The Sheyld is nominated, but one of them wins the PoV

April 6, 2013

A Look Back at Day 45 in the Big Brother Canada House

Early this morning, Jillian informed Peter that he would be going on the block with Alec. She said that she knows that he would use the PoV to save Alec, so she needs to put him on the block. She told him that Alec is the target and that he will not go home no matter what. If Alec were to win the PoV, Jillian promised Peter that she would pick a replacement nominee that was favourable to him. Peter thought that it was weird that Alec had now become the target. Jillian told him that she trusts Talla more than Alec right now, so she has to go with her gut. Peter said that he trusts Jillian and trusts this moves, but pawns go home. He said that if Alec were to win PoV and Talla goes up next to him, he will be seen as the bigger threat. Jillian told him that Talla will not be going up.

Emmett told Peter to pick him to play in the veto competition if he gets houseguest's choice. Peter asked if he would take him off the block if he won. Jillian said that she swears that she would allow that to happen because she really doesn't want Peter going home, but he is her best option to put up against Alec. Emmett told Peter that he doesn't know what Alec is doing anymore. He said that feels that they kicked Tom out for the same kind of thing, bullying people around. Jillian jumped in and said that Alec is bullying her, trying to make her evict someone that she trusts more than someone else. Peter told them that he understands it from their perspective, it makes sense, and if that (evicting Alec) is their objective, he can see the rationalization behind the nominations. He added that he is obviously not totally comfortable with it but, as a sign of trust in them, he will put his faith in them.

Emmett explained that he hasn't spoken with Alec yet, but he doesn't know what the hell he is thinking. He said that threatening Jillian yesterday made no sense and the whole Topaz thing is sketchy. Emmett pointed out that Alec was scared shitless when Jillian and Topaz were the final two competitors left in the HoH competition, but yet he had been saying to pull Jillian in for their Final 4. Emmett and Jillian both feel that Alec should have been fine with her winning HoH if he was really with them and trusted them. Jillian again told Peter that he has done nothing but be Alec's number one ally in the game and she knew that he would use the veto on Alec, something that she wouldn't blame him for doing. Peter understood and said that he would appreciate if Emmett used the veto on him if he were to win it.

Emmett and Jillian then informed Peter that Alec was "almost okay with you going up". They cautioned him that his alliance with Alec may not be as tight as he thinks. They didn't want to say that Alec was closer to Topaz than to Peter, but Peter could tell that they were at least considering that possibility. Peter said that he trusts Emmett and Jillian and would like to continue to build trust with them, so if that's the plan, that's the plan. He still assumed that Talla would be going up as a replacement nominee, but Jillian told him that it would be Topaz. Peter said that then you get into a situation where Alec has to choose between he and Topaz and he will evidently choose Topaz. Emmett and Jillian reassured Peter that Alec is only one vote and that they 100% have the votes to evict Topaz in that scenario.

The feeds were down for nearly the whole day and night, but we eventually found out that Jillian had gone through with her plan and had nominated Alec and Peter. The veto competition also took place. Emmett was the only person not to be selected to play in the competition. He was worried that things would work out that way and he even considered having Jillian nominate him in order to ensure that he got to play. Peter won the Power of Veto. It was some sort of timed competition where the houseguests went one at a time. It sounds like it was a tough one. Alec quit and did not complete the competition. Peter later mentioned that it will look weird on TV that four of the six houseguests quit, including one of the nominees. According to Emmett, who hosted and thus watched everyone compete, Andrew was the one that came closest to matching Peter's time.

Jillian was freaking out, telling Talla that she had made a promise to Topaz and now has to go back on it. Talla told her that Alec and Topaz had burned all of their bridges last week and they cannot be trusted. Jillian then told Talla that she did not want to talk any more game. Topaz quickly came up to the HoH room. Jillian also told her that she did not want to talk any game, but Topaz proceeded to ask if their deal was still good anyway. Jillian told Topaz that the problem is that she had been hearing that Topaz was telling people that she could no longer trust Jillian so, if she doesn't trust her anyway, is it worth breaking trust with someone else? Topaz was not happy that people had told this to Jillian, as she claimed that she had not said anything like that. Jillian quickly ended the conversation after that.

It was then Emmett's turn to speak with Jillian. She was feeling bad for what was happening, saying that poor Alec is defeated and knows that he is going home. Furthermore, she said that it's her fault that Alec lost the game, is going to jury, and is leaving the show that he is obsessed with. Emmett said that he felt bad until he reminded himself that if Alec had his way, Topaz would have won HoH and the two of them would have been on the block instead.

Jillian then turned back to feeling bad about having to break her promise to Topaz. She said that it will look to the world like she is a backstabbing bitch, but Topaz is her only option. Jillian asked herself why she makes promises that she cant keep. Emmett, being the voice of reason, told her that no matter what she does this week, Topaz will be putting them up next week. Emmett reminded Jillian that it is a game. Jillian said that it's supposed to be played honestly. Emmett told her that it isn't and that she is playing Big Brother. He told her to give him the name of someone that has gone through the game playing honestly, cause it hasn't happened.

Jillian briefly spoke with Talla and Andrew. They both tried to calm her down about going back on her word. Talla advised Jillian to pull "Evil Jill" out and just own it. Jillian then went to the diary room and Emmett and Andrew got a chance to speak. Andrew said that Jillian could put Talla up as a pawn, or could even put him up, but he doesn't want to volunteer. Emmett explained that Jillian doesn't want to put him up and that it wouldn't be a wise move to break Talla's trust. Even though Jillian is questioning things at the moment, it appears as though Topaz will be the replacement nominee. Jillian is planning to talk to Topaz tomorrow and let her know that she is going up but will be safe. Alec is still the target as of now.