Topaz joins Alec on the block

April 8, 2013

A Look Back at Day 47 in the Big Brother Canada House

The Sheyld Talks Some Game

Alec told Peter that if he stays he will take a one week break from any vengeance, but once they get down to the Final 5 it's game on. Alec hopes that Emmett and Jillian are not just telling him what he wants to hear and are actually considering keeping him. Peter said that if they don't and he wins HoH, guess who's going up. Alec told Peter that he is not going to take an aggressive route with Andrew. He said that he has been very open with Andrew throughout the game and that Andrew has the ability to end his game because of how much he knows.

Alec has been offering to throw the HoH competition in order to get people to keep him around. He has said that he will sit down as soon as it starts. Peter mentioned that it's similar to what Will and Boogie did, saying that if they don't keep their word then put them up. Alec admitted that it was them that inspired him to make such an offer. Peter said that you can learn a lot by watching the greats. He said that you may not ever be as good as them, but you can do your best to emulate them in a game that is all social and based purely on words.

Talla Discusses Evicting Topaz

Talla approached Emmett and asked who he would like to leave this week, Alec or Topaz. Talla said that Topaz will be stronger in the quizzes. Talla expressed her concern with keeping Topaz around by saying that "I think she would be a little more scary to have around cause she's going to come for anyone." Emmett remained fairly quiet, opting to listen to Talla but not give much in return. Emmett told her that Topaz is going up and then they have until Thursday to decide. When Jillian had asked Talla what she would want to do if Topaz went up, Talla said to take her out. While she isn't 100% locked in on the idea, that appears to be the direction in which Talla is leaning.

Emmett and Jillian Discuss Who Should be the Target

Emmett and Jillian spent some time discussing their options. Emmett noted that Alec wants them to put up Topaz and get her out. Emmett told Jillian that he had informed Alec that they were okay with the plan. This was more or less to get Alec off his back, cause Emmett said that he doesn't even want to talk to him. While he told Alec that they were okay with it, he also noted that he doesn't know if it will happen because they still need to come up with a pitch to convince Andrew and Talla that Topaz needs to go. Emmett weighed the pros and cons of getting rid of Alec. On the plus side, Emmett pointed out that Alec is one of his biggest threats and is strong both physically and mentally. As for the negatives, he noted that Peter and Topaz would hold a huge grudge against them and would try to take them out.

Emmett told Jillian that they may be able to put a plan in place where he votes to evict Topaz, but Jillian evicts Alec with the tiebreaking vote. Jillian would explain that she had to do what was best for her game, even if it meant going against what Emmett wanted. Emmett would then act like he didn't know that it was coming, hoping to be able to salvage a relationship with Peter moving forward. Jillian asked Emmett who he thought the stronger player was, and Emmett said that it is Alec. He added that the only thing that Alec may be weaker at is endurance, but there is likely to be an endurance competition that favours the guys at some point. Jillian said that maybe Topaz is more of a threat to her. Jillian noted that Talla said to send Topaz home. Talla said that Alec was the first one out of the HoH competition and is not as strong as everyone thinks.

Jillian asked Emmett who is going home and he replied by saying that "I would like to send Alec home but I feel the repercussions could be bad." The two of them discussed if they can trust Alec and Peter if they keep them in the game. They felt that Peter has no other choice but to work with them if Alec leaves. Emmett said that he doesn't understand how Alec and Peter would want them in the Final 4 with them. Jillian asked "how would anyone?" Emmett told her that he doesn't think that anyone does want them in the Final 4 with them, including Andrew and Talla. He told her that it will be a pretty easy sell for the other side to get Andrew and Talla to come after them cause they see the two of them as big threats as well. Emmett believes that the others cant beat them in physical or endurance comps, so there is no reason for anyone to take them to the end.

Andrew Pushes for Alec to Leave

Andrew had a lengthy conversation with Emmett, making it clear that he wants Alec out the door this week. Andrew pointed out that Alec is strong in everything and will not take any of them to the Final 2 seeing as he is so close with Peter. He asked Emmett what Jillian wanted to do. Emmett let him know that Jillian wants Topaz gone because she knows that Topaz hates her guts. Andrew told Emmett that he might want to remind her that Alec is after her as well. Emmett said that Alec told them that it was all a misunderstanding and that he wasn't really after he and Jillian, so Jillian is thinking that it might be best to take out Topaz. Andrew replied by saying to "tell Jill to put me up and send me the f*ck home then, cause I don't give a shit. Alec is going to say absolutely anything in the world to save his ass, right? He has been doing that this whole time."

Emmett noted that as much as Alec says that he has his back, he believes that Alec would be fine if someone else took him out. Andrew told him that it has come to a point where they have to decide if they want to work with him or with Alec. Emmett said that Jillian doesn't want to work with Alec, but she feels that Alec would target Talla next. Andrew pointed out that he or Emmett can just win and then they can target whoever they want. Emmett said that Topaz would need to go next week, which is something that Andrew was completely on board with.

