Peter's time is running out

April 16, 2013

A Look Back at Day 55 in the Big Brother Canada House

Much of today's game talk centered around Talla. While Emmett has referred to Talla as being "useless" in the game, he is aware that she could potentially be quite important in the week ahead. Emmett has suggested that Jillian begin working on reeling Talla in and trying to convince her that it's best to keep him over Andrew. Jillian was already on top of things and had told Talla that she is more scared of Andrew than Emmett, given that Andrew is a threat in both mental and physical competitions, unlike Emmett. Jillian had also been playing up the girl angle with Talla, telling her that they need to take each other.

Emmett advised Jillian to pull the card that Andrew has been in the house alone, doesn't have anyone's back and is there for himself. He told Jillian that she needs to figure out a way to make Talla think that he is protecting her. Emmett suggested that Jillian try saying to Talla that she trusts him and that as long as he is keeping her safe, she can convince him to keep Talla safe as well.

Emmett was in favour of her continuing to play up that Andrew is both a physical and mental threat, something that will become a bigger deal as the competitions shift from physical to mental moving forward. He also noted that Andrew did just as well as him in his only endurance competition. Jillian was concerned that Talla would tell Andrew everything, so Emmett cautioned her not to put Andrew down. He did, however, stress that she needs to talk to Talla and bring her in.

Emmett and Andrew also spent some time discussing Talla. Emmett brought up trying to convince Talla that it's best for her not to win the upcoming HoH competition. He planned on pitching that it would only get blood on her hands and could possibly prevent the people that she nominated from taking her to the end. Emmett later told Jillian this plan, and Jillian said that the guys really think that Talla is dumb, but she knows that she's not. Andrew has also been plotting ways to throw Talla off her game prior to the HoH competition, such as starting an argument with her.

Emmett pointed out that players like Talla always make it to the end because they are useless. He asked Andrew if he could imagine being up against Talla in the Final 2 and seeing keys being pulled out with Talla's name on them. Andrew said that Talla's speech would consist of "Do you love it?!" and "Busy!". Emmett asked Andrew if he thinks that one of them can beat Talla in an endurance competition. He said that he thinks so, but that is the concern if they go up against Talla. Andrew told Emmett that they will just make sure that the Final 3 with the two of them and Talla doesn't happen. Emmett agreed and said that he wants a Nova Scotia Final 3.

This evening, Talla came out of the DR with pom-poms and some music began to play. Talla promptly began dancing around and making up random cheers.

She eventually went back into the DR and came back to tell the houseguests that she needed their attention and that they were all going to come up with a cheer together.

They ended up creating a Final 5 cheer. The houseguests began and ended the cheer in "5" pose.

In between, Talla called for each of them to help her spell out Big Brother. She asked Jillian for a "B", Peter for an "I", Andrew for a "G" and Milkman for a "Brother". She also went through a routine of saying "when I say final, you say five!" with each of the other four houseguests.

Talla continued to create cheers throughout the night. A few of her lines were as follows:

"Let's go Milkman, let's go! He likes milk, his hair is like silk!"

"His name is Peter, he's not really an eater!"

"When I say Talla, you say love it!"

It seemed as though the original group cheer must have been a task, but the houseguests did not end up getting any sort of reward out of it.

It will be interesting to see if Peter picks up the game talk tomorrow. He has said virtually nothing game wise since prior to nominations and the veto competition. He has only one full day left to try to make something major happen, otherwise he will be on his way to the jury house. Talla asked Emmett what Peter is thinking. Emmett let her know that Peter hasn't said much and thinks that he is staying, seeing as they have yet to tell him any different. He said that he expects Peter to start trying to talk game again tomorrow. This worried Talla. After her conversation with Emmett ended, she said to herself "Oh my God, what if I go home this week? Fail."

As for the upcoming twist, voting is now closed. Yesterday, Andrew said that he believes that the twists are done with because it's too late in the game. He followed that up with a similar comment today. Emmett was in agreement, saying that you cant save someone this late in the game, cause then it's like you made the Final 2 because you were saved and you made it because production wanted you there. We will have to wait until Thursday night to find out which jury member will be re-entering the game. As evidenced by the he remaining houseguests will be in for a shock.