Alec's game is nearing an end

April 9, 2013

A Look Back at Day 48 in the Big Brother Canada House

Alec Continues to Campaign

Give Alec credit for trying. He did not let up on the campaigning all day. Alec spoke with Andrew first, telling him that while he has been saying that he would throw HoH, in actuality he would go for it and would nominate Emmett and Jillian with Talla being the replacement nominee if needed. He explained to Andrew that he will tell Emmett that he is not really going to throw HoH and will go after Andrew and Talla, but that's just a cover up. He later told Emmett that he would not be throwing HoH and would be going after Andrew and Talla. Alec to tried to sweeten the deal for Andrew by saying that he would sit out both parts of the Final 3 HoH if Andrew were to save him, relying entirely on Peter to bring him to the Final 2. He said that Peter mentioned that he would do his best to talk him out of sitting out at the Final 3, but he would follow through on his deal. Andrew said that he doesn't want to win because someone threw it and he didn't appreciate when Alec threw the other HoH to him.

Andrew didn't know if he could trust him after all of the stuff with Topaz. Alec said that he and Topaz were done at one point. He had to distance himself from her because he knew that he would have to cut her. Alec felt that he needed to hang out with her again once he saw that she was there for him when he was on the block. Alec pleaded with Andrew to keep him, saying that he honest to God believes that it's better for Andrew's game if he stays over Topaz. He said that he will understand if Andrew feels that it's better to go with his Halifax connection once they get down to the Final 5, but he really believes that he can trust Andrew. Knowing that Andrew likes big moves, Alec noted that keeping him would constitute a big move since he is otherwise on his way out the door. As for next week, Alec told Andrew that he could go after him if he doesn't have a target. He also noted that if Andrew wanted to switch it up and go after Emmett and Jillian, he would have his and Peter's full support.

The East Coast Plus Talla

Andrew, Talla, Emmett and Jillian were comparing notes all day. Alec was concerned that Andrew and Emmett may do so and realize that he told each of them that he was going after the other. They did indeed find this out and were not even overly surprised by it at this point. Andrew told Jillian that Alec had also offered to throw the enter Final 3 HoH competition. He said that Alec told him that he trusts him not to go back to Emmett and Jillian with all of the info, and that he's an idiot for thinking that he wouldn't. Alec said that they need to get rid of Alec while they can. Jillian said that Alec is the link between Topaz and Peter. Andrew then told her that "Let's end this right now. He goes home. We take our chances with Topaz. Maybe Emmett can sway Peter." Andrew told her the two of them and Emmett are the three. Jillian agreed and said that the move that she made drew a line in the sand.

Jillian and Emmett discussed their alliance with Andrew. Jillian was happy that Andrew could have easily taken the deal with Alec but chose to come to them and tell them everything. As for who should be evicted this week, Emmett feels that taking out Alec would be the best move. He told Jillian that "at this point, I just dont trust Alec and he is a bigger threat than Topaz." Jillian was on the same page, saying that "basically I want Alec gone more than anything in the world and it's going to be a 3-1 vote." Andrew is also on board and told Emmett that you gun for big players cause you never know when that opportunity is going to come up again. As for next week, all four alliance members have told each other that they are going to nominate Peter and Topaz. The target is up in the air at this point. The only one that considered deviating from that plan was Emmett, as he felt that he could possibly build some trust up with Peter by nominating Talla next to Topaz.

The Girls Bond

The three remaining girls of the house have been bonding over the past couple of days. Jillian and Talla decided that it would benefit them to try to push a girl alliance on Topaz. They have been keeping each other in the loop of late. Topaz told Jillian that Alec is after her and Emmett despite what he may be saying. She said that Emmett would be an idiot to keep Alec, because Alec is upset at Emmett and hates Jillian for putting him on the block. Topaz told Jillian that Alec said that they had struck first and now he is going to strike back. Topaz was concerned because Alec said that even though Jillian wants him out, she doesn't have a vote. Jillian did her best to calm those concerns, telling Topaz that she is the tiebreaker and at worst it will be 2-2 because there is no way that Emmett and Talla will vote against her. Jillian said that if there is a tie she will be keeping Topaz. She noted that at no point did she want to get rid of Topaz.

Jillian and Talla spoke and discussed their plans for the following week. Talla said that he (Alec) is not staying and we all know that. Jillian believes that Peter will try to get the guys and Topaz on his side, so they will end up being left out. Talla is planning on nominating Topaz and Peter if she wins HoH, but they felt that they needed to ensure that they made it clear to Topaz that Peter would try to do a guys thing and they would get picked off if they don't stick together. With that, the girls promptly went to work on trying to get Topaz after Peter. Talla told Topaz that Peter cannot win HoH on Thursday and that his time has time to leave has definitely come.

Talla said that Peter is going to try to prove himself to the guys and will do anything to do so. Topaz noted that Peter has never trusted the girls. Talla proclaimed that she will win an HoH and will make sure that Peter goes. She added that Peter is not someone to trust at all. Topaz said that Peter has not done anything in the game and wont be able to do anything for her cause he hasn't done shit. Topaz said that Peter doesn't care about her and she already knows that. Talla said then let's beat him to the punch!

