Emmett and Jillian are all over the place

April 12, 2013

A Look Back at Day 51 in the Big Brother Canada House

Peter Makes it Clear that Andrew Must Go

Emmett touched base with Peter, letting him know that they need to talk at some point tonight. Peter said that as far as he sees it, it's him, Emmett and Jillian. He said that he has been aligned with Emmett since week one and with Jillian, through Emmett, since Tom left. He told Emmett that he will do whatever they have to do to make that Final 3 happen. Peter explained that in order to ensure the best possibility of that happening, Talla needs to be with them in the Final 4 because she is so beatable.

Peter stated that Andrew will win the game if he makes it to the Final 2. He told Emmett that he knows how the game works and knows the types of people that win it, and Andrew will win if he is in the position to do so. Peter believes that Andrew should have been the play last night, but Emmett wanted Topaz gone so he decided to be a team player. Peter added that they still made the right move as Topaz didn't deserve to be there. He then went back to making his pitch as to why Andrew has to go:

"If you put Andrew in a position to win, he will. And who knows this game better than me? And you have to trust me. He will win. He is just as competitive as you are and he is just as capable as you are. If he is in the FInal 2, he wins. Period. Nobody would expect him to be there. He was the underdog the whole time even though hes a physical and huge social threat, but somehow he underplays it. He will win, doesn't matter who he's against. Me, you, Jill, Talla. He wins. Talla we can beat. All three of us can beat her in the Final 4, then it's just the triple threat. Whoever wins, wins and I'm fine with that."

He continued on by saying that early in the game you can get rid of people because they don't deserve to be there but, at this point, keeping people that are more capable is a mistake. He noted that comps are a crapshoot and anybody can win them, so you have to get rid of the people that are most capable. Andrew is the most capable in the eyes of Peter.

Andrew Still Questions Emmett's Decision

Andrew still has some concern over what happened last night with regards to Emmett choosing to leave Peter off the block. He had a quick chat with Jillian and let that be known. Andrew isn't sure how much of a connection there really is between Emmett and Peter. He said that he still can't get over what happened and he pointed out that if Peter had any balls he could have got him out. Andrew then said that he knows that the three of them (Beast Coast) are tight and he is focused on getting Peter out. He said that it's up to Jillian what happens, given that there are only two votes and that she only needs one, Emmett, to vote her way in order to get the outcome that she wants. He even said that Jillian could put up him and Talla and then if anyone other that Peter wins PoV, they use it and put Peter up.

Jillian and Emmett Debate Taking out Andrew

Much like last night, Emmett and Jillian debated whether or not they should take out Andrew this week. Emmett said that Andrew is an idiot for continuing to bring up what happened last night, with Emmett putting him at risk of being evicted, cause now it's making him not trust Andrew as much anymore. Jillian said that she would love to have Andrew make the Final 3 with them due to their whole Nova Scotia connection, but she feels that the people at home, including her dad, are thinking that she is an idiot for taking a strong competitor like Andrew over Talla and Peter. Emmett and Jillian have both said at various points throughout the day that maybe they have to consider voting Andrew out this week. Jillian feels as though they would look horrible to the people of the east coast.

Emmett told Jillian that it has gotten to a point where if Andrew keeps talking about how he could have went home last night because of him, he's obviously not thinking about the three of them anyway. He went on to say that if they don't break up the Beast Coast alliance, Andrew himself will do it. Jillian believes that Andrew would take her and Talla to the Final 3. Emmett doesn't think that Andrew would take him. Jillian added that Andrew will never take the two of them, so Emmett said that maybe they should send him packing.

Jillian said that it would be really sad if Andrew is in the DR saying that he would legitimately take the two of them to the end. She added that she would feel like a bag of crap if that were the case and they took Andrew out. Jillian said that it would be a huge, mean, back stab move to take Andrew out if he were really planning on taking them to the Final 3. Emmett doesn't feel as though Andrew can be trusted 100%, which is why he said that he made the move that he did last night. He told Jillian that it has been the two of them since the beginning and he had to focus on looking out for them.

Jillian said that they can't let Andrew know that they are after him if that's the route that they decide to take. She would nominate Peter and Talla, use the veto and backdoor Andrew. Jillian noted that only one person can win the game, only two can win money and she and Emmett are the two that she wants to have win the money anyway, so Andrew has to go at some point. She feels that it is likely the smartest game move to take Andrew out. Emmett then pointed out that he feels as though Peter may be a better competitor than Andrew.

Jillian is intimidated about something to do with Andrew, but Emmett told her that all that Andrew has is confidence. Jillian explained that she is not good under pressure and that she feels a lot more pressure when competing against Andrew than against Peter. She added that she is not scared of Peter and feels, in a sense, that she is competing against a girl when up against him. Jillian believes that her and Peter's skill sets are comparable. Emmett questioned if they should be going against the one person (Andrew) left in the house that they can kind of trust.

