Peter's campaigning causes chaos

April 17, 2013

A Look Back at Day 56 in the Big Brother Canada House

Peter Makes his Plea to Jillian

Peter's pitch to Jillian was quite simple: Andrew wants the easiest path to the final two, and that path is with Talla. He explained that Andrew wants to get to the end with someone that he can beat, and he cant beat her or Emmett. He beats Talla 7-0. Peter told Jillian that if either Andrew or Talla win anything next week, they are screwed cause either her or Emmett will be going home. Alternatively, Peter explained that he would be on Emmett and Jillian's side. He said that he holds no grudge that Jillian got rid of Alec, and understands exactly why she did it. He chose not to use the Power of Veto on Topaz because Emmett didn't want him to, demonstrating that he is a team player.

Moving forward, Peter said that he wants to target Andrew. He swore on his life that Andrew is the person that he has tried to get out of the game for three weeks now, and they would have a 66% chance of making that happen if he stays in the game. Peter said that Andrew will win this game if he is left in it. He again swore on his life, saying that he wants a Final 3 of himself, Emmett and Jillian. He feels that Andrew will beat all of them in the finals, but they might have a shot against each other. He understands that it would be two against one, but he wants that fighting chance in the end. Peter suggested that Jillian simply explain to Talla that she wants the four best competitors in the end, and she had her chance to win the veto.

While Peter felt that it was a simple decision to take the people that want to go to the Final 3 with Emmett and Jillian over those that want them out, Jillian explained that Talla would take her to the Final 2, while Peter would take Emmett. Peter said that it's a long ways off, but he would have to think about who he has the best shot at beating. Ultimately, he felt that Emmett and Jillian could use him to their advantage to take out Andrew, something that Talla would not do. He said that he did not feel the need to talk much game this week because he believed in what he had with Emmett and Jillian and he has been working with them all along.

Jillian and Andrew Touch Base

After speaking with Peter, Jillian checked in with Andrew to be sure of where his head was at. Andrew felt that Emmett was trying to set himself up to win the whole thing, something that they cannot fault him for. However, Andrew was not on board with going along with keeping Peter. He promised that he is voting to keep Talla. Jillian said that keeping Peter will slightly benefit Emmett's game, but keeping Talla will slightly benefit hers. As HoH, she felt that she deserved the final call. As for his loyalties, Andrew expressed his commitment to his Final 3 with Emmett and Jillian. Andrew said that Jillian is the one that he trusts the most and wants to go to the Final 2 with. Jillian said that she had been getting worried that it was Talla that he wanted to take to the end.

Andrew swore to Jillian that he will take her, not Talla, to the end. He said that he has never told Talla that he is taking her to Final 2. Andrew mentioned that Talla hasn't done anything, so he doesn't want her to win any money. Andrew went to the have-not room and was thinking out loud to himself. He believes that he has positioned himself quite well. Based on what he was discussing, it appears as though he plans on staying to true to Emmett and Jillian. He did note that it's possible that everyone is lying to him and he will go out in 4th place.

Peter Works on Andrew and Emmett

Peter told Andrew that Emmett's thought process was that he wants the best competitors in the end. Peter said that he hopes that Andrew would feel the same way. Peter understood that Andrew is very close to Talla and that Andrew could probably "run through" Emmett and Jillian on his own, but said that he would have a better chance of doing so with him on his side. Andrew was not very receptive to the idea. He told Peter that he has made certain promises that he doesn't want to go back on. Peter said "and that's to Talla". Andrew said yes. While he didn't have much luck with Andrew, Emmett was not as hard of a sell.

Emmett had already been showing signs of want to keep Peter all week. Today when Jillian told him that he is going to vote to keep Talla, Emmett said that's "news to me". Jillian said that he has to because Andrew is not going to vote against her. Jillian did not want to be put in the position of having to break a tie. Emmett wasn't surprised that Andrew would want to keep Talla. He explained that Talla is going to take Andrew, so it doesn't matter for him. Emmett told her that it matters for the two of them if Talla stays. He asked her to speak with Talla again and explain that he is not 100% sold on keeping her, so he needs some reassurance that she would choose Emmett over Andrew if it came down to it.