The Sheyld Fights to Stay Intact

Alec is beginning to see that his time is running out. He told Peter that it worries him that nobody has came up to him about the plan for next week. He felt that it means that they are still making their decision or wont tell them until it's too late. Alec told Peter to talk to Emmett and Jillian and let them know that Alec is willing to do whatever, whether it's targeting Talla or someone else. As for Talla, Alec said that he had not spoken with her because he is convinced that she is voting to keep Topaz. Peter thought that it could be worthwhile to pitch the idea that there is an east coast alliance out there that she needs help taking out.

Alec was also concerned that Peter's game may be in trouble. He noted that Peter's relationship with Topaz appears to have become non-existent, which could lead to Topaz targeting him if she stays. Peter said that he would have a serious uphill battle if Alec left. Alec said that Peter would have to rely on Topaz, so he may make sure that he hangs out with Topaz in order to try to get her on Peter's side. Alec told Peter that "I don't want you to go down with the ship. If I'm going out, I'm going out." and "If you are with me until the end, then you are going to die next week." Alec said that they have got less than 48 hours to make this happen otherwise it's hello AJ and hello Gary. Peter replied by saying "and hello hell for me." Alec reminded Peter that they have to be on the same page and pitch going after Emmett and Jillian to Andrew and Talla. Peter said that hopefully it works out in their favour or else he will be going at them (likely Emmett and Jillian) with a fiery vengeance.

Peter approached Talla to see where her head was at. Talla said that Alec hasn't even talked to her so she took that as a sign that he doesn't care. Peter ensured her that that was not the case and that he simply didn't want to campaign against Topaz. Peter told Talla that he and Alec have looked out for her since week two and, in particular, he has had her back perhaps more than anyone else. Peter threw out the possibility of there being an east coast alliance and noted that it would make more sense for Talla to align with he and Alec if that was the case, otherwise Emmett and Jillian would rip through the house. He added that a foursome of himself, Talla, Alec and Andrew could very easily be formed. Talla expressed that she didn't feel comfortable trusting Alec. Peter told Talla that if she can trust him, she can trust Alec. He said that there would be no reason for Alec to sacrifice their position in the game and take her out when they need her as an ally. After the conversation ended, Talla immediately reported back to Jillian and Emmett, and later told Andrew everything as well.

Late in the evening, Peter made another pitch to save Alec and preserve the Final 4 with Emmett and Jillian. He ensured them that he and Alec would have no reason to put them up because they want to be in the Final 4 with them. Peter said that he was fine with Andrew being the fifth if that's what Emmett and Jillian wanted. Emmett said that he wasn't sure if he trusted Andrew, so Peter said that Andrew could also go next if they decided on going that route. Peter noted that Alec would look like the biggest idiot there if he were to go against his word that he won't come after them. Emmett replied by saying that looks don't do him anything. Peter urged him to remember the allegiance that the two of them and Alec have had since week one, also noting that he would hope that it would carry a greater influence than one week of whatever Topaz is selling.

Emmett left the room and Jillian was on her own to speak with Peter. Peter reassured her that he and Alec were not after them and he told her that he was saying it with the utmost certainty. Jillian told Peter that if he can get a vote she would break the tie to save Alec. Peter said that all they need is Emmett. Peter even went so far as to say that he would play on behalf of Jillian if he were to win HoH, doing whatever she wants. Jillian told Peter that she would not want Alec to throw HoH if he stays, because he would only be staying if they trust him. Jillian said that she is not sure that Emmett is 100% on board with keeping Alec, so talk to him. She said that if Emmett votes for him it's cause he believes in him, and Emmett knows Alec better so she will trust him too. Interestingly, Peter pointed out that there is a perception that he is a floater, but people just don't understand his game. He also added that you don't need to hold power to have power.

Peter updated Alec on the situation, letting him know that Jillian had told him that all they needed was one vote. He said that they shook on it that Jillian would break the tie and send Topaz home if it came down to it. Peter told Alec that he knows that he would want to put up Emmett and Jillian, but he cautioned him against doing so. Peter explained that he had put everything on the line and threw it all out there in his conversation with Jillian, so it would screw him over if Alec were to go back on the deal and target Emmett and Jillian. Alec understood. Peter told him that they need to take at least a one week break from targeting Emmett and Jillian. He also told Alec that he is confident in their ability to beat Emmett and Jillian in the Final 4 if it came down to it. Peter was quite sure that Jillian was being truthful with him. He said that he will be furious if Alec goes home and he will be after them with a vengeance.

Alec eventually caught up with Emmett and told him that Peter had let him in on what Jillian had said. Emmett and Jillian didn't yet have time to talk to each other, so Emmett was a little bit confused. Alec let him know that he should not have any doubt about his trust. He said that Peter gave his word to Jillian and that he will hold true to all of that because Peter's word is like his word. Before heading off to bed, he reiterated that he has never lied to Emmett in this game.

Despite the efforts of Alec and Peter, the plan is still in place to evict Alec on Thursday. Jillian was more or less telling Peter what he wanted to hear. She and Emmett are still on board with evicting Alec. They have been going over potential plans to try to keep Peter on their side moving forward. Emmett and Andrew have grown tired of hearing Alec's pitch as to why he should stay. As for the fourth member of the alliance, Talla is totally on board with evicting Alec as well. As of now, Peter will be the only vote to evict Topaz, and there doesn't seem to be much of a chance of changing that.