Action Packed Double Eviction Night

April 11, 2013

A Look Back at Day 50 in the Big Brother Canada House

The first eviction went according to plan, with Alec being evicted by a vote of 3-1. Peter was the lone vote for Alec. Next up was the HoH competition. It came down to a tiebreaker between Andrew and Emmett, with Emmett winning his first HoH of the season. Emmett opted to nominate Topaz and Talla for eviction.

Peter won his second consecutive Power of Veto and chose to leave the nominations the same. For the second time this season, a showmance left on a double eviction night. Topaz was evicted by a vote of 3-0. After having spent the past week in the HoH room, Jillian will be right back up there again this week as Jillian is the new HoH!

We also found out about a new PowerShift! One of the four jury members will be voted back into the house by Canada! Either AJ, Gary, Alec or Topaz will be returning to the game next week.

As for the game talk, Andrew revealed on a couple of occassions that he was quite worried about the move that Emmett had made. Had Peter used the PoV, Andrew would have been nominated and evicted. Andrew told Emmett that this is why he was freaking out. Emmett explained to Andrew that if he had nominated Peter and Peter had won HoH, he wouldn't have trusted him and it wouldn't have been good news for their alliance. Andrew said that everything is all good, but that could have backfired.

When Emmett and Jillian got some time alone, Emmett revealed that he couldn't put Peter up when he knew that Peter wasnt going home anyway or else he would have been after them had he won HoH. Emmett said that it was a move to save face with Peter. Jillian told Emmett that Andrew was now worried that he is doing his own thing with Emmett. She hoped that they had not lost trust with Andrew and Talla tonight. Emmett said that the possibility of that makes it even more crucial to keep Peter in their pocket.

Jillian asked Emmett if he thought that Andrew really would take them to the Final 3. Emmett figured that he would go with one of them, but would also want Talla to be there. Emmett sees that it would be a smart move to bring Talla, noting that she is not good at competitions and would not get any votes. As for nominations, Jillian suggested Peter and Talla. Emmett had other ideas. Emmett wants to nominate Andrew and Tala, with a plan to backdoor Peter. This way, if Peter wins PoV, they could possibly still have him on their side. If Emmett or Jillian win the PoV, they would take one of the nominees down and backdoor Peter.

Emmett does not want to take Talla out this week, because Andrew and Peter would then likely team up. He pointed out that an Andrew and Peter pair is more threatening than Andrew and Talla. Jillian then said that Peter and Talla is even weaker than the pair of Andrew and Talla. Jillian said that she would be fine going to the Final 3 with Andrew as long as they can trust that he wants the same. However, she is now unsure that Andrew wants to go to the Final 3 with herself and Emmett.

Jillian later said that they can't turn their backs on Andrew like that, but followed that up by basically saying that if Andrew is going to turn on them anyway, it's not the worst thing in the world to eventually turn on him. Emmett is leaning towards sticking with the backdoor Peter plan. He did note that it would be a good move to take Andrew out in the Final 4 so that they can go to the Final 3 with Talla, someone that easier to beat.

Things are still up in the air for nominations. We will likely have a better idea of who will be nominated after a full day of game talk tomorrow. In any event, the Power of Veto is what really matters at this point in the game.