The feeds were out for a period of time when Peter and Talla were talking game. Peter was trying to extract info from Talla. Whether or not he actually did or is just twisting words, what he ended up using had a big impact on the rest of the day. Peter spoke with Emmett and emphasized that he is on Team Peter, Emmett and Jillian. Emmett let him know that Jillian feels as though keeping him would not benefit her game. This is where Peter use the ammo that he had possibly received from his conversation with Talla. Peter said that the plan is for Jillian to go home next. Talla does not want her to be there in the Final 3, seeing as Jillian is her major threat when it comes to winning an endurance competition. Peter said that Jillian is the only thing that stands in Andrew and Talla's way.

Emmett made it clear that he wants to keep Peter. He admitted that he will be in a much more comfortable position going into next week if Peter is still there. Peter focused his attention on pointing out that Andrew is going to remain loyal to Talla. He said that despite what Andrew may say, he doesn't care about having competitors around, and he knows that he can beat Talla in the end. Peter said that it boggles his mind that Jillian would think that she has a better shot going with two people that are going after her, Andrew and Talla. He explained that she is taking a lot of gambles and is gambling with the short end of the stick if that's the route that she decides to take.

Peter told Emmett that he should be concerned that Jillian is potentially trusting Andrew to a fault. He said that her blind trust in Andrew, even when she has been told that Andrew is coming after her, is what will allow Andrew to win the game. Peter added that Andrew wants the easiest path to the end, and that's what Jillian is handing him. Peter said you are setting yourself up for disaster and putting the odds against you if you allow Talla to stay. He reiterated that Talla would target Jillian next week if she stays, cause she knows that her best chance of winning the final HoH is by winning the endurance portion. Peter was baffled by it all, saying that it's so clear cut in his mind that it's ridiculous. He admitted that he is preaching to the choir in Emmett, but said that that Emmett is married to the priest.

Emmett Attempts to Manipulate Talla

The past couple of days, Emmett has made note of his plan to try to manipulate Talla into throwing the upcoming HoH competition. He took some time to speak with her late this afternoon and went to work on doing just that. Emmett told Talla that the reason that she is still there is because she hasn't won anything. If she had won, he explained that she could have been gone a lot earlier. Emmett told her that there is no pressure on her to win tomorrow cause, no matter who she is sitting against, the other person will go home. He explained that everyone wants to take her to the end right now.

Emmett tried to hammer home that if she were to win a competition, it would make the jury wonder if she could have been winning all along. This would cause confusion among the jury and would make them feel as though she was playing two different games and was being inconsistent. This would make it difficult for her to pitch to the jury that she was trying to be viewed as a non-threat by not winning competitions. Talla's response to everything was "aww Emmett, you're helping me right now!" He later confirmed to Jillian that he was indeed trying to get Talla to feel as though that she had no need to win HoH.

Peter's Campaigning Causes Chaos

While Emmett was speaking with Talla, Peter was making his pitch to Jillian. Peter used the same points that he had earlier used with Emmett. Mainly, he told her that Talla wanted her out next due to her ability to win endurance competitions and he told her that Andrew and Talla 100% have a Final 2 deal. Upon hearing this, Jillian told Emmett that she wanted to call Talla and Peter out in front of the house, to get to the bottom of things. Jillian said that she could not make the right decision until she found out who was lying. Jillian felt that it made sense that Talla would want her out in order to have a better shot at winning endurance. Emmett told Jillian that his is her decision and he will figure out how to move forward once she has made it. She eventually said "so, I'm sending Talla home. That's my final decision." Jillian felt that it would be necessary to inform Andrew and Talla of the decision in order to avoid making two enemies.

Jillian filled Andrew in on what she had heard. She said that she is more scared of Peter than of Talla, but Peter is willing to take her to the Final 3. Andrew wasn't buying that Talla had actually said those things. He promised that Talla had never said anything of those things to him. Andrew reassured Jillian that he and Talla had never talked Final 2. He said that it is "a load of shit" that Peter said that there is a Final 2 between he and Talla. Andrew swore to God that he didn't shake on a Final 2 with her. Andrew again said that he wants to go to the Final 2 with Jillian, with Emmett coming along as the third member of the Final 3. Jillian pointed out that Talla will have to go the following week. Andrew was in agreement, saying that he doesn't want to play the game of picking the weak link. Jillian planned to tell Talla that if she keeps her, she needs to know 100% that she is going to the Final 3. Andrew told her to make Talla shake on it and promise her.

