agreed, saying that if they have a Final 4 there is no reason for her not to put Andrew on the block.

Emmett and Jillian

Jillian and Emmett discussed their plans for the week. Emmett said that he and Alec were close the whole game, but he doesn't really care if Alec leaves. Emmett feels that Alec is using him as a shield so that people will come after him first. He told Jillian to explain that she has had the least amount of communication with Alec, and that's why she is nominating him. Emmett said that she can tell them that he will be pissed off, but it's time for her to start thinking about her own game. He would then tell Alec and Peter that he would rather bring Andrew to the Final 4 over Jillian. Topaz's name was thrown around as a potential replacement nominee, but Jillian made it clear that Alec is her target. She said that Alec has the showmance and the bromance, so he is right in the middle of the other side. Emmett told her that it's the right move. He said that he doesn't tell Alec and Peter much anymore because "information is power in this house and if you give it all away you have no power."

Jillian and Alec

Alec then made his way up to the HoH room to have a long conversation with Jillian, one that would set the tone for the rest of the day. Alec began by admitting that for her own game, Jillian should not be targeting Andrew this week. Jillian agreed. Jillian said that she promised to keep Topaz safe. Alec cut in and said "and me safe." Jillian was non-committal to that. Alec let her know that he has been working with Peter to keep her and Emmett safe this entire time. Jillian said that he never talks to her, while she feels the safest with Andrew (after Emmett, of course).

Alec understood, saying that Jillian, Andrew and Emmett all live close together and that Andrew would probably put up him and Topaz, so it's not best for her game to target him. He suggested that Jillian nominate Andrew as a pawn next to Talla. Alec said that Andrew will be safe because they will keep him. Furthermore, Alec said that the main thing is that he and Peter remain safe cause, since Tom left, they have worked to keep Jillian and their Final 4 safe. Alec made a pitch for Talla to be the target, saying that the biggest threat to Jillian in this game is Talla cause she thinks that her biggest threats are himself, Jillian and Emmett. He added that, due to his relationship with Topaz, he doubts that Talla would nominate him and that only leaves Emmett and Jillian to go up.

Alec said that Topaz would have to go up in Andrew vetoes himself, cause you cant be sure that Topaz would vote to evict Talla. Jillian did not even want to use Andrew as a pawn, leaving her to choose between nominating Alec or Peter. Upon hearing this, Alec said that he is committed to the Final 4 with Peter, Emmett and Jillian and also said that Peter is committed to it as well. He told Jillian that this is not a good way to run an HoH, leaving everyone worrying. He had the following advice for her:

"You need to get it out as soon as possible so nobody has any doubts in their mind. I'm a human being. The longer it takes me to hear from you that I'm safe, the longer I start to twist and plot what I do next week. Honestly, if I feel this Final 4 isn't happening, I have a lot of other options to go to."

Jillian told Alec that she trusts Andrew more than she trusts this Final 4. Alec replied by saying that if he does go on the block and goes home, Jillian is going to have two people very angry at her. She is going to have Topaz angry at her and she is going to have Peter angry at her. Alec said that if she trusts Emmett, then she should trust he and Peter cause they have been working with Emmett since long before the Final 4 was made. He understood that Jillian needs Andrew on her side to make it a 3 on 3 battle in terms of perception. He claimed that he would nominate Topaz and Andrew if he were to win HoH. Even though he wants Andrew to go home, Alec continued to push for Talla to be the target because he felt that it doesn't make sense to get rid of Andrew for Jillian's game.

While Alec understood Jillian's reluctance to take out Andrew, he felt that Jillian could still use him as a pawn. He said that it's better to lose Andrew's trust than to lose the trust of he, Peter and Topaz. As for the possibility of peter being nominated, Alec had this to say:

"If he (Peter) went home, EVERYTHING would be off. If Peter went home, all bets are off. I'd no longer trust you, I'd no longer trust Emmett. I'd likely work with Talla and Topaz."

Alec went on to say that he would take Peter off the block if he were to win the PoV and that Peter would do the same if the roles are reversed. He told Jillian that in the scenario where Andrew and Talla are on the block, she doesn't have to worry about anyone but the nominees using the veto, cause there will be four people playing that will leave the nominations the same. Alec gave Jillian his word that he will not nominate her next week. He said that Andrew and Topaz will be his nominees. If one of them were to win the PoV, Alec said that Emmett would be the replacement nominee but would not go home. He reiterated that he is committed to the Final 4 with Jillian, Emmett and Peter.

Jillian and Emmett

Jillian was not impressed with how Alec approached their conversation. She told Emmett that Alec was threatening and kept going back and forth from saying that he wanted to work with her as part of a Final 4 alliance to threatening her. Emmett's advice for Jillian was that she can basically just say I wanted to talk to you and see if we could work something out, but you threatened me the entire time that we were up there. Emmett said to tell Alec that you don't think there is anything left to say, and you're going to throw him and Peter up. He added that Jillian can say that she didn't want to put up Peter, but you did this, you threatened me. Emmett told her that she can even say that Alec tried to make a Final 4 with them and Peter and threw Topaz under the bus, so he cant be trusted.