Jillian eventually said that Peter and Talla are going up because she wants Andrew on their side. Emmett said that he could go to Peter and explain that they didn't want Andrew to go up because they didn't want him fighting as hard as he could for the veto. Jillian told Emmett to tell Peter that both of them would take him off the block if they were to win the veto. Whether or not they actually go this route remains to be seen. It was more or less a brainstorming session and by no means is anything close to being finalized. Jillian said that there are benefits to taking out all three players. Talla leaving would make it even easier for her to win endurance, Peter leaving would give them a better shot in mental comps and Andrew leaving would mean that she would not be as scared when heading into competitions.

Jillian and Emmett Continue to Waver

Jillian and Emmett spent the majority of the evening going back and forth in terms of who they should target and nominate this week. Andrew continued to bring up his concerns with Emmett's game play during the double eviction. Jillian told Emmett that he scared Andrew big time and that Andrew is trying to turn her on him. Jillian said that if Andrew's trust in Emmett was a 100 before, it's now an 80. Jillian planned to tell Peter that they were going to use him as a pawn because Andrew and Emmett are having trust issues. Emmett added that she can tell Peter that if Andrew wins PoV and doesn't go home, that's not someone that she wants after her. He also said to make it clear that Peter is not the target.

Jillian eventually got her opportunity to speak with Peter, letting him know that he would be a pawn and that he would be coming off the block if any of the three of them (Peter/Emmett/Jillian) were to win PoV. She said that it would be the perfect opportunity to take out Andrew. Peter explained that he wanted to take Andrew out during the double eviction, but Jillian said that there was no turning back on the plan to evict Topaz. Jillian said that Talla would go home if Andrew were to win the veto.

Peter wasn't comfortable with going on the block and told Jillian that she could nominate Andrew and Talla and rationalize it by saying that they are a couple and have to be split up. Peter told Jillian to tell Andrew that he is not the target and that they need him to go up so that he does not vote for Talla to stay. Jillian explained that she is scared and intimated by Andrew and felt that she would lose all of his trust. Peter replied by saying that "you cannot play this game in fear. If you play in fear, you will not be successful."

Jillian went on to say that taking out Andrew is definitely the move that she wants to make and that she has made the decision. Jillian reassured Peter that he would be taken off the block as long as one of the three of them wins the veto. Looking ahead, Peter said that he wants to make it to the Final 3 with Emmett and Jillian. Peter would like to see Talla with them in the Final 4 with them. At the end of the conversation, Jillian told Peter that he has got to trust them. Peter said that he trusts her 100%. Emmett later came to Jillian and said that he had talked to Peter and found out that Jillian had said that they would use the veto on him. Emmett asked her why she did this. He had told her not to. Peter later pulled Emmett aside and let him know that if Andrew is kept off of the block and wins the veto, Emmett would end up on the block

At this point, Emmett and Jillian were thinking of backdooring Andrew. Both of them said that they would like to see Peter win the Power of Veto, which would allow them to take out Andrew without having to use the veto themselves. A short while later, Jillian said "do you know what's weird? I don't even know if I'm lying or telling the truth." She was unsure if she had just lied to Peter or if she really was planning on backstabbing Andrew. Jillian has been having an internal battle as to whether or not she could do this to Andrew. Emmett said that they need to find a way to have Andrew reveal whether or not he truly would back stab Emmett. If he wouldn't, they would take him to the Final 3.

They eventually settled on nominate Peter and Andrew, which allows them to not have to worry about Andrew winning the PoV and using it on Talla. Emmett planned to talk with Peter and let him know that he would be going up against Andrew, but would not be the target. He was also planning on telling Andrew that he and Jillian realized that there is a shot that he (Emmett) could end up on the block, so they are doing their best to avoid that. The plan was for Jillian to cut a deal with Talla. Jillian will keep Talla off the block in exchange for her not using the veto if she were to win it. Emmett and Jillian had decided that Peter would be going home unless he wins the veto. If he does win it, Andrew would leave. They later decided that they would let the veto competition play out before determining at true target.

It's unclear who will be targeted. Jillian has been battling herself all night. She stated that every time that she is HoH she feels like the worst person in the world. One moment she wanted Andrew gone, the next moment she want to keep her word to Andrew. Emmett and Jillian were all over the place tonight. Emmett is also unsure of what to do at this time and mentioned that they need to let the veto comp play out, as was noted above. One thing that he did say is that Peter is most dangerous person because he has no one and thus only has to look out for himself. They even tossed around the idea of getting rid of Talla, someone that they had just a short while earlier stated that they want to go to the Final 3 with. They both felt that Peter and Andrew might take BOTH of them to the Final 3 if Talla were gone. In other words, Peter and Andrew would vote each other out in the Final 4 situation.