Jillian spoke with Talla to clarify her stance. Talla was adamant that Peter had attempted to trick her into revealing info earlier in the day. Talla said that she has not made a Final 2 deal with anyone, and Peter is trying to create chaos. Jillian realized that Peter was trying to turn the two girls against one another. Jillian turned her attention to the Final 2. She said that Emmett would likely win 7-0, so she doesn't even know if she wants to take him to the Final 2. Jillian told Talla that she is not going to be the stupid girl that takes Emmett to the Final 2 just because she has had a crush on him the entire time. Continuing on, Jillian also mentioned that Andrew would beat them both. They agreed that they should keep the girl thing going and that both guys would take the two of them to the Final 3. Jillian let Talla know that she was glad that they talked, cause she could have just believe what Peter had told her.

After her conversation with Talla had ended, Jillian told Emmett that she realizes that he would beat her in the Final 2, but she is okay with that. Emmett said that he would understand if she were to take Talla to the Final 2 over him. Jillian said that she would never do that, as she feels that half of the reason that she is there is because of Emmett. When Emmett asked if she had decided on who she wanted to send home tomorrow, Jillian said Peter.

Peter's Confessional

Before bed, Peter held a confessional by himself in the hammock. Here are a good number of the points that he made throughout his confession:

- All I did today was create the illusion of doubt.
- All that work. 56 days of work for nothing, absolutely nothing, so that dumb people that don't get this game win.
- Maybe I should have lied more. You don't have to lie in here though. Problem is, people think the truth is lies cause that's the expectation
- I gained nothing from this experience. The only thing that I take away is that I lost.
- I failed to self-validate the one thing that I thought that I would excel at.
- That's the problem in the house, that's the problem in the world. Stupid people get put in power and they make poor decisions.
- My arms are just not long enough to box with God. I really thought they would be.
- Instead I am failure because...I don't know why, actually. Cause I just am good enough to not be good enough.
- There are those who will say at least you got it in, at least you lasted 57 days. No. If you don't make it to the end, you're nobody.
- There is no accomplishment in getting in here. Getting in here is easy, getting to jury is easy.
- The game was too easy for a while, and then what happened? Stupid people make poor decisions that negatively affect people that are a lot smarter than they are.
- I'll have that stigma like Rob Cesternino as the best player to never win, and if I do come back I will be targeted because of that stigma and it will make the game a lot harder.
- So, I'm counting on Jillian being intelligent or a twist.
- Now I have to look at that stupid Wikipedia page and see 5th. The same place I got on the last reality show I was on. Just start calling me 5th, cause it's good enough to not be good enough.
- Only things I didn't do were win HoH & win. Those are two big check marks. Everything else I did to perfection. Wasn't good enough.
- It turned in the egg HoH when I dropped Liza's egg twice. That's the HoH that I really needed to win.
- Alec kind of screwed it up a bit, but I wont hold him responsible for that. His threatening of Jill and protecting of me became detrimental. I'm responsible for my own fate.
- Biggest fear coming in? Stupid people. Biggest fear coming out? Stupid people. Biggest pet peeve in life? Stupid people
- Now I have to explain to a bunch of people why I lost, and I don't have a good answer.
- She (Jill) doesnt realize that she is throwing the game cause she automatically loses two votes (Alec and I) if she sends me away. Through them, she loses and 3rd and 4th in Gary and Topaz
- I suppose that I hope Emmett wins. I would vote Talla in the end over Andrew, simply because it would be hilarious.
- It would be a mockery...either of them (Talla or Andrew winning). Undeserving, lucky, delusional.

Looking Ahead to the Eviction

Emmett has still not given up on trying to save Peter. He told Jillian that, unless he is completely fooled, they are pretty much guaranteed to go to the Final 3 if Peter stays. He added that they are guaranteed nothing if Peter leaves. Jillian listened to Emmett's arguments, but presented one of her own. She questioned whether or not Peter would try to take her out next for the same reason that he claimed that Talla was after her.

Jillian felt that Peter may see her as the only thing standing between himself and winning the endurance competition. Emmett didn't believe that to be the case. While Peter is likely headed out the door as of right now, there is definitely still a chance for things to change before tomorrow night's vote. This is the first time this season that things have not been completely decided on by this time of the week. Tomorrow will be quite the eventful day, with another eviction and another twist.