Emmett continued on, saying "Honestly, that's you're excuse right there. He (Alec) dug his own grave. Say you wanted to talk scenarios and he just threatened you. Say just for that you cant trust him. If he talks to me I'm going to say I'm actually kinda pissed that you threatened her. You shouldn't have done that." Jillian told Emmett that Alec said that he would put up Topaz and gave her his word. Jillian wasn't buying it at all, calling Alec a lying sack of shit. "How is he a social psychologist? He doesn't know when to stop. He doesn't know when to shut up." Emmett told Jillian that she should talk to Talla and reiterate that Alec and Topaz are throwing her under the bus. Emmett asked Jillian if she would rather take Peter to the Final 4 than Talla. Jillian said she would, and Emmett agreed.

Alec and Topaz

Just as Jillian reported back to Emmett, Alec reported back to Topaz. Alec told her that he believes that Talla is Jillian's target but she doesn't know who to nominate next to Talla because she doesn't want to lose Andrew's trust. He let Topaz know that Jillian tried saying that she didn't promise that the partners, he and Emmett, would be safe. Topaz said that Jillian did. Topaz said that the deals were that she was safe, that the showmances were safe and then Jillian said "who would you like to see up, Andrew and...?" and then Topaz replied with Talla.

Topaz said that she would hope that Andrew would be the replacement nominee if Talla were to win the PoV, assuming that Talla goes up against Peter like Jillian had told her the night before. She said that she would tell Jillian that she gets that she likes Andrew, but it's a game and he is a strong competitor. They would be able to put him up and get him out without worrying that he would win the veto. Topaz also planned on giving Jillian her word that Peter and Talla (or Andrew if Talla leaves) would be nominated if she wins HoH next week. Alec advised her to say that Emmett, not Jillian, would be the replacement if one is needed.

Jillian and Peter

Peter took a far different approach than Alec when it came to dealing with Jillian. When Jillian explained that Andrew was her side deal, Peter said that he understood and it made perfect sense that she would not want to nominate Andrew. Sensing that Jillian was considering nominating him against Talla, Peter made it clear that it was not really something that he was comfortable with. Peter clarified that Talla would be the target. Jillian said that Talla is the target because of her tendency to jump around with the power. Peter said that Talla is jumping all over the place and is like a kitten chasing a laser point pen, and the laser is the power. Peter told Jillian that she should ask herself which of them, Peter or Alec, is more capable of winning the PoV. He said that the answer is obvious and Alec can win PoV, take himself down and be replaced by Topaz who would become the pawn. Peter said that nominating Talla and Alec makes the most sense if Talla is the target.

Peter then made his case for the Final 4 with Jillian, Emmett and Alec. He explained that perhaps it was an oversight on their part to not talk to Jillian enough and to assume that Emmett had filled her in on everything. Peter said that he wants that foursome to be in the end because it would be one strong pair against another strong pair and then they can battle it out. Jillian told Peter that she was hesitant because Alec was very hot and cold with her and was threatening. Peter said to Jillian that it is sign of trust that he doesn't have to be that way with her. Peter said that he trusts Alec and Emmett 100% and would like to trust Jillian in that same way. Peter said that he would love to see the two best alliances make it to the end and that he would be okay with losing to Jillian, Emmett or Alec. Jillian eventually ended up telling Peter that the nominations would likely be Alec and Talla. As a sign of respect, Peter said that he would let Jillian inform Alec of her decision rather than bringing this info to him himself. Jillian reassured Peter than regardless of who goes up between him and Alec, they will be a pawn.

Peter and Emmett

Emmett asked Peter what Jillian had told him. Peter said that Jillian doesn't want to put up Topaz because she feels that she owes her and doesn't want to put up Andrew because she feels that he is her number two after Emmett. He said that Talla is Jillian's target and she plans to nominate her against Alec. Emmett then began to discuss that Alec had threatened Jillian. He told Peter that Alec said that he would be going after him and Jillian if she did not listen. Emmett said that you don't threaten someone that can put you on the block, and that he would be worried right now if he were Alec. Emmett pointed out that Jillian may even nominate Peter next to Alec in order to ensure that Peter cant win the veto and save Alec, cause she is pissed at Alec. Emmett told Peter that they are cool and are going to go far, but Alec is acting like Tom.

Peter and Jillian

After hearing what Alec had done, Peter reached out to Jillian again. He told her that he couldn't believe how Alec had acted. He made it clear that he and Alec don't share the same feelings when it comes to that. Peter also told Jillian that he has never had a deal with Topaz. He said that it's Peter and Alec, not Peter, Alec and Topaz. He did tell Jillian that he was going to be honest with her and warned her that he would use the PoV on Alec if he won it. Jillian said that things would get a bit tricky then seeing as she would have to nominate Topaz. Peter said that Jillian did give her word not to nominate Topaz, but he asked how long that lasts for. Peter said that if the veto is used and there is a replacement nominee situation, it becomes a bit of a gray area as to whether or not Topaz can go up, specifically when she wouldn't be the target.

A Look Ahead

Saturdays have typically been the day for the nomination ceremony, picking of the veto players and the playing of the veto competition. Jillian plans on nominating Alec and Peter. Alec is her target. Emmett, Andrew and Talla are all on board with this plan. If one of the nominees wins the PoV, Topaz would likely go up. Jillian is leaning that way at this time.