Andrew continued to push for Alec to go, saying that he would be nervous standing across from Alec in a competition, but not when standing across from Topaz. He then pointed out that Alec is connected to Peter as well and that Peter and Alec will die for each other. Emmett said that Jillian is feeling that Topaz is a threat to her because she will feel that Jillian went back on her word and thus will go after her. He said that it would be a nightmare if someone like Topaz made it to the end. Andrew pointed out that Alec is going to put up Emmett and either he or Jillian. Emmett said that he he thinks that the best thing is for Alec to go home. Andrew said that's what he wants. Emmett was unsure of what Jillian was thinking.

Emmett then voiced his concern about potential jury votes. He said that even if he gets to the end, no one is going to like him enough to vote for him. If he sends Alec home, he said there is no way in hell that Alec will vote for him, Peter will hate his guts and Topaz hates him because she hates Jillian. Emmett brought up that Alec had offered to throw the HoH in order to say. Andrew told Emmett that Alec had just told him the very same thing. Emmett questioned why Alec would have to throw the HoH if he was really on their side, something that Andrew agreed with. Andrew's final pitch was that Alec is a social psychologist, has $10,000 in his pocket and has the tightest alliance in the house with the guy that is said to be a genius. Andrew said that Alec and Peter are even more likely to take each other to Final 2 than Emmett and Jillian are.

The Veto Ceremony and the Aftermath

Peter used the Power of Veto on himself, leaving Jillian with the responsibility of naming a replacement nominee. Jillian elected to nominate Topaz. Given that Jillian had made a deal with Topaz during the HoH competition, it was obvious that Topaz would not be too happy about being nominated. That being said, Topaz did a good job of staying composed. Peter let Emmett and Jillian know that Topaz was pissed off cause she felt that Jillian broke all three promises to her. Peter said that Topaz expects Alec to leave and is prepared to come after them next week. As for Alec, Peter reassured Emmett and Jillian that Alec is indeed willing to throw the upcoming HoH competition if they keep him around.

Talla and Jillian spoke after the ceremony. Talla said that she would keep it civil with Topaz and ensure her that she is not the target. Talla also planned to tell Topaz that there are only so many girls left, so they need to stick together. This is something that Jillian and Talla had discussed over the weekend as well. Talla went and talked to Topaz and asked her how she was doing. Topaz said that she was not okay because she had stood up there for three hours during the HoH and she didn't want to be on the block. Topaz claims that she could have stayed up there for another hour but she trusted Jillian's word.

Topaz told Talla that she has had her back from Day 1 and only tried to get her up as a pawn because she was the only option other than herself. Talla told Topaz that she has her vote and there is nothing that Alec can say to change that. Topaz and Talla both agreed that the girls need to stick together. Talla advised her to put her issues with Jillian aside because they are getting near the end of the game and need to be on the same page. Talla then reported back to Jillian. Both girls again agreed that they need to do the girl thing. Talla then went downstairs and spoke to Andrew, telling him that Alec is too much of a threat no matter what. Andrew agreed.

Alec Tries to Work on Emmett

Alec spoke with Emmett to try to see where his head was at. He again told Emmett that Jillian had misunderstood the conversation that they had and that he wasn't after them. Emmett asked Alec what he would like to see happen next week. Alec said take out Talla. He was still standing by his offer to throw the HoH competition in order to gain trust. He told Emmett that he didn't understand why he was on the block or where they had went wrong. He mentioned that he still trusts Emmett and that he had trusted him 100%. Alec stated that his only option is to leave his life in the hands of Emmett and Jillian. One of his sales pitches was that Topaz and Peter would both be coming after Emmett and Jillian if he were to leave this week. Emmett explained that he/they would rather have Peter and Topaz pissed than have Andrew and Talla pissed. Emmett ended the conversation by saying that Alec doesn't understand that it's not his decision and that he's not making the final call.

Emmett and Jillian Discuss Their Options

Jillian was still struggling with having to deal with the pressures of HoH and with deciding who is best to evict this week. Emmett explained that the best thing that they can do is try to take care of themselves. He told her that they cant be worrying about everyone else in the game. Jillian pointed out that the benefit of evicting Alec is that Topaz and Peter would not be very strong together, so Peter may have to resort to working with them. Jillian then said that maybe it's better to get rid of Alec. Emmett didn't have much to say, but he agreed with that point. Jillian wondered if Peter would really put her up and get Emmett and Andrew mad at him when he could opt to nominate Topaz and Talla instead. Emmett said that Peter probably wouldn't nominate her, but Jillian pointed out that he will be pretty mad right after Alec has been evicted. The two didn't do much more talking. There is still plenty of time for things to change but, as of right now, Alec appears to be on his way out.