Alec continues to put up a fight

April 10, 2013

A Look Back at Day 49 in the Big Brother Canada House

Alec Changes his Game Plan

For the past couple of days, Alec has been trying to convince Emmett and Jillian that he would go after Andrew and Talla, while he was telling the opposite to Andrew and Talla themselves. Today he decided that Emmett and Jillian were not falling for his lies and thus it was best to focus solely on getting the votes of Andrew and Talla. Alec cornered Talla in the HoH room, telling her that Emmett and Jillian are smart people and know that he is coming after them. He told Talla that he had an agreement with them but that went out the window the second that Jillian nominated he and Peter. Alec said that he would be putting Emmett and Jillian up next week regardless of what happens. He said that he feels as though he has already lost cause Emmett and Jillian are not buying that he is after Talla and nor should they be.

Alec told Talla that he and Topaz will both be after Emmett and Jillian, so she can pick which one she wants to have on her side to help take them out. Talla asked Alec if the last thing that he could do was to take one of them out, is that what he would do. Alec replied by saying that it's what he's going to do next week. Alec let her in on Jillian promising to vote to evict Topaz in the event of a tie. Alec knows that it was a lie and said that he would rather have Jillian exposed as a promise breaker than nothing at all. He said that if he gets one vote (Talla's), Jillian is exposed as a liar. If he gets two votes (Talla's and Andrew's), then it becomes an all out assault against Emmett and Jillian. Alec has read between the lines to see that he is on the way out, noting that all that Emmett and Jillian keep saying to him is that they don't know what they are doing and we'll see when the vote comes out. Alec also explained that Emmett and Jillian are going to win the game if they are there, given that they have everyone wrapped around their finger.

It didn't take long for Talla to tell the entire Beast Coast alliance about what Alec had said. Next up, Alec made another pitch to Andrew. Andrew did quite a bit of the talking, saying that he has been going balls to the wall trying to win everything, while he doesn't know if that's the case for Alec and Peter. Andrew felt that Alec has been scared to get any blood on his hands, something that Alec denied. He also pointed out that Alec has had a number of alliances that didn't include him, but now he comes to him when he needs a vote. As for Alec's offer of throwing the Final 3 HoH, Andrew countered by asking that both Alec AND Peter throw the Final 3 HoH. Alec said that Peter would not do that. Alec did mention that throwing the most recent veto competition proves that he is capable of throwing the meaningful ones.

Alec cautioned Andrew about putting his trust in Emmett and Jillian, saying that Emmett turned on him after weeks of loyalty and Jillian's promises mean absolutely nothing. Alec told Andrew that three people have a shot at winning the game, those being himself, Andrew and Emmett. Alec suggested that taking Emmett and Jillian out would give Andrew a better shot at winning the game and could also add to Andrew's resume if he helped in taking them out. Alec pointed out that he and Peter would be easier for Andrew to beat. Andrew said that he doesn't believe that to be true and that he has his own game to play. Following the end of the conversation, Andrew immediately went to Emmett and told him everything that Alec had said.

Alec's Last Supper

There had been a lot of chatter around the house in the past 24 hours about how Alec had been trying to emulate Dan Gheesling. Alec nearly stole a page out of Dan's BB14 book by planning to host "Alec's Last Supper", something that seemed to be a play off of "Dan's Funeral". The plan was to make it clear in front of the entire house that Alec and Peter were after Emmett and Jillian. Alec was going to point out that it would be 4 against 1 in HoH if Andrew and Talla wanted to get on board. Prior to the dinner, Peter approached Jillian and let her in on the plan. Peter told Jillian that something is going to happen tonight with Alec and it's all for show. He said that nothing has changed with their Final 4 deal. He explained that Alec is literally going to sit there and say that it's us against them and only Emmett can play for HoH this week. Peter said that this was all Alec's idea, not his, and he is relaying the information because he wants Jillian to trust him.

Prior to dinner, Peter went up to the HoH room and informed Jillian that the play is cancelled. He said that Alec didn't want to risk Emmett and Jillian thinking that it was not an act. Jillian was informing Emmett of it at the time that Peter came up there. Emmett said that Alec can do it if he wants, but people are still going to do what they feel is best for their game. Emmett also noted that Topaz is like a sleeping dragon down there and Alec doing this would cause Topaz to rip Alec a new one. Peter agreed that it was a stupid idea. After Peter left the room, Emmett and Jillian discussed what a stupid idea that was. Both of them agreed that it shows that Alec and Peter don't trust them to vote to save Alec. Emmett said that he was going to tell Peter that he's not Alec and that he needs to start thinking about himself. Emmett was also going to say that this little plan proved that Peter and Alec do not trust them, so he and Jillian can't trust them enough to justify keeping Alec.

Alec Helps Peter Plan Ahead

By the end of the night, Alec had seemingly accepted his fate. He knows that his game is about to come to an end. He and Peter sat down and had a long talk about what Peter can do moving forward. Alec said that Peter's best bet would likely be to align with Jillian. He said don't actually make an alliance, but have an unspoken thing with her. Peter agreed with this and we found out on tonight's episode that Peter has some interest in taking Jillian to the Final 2.

Alec and Peter discussed who Peter should try to get to the end with. He said that Peter would get demolished by Andrew in the Final 2 and he should be the last person that he wants to go there with. Peter said unjustifiably so. He said that his moves are behind the scenes and people don't seem to understand that. Alec said that Emmett would be tough to beat in the Final 2, but easier to beat than Andrew. As for the three girls, both Peter and Alec agreed that Peter would beat them all. Alec said that Talla would be the easiest to beat, followed by Topaz and Jillian. Peter feels that his best shot would be against Jillian. Alec believes that Jillian would get Emmett and Andrew's votes, but that's it. He said that everyone else hates her and that she has played a shitty game.

Peter asked Alec if he should try to win tomorrow's HoH competition. Alec told him that he doesn't think that it's necessary. Alec said that it's getting to a point where people need to make big moves to win and people don't view Peter as a big player, so they wont go after him. Peter said that he will continue to do what he has been doing, throwing competitions. As for his strategy moving forward, Peter said that he plans to play like Dan did towards the end of Big Brother 10. He said that he will play up that he is the weakest person there, cant do anything and is just a vote. Peter plans to "play stupid". Alec advised him not to be asking anyone anything. He said to let them come to him and ask him for advice, then he can lay everything out for them and make moves without actually having power. Alec said that it's best that Peter doesn't align with anyone and just does his thing. Peter agreed 100%. He said that in the end he can tell everyone that he worked with Alec for 50 days and then he didn't work with anyone and still made it all the way.

Tomorrow is the second double eviction of the season. Things are on track for Alec to be evicted by a vote of 3-1.