The houseguests look ahead to the Final 3

April 15, 2013

A Look Back at Day 54 in the Big Brother Canada House

The veto ceremony was held this afternoon. Andrew used the Power of Veto on himself. Jillian predictably named Talla as the replacement nominee, meaning that either Talla or Peter will be evicted on Thursday night. Today was one of the quietest days of the season in terms of game talk. Everything appears to be on track for Peter to be evicted on Thursday, though there was a little bit of chatter about the vote between Emmett and Jillian. Jillian was sensing that Emmett wanted Peter to stay. She asked him a couple of times and mentioned that if he voted Peter to stay, she would have the decision and would not be able to go against what he did. That being said, Emmett has given no indication that he actually is planning on voting to evict Talla.

Talla spoke with Emmett and asked that he let her know a day before if he decides to change his mind and evict her. Emmett told her that she is fine. He added that he thinks that she has a really good shot to be in the Final 3. Talla was discouraged that she has not been able to win any competitions. Emmett told her that the best thing that she has going for her right now is that she hasn't won a lot of comps. Talla asked if that was now a good thing. Emmett said that "now, it's a good thing."

The others have also been looking ahead to the Final 3 and even to the Final 2. Andrew continues to work on solidifying a deal with Jillian, while Jillian continues to try to make Andrew believe that she would take him to the end over Emmett. Jillian and Emmett have discussed trying to make Andrew believe that it's possible that they would take him to the Final 2, hoping to solidify their Final 3 with him by doing so. Jillian mentioned that Emmett is becoming more of a dick to her. Andrew said that Emmett can be a dick and that he is not as sweet as someone like him.

Andrew told Jillian that Emmett is likely trying to distance himself from her in case something happens in the game, but that's why the two of them have made a deal. Jillian proposed that she and Andrew make a big move, splitting from their partners and joining up together. Andrew said that they already have done that. Shortly after, Jillian informed Emmett that she had told Andrew that she thinks that he is becoming a dick.

Jillian discussed with Emmett that she is thinking that it may be best to take Andrew to the Final 3 over Talla because Talla is a threat to her in endurance competitions. Emmett doesn't believe that the feeling is mutual, as he thinks that Andrew would cut him for Talla because he is threatened by him in the physical competitions. Emmett said that the reason that it's best to take Talla is that even if she wins the Final 3 HoH, whichever one of them she elects to bring to the Final 3 would be guaranteed to win the $100,000. He said that if Talla goes up there and cant string sentences together, nobody is going to vote for her. Emmett also added that the only reason that Talla is around is because everyone wants to take her to the end since they can beat her.

Of course, all of this Final 3 talk is premature when you consider that a houseguest will be returning on Thursday. The game will certainly be shaken up when either AJ, Gary, Alec or Topaz returns.