The Big Brother Canada house gets some visitors!

April 14, 2013

A Look Back at Day 53 in the Big Brother Canada House

Feeds were down this afternoon for a task. The houseguests got visits from cheerleaders and sumo wrestlers. The houseguests mentioned that they had to stay "frozen" for at least some portion of their task. At one point after the feeds returned, Big Brother told the houseguests to freeze. Everyone then remained completely still and didn't say a word. Eventually, Big Brother told them to unfreeze. Shortly after, Big Brother called Andrew to the diary room. After he took a few steps, Big Brother again instructed the houseguests to freeze. Andrew was left facing the entrance to the house.

A couple of minutes later, Andrew's twin brother Pete then came walking through the doors. He told Andrew not to move. He then came up to Andrew and told him not to break his freeze, and hugged him. He said "I'm so proud of you, man! You're going to do this. I just wanted show you this." He then showed Andrew a video of his nieces.

Andrew was tearing up watching the video. His brother told him that he was so proud of him. He then proceeded to take a look around the house.

He then came back to Andrew and told him that he's doing good, he's so proud of him, he loves him and will see him soon.

After Pete left the house, Big Brother told the houseguests that they could unfreeze. Everyone thought that it was so cool that Andrew got to see his brother. Andrew told them that he hopes that it's not the only one and that everyone gets a visit. The feeds went back down a short while later. While they were down, the other four houseguests got to "see" their families. It seems as though they received a Skype call from their families.

In the evening, Talla sprayed a little bit of water on Emmett and Peter. The guys wanted to throw her in the pool because of it. She locked herself in the bathroom, but they weren't going to let her get away that easily.

She cut a deal with Peter. A 15 minute back massage in order to make up for what had happened. Emmett wasn't going to let her get off that easily. She eventually got out of the bathroom and then locked herself in the HoH room, with the permission of Jillian. You can see Peter on the HoH spy screen, trying to negotiate with Talla to get her to open the door.

Once Andrew found out what was going on, he baited her out of the HoH room by telling her that the diary room wanted her. It was then that Emmett and Peter got ahold of her.

Emmett proceeded to carry her out to the backyard.

She claimed that she kneed herself in the eye while he was carrying her, so he took it easy on her and put her down. Emmett told her to sleep with both eyes open because he will get her back before their time in the house is done, and she will be taking a little dip in the pool at a time that she doesn't want to.

There was very little in terms of game talk throughout the day. The alliance of Andrew, Talla, Emmett and Jillian is still planning on going to the final four together, meaning that Peter would be on his way out on Thursday. Andrew and Jillian further discussed taking each other to the end. They eventually shook on a Final 2 deal. Jillian later told Emmett about this. The two of them are unsure whether or not they can trust Andrew to bring them to the Final 3. Emmett is planning on seeing if he can get Andrew to agree to a Final 2 deal with him, in order to test him.