Things are not looking good for Peter

April 13, 2013

A Look Back at Day 52 in the Big Brother Canada House

Pre-Nomination Game Talk

It was nomination day in the Big Brother house! Emmett and Jillian had seemingly settled on nominating Andrew and Peter after much debate last night. Andrew made things easy on Jillian this morning, offering to go on the block. Jillian told him that she didn't know what to do because she was concerned that Talla would freak out if she went on the block. Andrew said "then I'll tell you what to do. Put me up." He said to put him up, it's no problem and he understands. Andrew told Jillian that he trusts her very much, but Emmett is making him nervous.

Andrew said that he doesn't think that Emmett realizes the gravity of what he did when he nominated Talla instead of Peter. He said that it sketches him out that Emmett nominated Talla. Andrew added that it was a selfish move by Emmett to keep Peter off the block in hope of gaining his trust, because he could have easily been evicted as a result. He said that he likes Emmett, but Peter is not on their side. Jillian said that she was worried that Peter would save Topaz. Andrew agreed and said that Peter should have done it and that he would have done it if he were Peter.

Jillian said that she doesn't like the way that Emmett goes about things or the way that he talks to people at times. Emmett and Jillian have been discussing trying to make Andrew believe that there is a chance that they would take him to Final 2. Andrew said that he wants a chance to get to the Final 2, so Jillian jumped on that opportunity. She said that she has to think about who she wants to take to the end, cause Emmett would beat her. Andrew said that he doesn't want to talk about Final 2s and is unsure if Emmett and Jillian already have one.

Before the conversation ended, Andrew once again mentioned that Jillian can put him up and that it's fine because it all comes down to Peter winning the veto. He said that if Peter wins, obviously have to get rid of Talla. Jillian agreed. Andrew said taht he wants Jillian to remember what he is doing and wants her to trust him. He said that he was offering to go up because she is telling him to, but also because it makes things easier for her. Andrew pointed out that there are likely to be people out there that are saying "why don't you take Talla with you?", but he doesn't want to do that because he wants to trust in his alliance with Emmett and Jillian.

Post-Nomination and Veto Talk

As soon as the feeds came back we discovered that Andrew had won the Power of Veto. Andrew also won a $10,000 shopping spree. He mentioned that he could spend $1,000 each on a dishwasher, stove, and washer and dryer, then spend $2,000 on a bed and still have $4,000 left to by a TV with. As for the nominations, Jillian went through with the plan to nominate Andrew and Peter. Emmett mentioned to her that if those two weren't nominated, Andrew could have taken Talla off the block and gotten him out. Jillian then gave herself and Emmett some props for making the right move.

Peter has some major work to do if he is to have any hope of staying. His game looks to be all but over at this point. Emmett asked Jillian what they were going to tell Peter. Jillian said to tell him that he's a stronger player than Talla and he lost his chance by failing to win the veto. Emmett was concerned that Peter would not go away easily and would try to "turn some shit upside down".

Jillian said that they have a couple of options. They could keep reassuring Peter that he is safe and then say that there is a last minute change of plans or they can tell him straight up that there is a four person alliance between the two of them, Andrew and Talla. Emmett also said that they will have to tell him that the nominations changed last minute because Talla was the least likely to win veto. As far as Peter knew, Andrew and Talla were going to go on the block.

There was at least one disqualification in the veto competition. From what we can tell, Emmett was trying to help Jillian out during the competition and was disqualified. Jillian may have also been disqualified. It was a three part competition and it seems as though Emmett had already advanced and then tried to help Jillian out by giving her advice and then was disqualified.

As a result of the disqualification(s), Peter was back into the competition. Andrew beat Peter in the final part. Emmett was pretty bitter about what had happened. Jillian was also not impressed, saying that Big Brother knows that it didn't help her and that they could have overlooked it. She said that they just wanted Peter to be competing. Emmett said that it was good for TV to have Peter down and out and then suddenly back into the competition. Jillian told Emmett that they likely still would have gotten Peter out even if they won veto, so just look at it that way.

The final game talk of the night was between Andrew and Jillian. Andrew approached her and mentioned that they had gotten what they wanted and will have their alliance in the Final 4. He said that if Emmett somehow ended up leaving next week, he would never take Talla to the Final 2 over her. He said that they could discuss making a Final 2 deal. Jillian said that it would be a smart game move.

Andrew pointed out that if they make a deal and are the real Final 2, they would just need one of them to win the final comp in which they would have a 66% chance in. They agreed to talk about this more tomorrow. Jillian and Emmett had been discussing trying to get Andrew to believe that they may not take each other to the Final 2, so this plays right into her hand and also potentially gives her another person that would take her to the end.