Mass paranoia in the Big Brother Canada house

April 7, 2013

The feeds were down for a while this evening and they returned to mass paranoia in the house. The houseguests believed that Tom was returning to the Big Brother Canada house. Tom's memory wall picture had went from black and white to coloured at some point. The houseguests had also been finding some of Tom's belongings throughout the house. Items that were found included Tom's monkey, a plastic bag with his name on it, his shoe polish and some sort of card. A number of them were quite convinced that Tom would be on his way back into the house at any minute.

Andrew was one of the most frustrated with Tom's potential return, saying "I'm so pissed off cause we're like we made it to jury and then now some knucklehead is coming back in." He then spoke with Jillian and said that they are in a good position with their Beast Coast alliance, but now they have to worry about another person coming in. He told her that he wants the Final 3 to be himself, Emmett and Jillian. Jillian told him to stop saying that, because Tom is watching everything.

Alec said that "I basically in some way insulted him (Tom) every single day since he has been gone and while he was here." Talla was jumping at every little noise that she heard the rest of the night. She said that she was scared. Topaz said "what, you think he (Tom) is going to come in with a chainsaw?" Jillian then said that she heard a dog barking. Andrew told them that they are all f*cked in the head. Talla started panicking, telling Jillian "don't open the door! Don't go by yourself!" Talla then got a broom and went out to the backyard to protect Jillian.

Jillian found the monkey that Tom had received during his HoH week in her HoH room. She told Emmett that "It's a hunt. It's a game." She said that the camera was pointing straight down at where it was located, which caused her to go over there and check it out. Emmett told her not to say a word to anyone. Peter had been seen placing the monkey in the HoH room earlier in the day. Emmett and Jillian then began looking everywhere for more clues or anything that they could find. Jillian then found a plastic bag with Tom's name on it by taking the same approach. She saw a camera aimed down at something and then looked through it and found the bag. Jillian was able to sneak the bag back up to the HoH room. She then felt that the camera was directing her towards the HoH couch, so she began looking for clues, but nothing came of it.

Emmett then went down to the kitchen and realized that something else had changed. "Oh shit, there's another chair! There are eight chairs." Topaz replied by saying that "he (Tom) is coming back to stay, guys." She also said that "yeah, we have found enough proof to figure out that Tom is coming back to stay." Andrew was not impressed. He said how is Tom going to spice things up, by yelling at all of us?

Jillian and Emmett were the most interested in what was going on. Jillian said that she was excited to see Tom. Emmett said for sure and figured that they were probably the only ones that were excited that he was coming back. Jillian said that Talla was also excited because Tom is the person that she was closest to. From her DR session, Jillian got the impression that there was a hidden power of veto in the house. She said that she was told to "look up to the higher power." She said to Emmett that "there is a freakin' power of veto in this house and we are going to turn it upside down to find it." At one point, the camera feed that is shown on the HoH spy screen pointed up towards the ceiling when Jillian was watching it. She went out there and tried to see if there was anything up there. She didnt find anything. Emmett said that all he saw was a clothes hanger. Jillian excitedly replied by saying "a clothes hanger?! Maybe it's his (Tom's)!"

The two of them came up with many theories as to what was going on in the house. Some of Jillian and Emmett's theories:

Jillian- Tom could be sleeping in the have-not room right now
Jillian- Tom is going to return and take over her HoH
Emmett- There is going to be an eviction after the veto ceremony and Tom will be the new HoH
Emmett- Tom is coming back to do a task and has to do everything he can to get someone out, possibly him
Jillian- Tom was coming for the night to fill she and Emmett in on everything and then would be gone by morning
Jillian- Tom is going to give Emmett hints for the rest of the game

As for the impact that it would have on the game, Emmett hoped that Tom had seen the DR messages and realized that he did everything that he could to save him. Emmett also told Jillian that it was best not to pick sides right now because if Tom were to come back, he doesn't like Peter and Alec. The two of them spent most of the night searching for clues all around the house, especially once all of the other houseguests had gone to sleep.


At the end of the night, the feeds zoomed in on Tom's coloured memory wall picture. This is one of the many things that contributed to the wide spread paranoia in the Big Brother Canada house.

On Monday we found out that this was indeed a task of Peter's. The specifics are unknown, but he successfully completed the task and earned the houseguests a whole lot of food for this evening. They got lobster, sushi, ribs, tenderloin and more.

It's unclear why Big Brother would have mentioned something about a "higher power" to Jillian, or what exactly they even said. No one else besides Jillian and Emmett did anything to make you believe that they felt that there was a power out there.