Gary returns and aligns with the power couple

April 18, 2013

A Look Back at Day 57 in the Big Brother Canada House

Daytime Game Talk

While Emmett may want to keep Peter around, today it has become clearer that he does not have the support of Jillian. She is set on sending Peter home tonight. Jillian spoke with Peter about her decision.

Jillian- I really would be terrified to go against you in a mental competition, a physical-mental competition and even endurance. At this point, I think you're the best player here besides Emmett.

Peter said that he had three things to say in response:
1- I appreciate the compliment.
2- My favourite two players in this game are Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling. They don't win comps. They don't have to.
3- You're going to watch this show in two or three weeks and you're going to get to this point, and you are going to see that I was telling you the truth.

In reponse to Peter's third point, Jillian said "And I believe that you are. I'm scared of you as a player. The reason is not that I don't trust you. It's truly not."

Peter then expressed his belief that Jillian is making the wrong decision: "I am not mad at you. I am not mad at the game. I respect it too much. Objectively speaking, I honestly feel that you are making the wrong move. My whole game is based around math and I feel that you are putting you and Emmett at a mathematical disadvantage. You do not need to hold power to have power in this game. All that you need is the majority. You are giving a 66/33 to a 50/50...willingly."

Jillian said that "I know, but at the end of the day I have to look at Talla." Peter's response was "Jillian, I get it, I understand. Talla doesn't know which game she's playing and she cant win a competition. But if it's her and Andrew in the end, and you and Emmett are sitting in there in jury with me like "what happened?", I'm going to have to tell you I told you so." Jillian is willing to take that chance, saying that "I'll accept that when it happens. I have thought, thought, thought and I really truly think that this is the best move."

Jillian has been working Talla hard lately, trying to reel her in and protect Emmett at the same time. Talla told Jillian that she is not willing to commit to anything with Emmett yet, because they had all agreed to get to the Final 4 before they began to battle it out. Talla did acknowledge that Andrew is a major threat. Talla has also mentioned that it might be best for her not to win tonight's HoH competition, which is what Emmett was hoping for when he talked things over with her yesterday.

After his confessional late last night, it is no surprise that Peter is expecting to go home. He gave Emmett advice on what to say if he made it to the end:

"If you're there in the end, make sure that you use that stuff in your speech. Explain to them, you were part of the mathematical majority of the game. You secretly controlled the vote for the entire game. Say that you worked with me, Alec and Tom the whole time, used the showmance as your shield. Say it's not about winning competitions, it's about controlling the vote. That's what you can say. Say Week 1 I started controlling this game with three other people. I controlled it right until the end. I had a parachute in Jill. This game is not about winning competitions. You don't have to win competitions to win this game. Sometimes you have to win to save yourself, but you can go the whole game without winning a comp if you're smart. It's about control, not about power."

Eviction, PowerShift, HoH and the Aftermath

As expected, based on the day's events, Peter was evicted by a vote of 2-0. The Chevrolet PowerShift brought Gary back into the house! Emmett won HoH, keeping the power couple in charge.

While Gary was in the diary room, Emmett told Jillian that nobody is going to vote for Gary in the end. If he makes it to the Final 2, everyone will know that he got there because Canada voted him in. Emmett also said that if he has to compete against Jillian, Gary and Talla for veto next week, he's feeling pretty confident. Emmett was also confident that Gary would not put him up, but would target Andrew. Emmett explained to Jillian that Andrew would have to go up, otherwise he could win the veto and pull down Talla, leaving Emmett with no other option but to nominate Jillian. Emmett told Jillian that he would tell Gary that he is going to take him to the end because he wants money and has a better shot of winning against him.

It did not take long for Gary, Emmett and Jillian to bond. Gary spent over an hour in the HoH room. Gary immediately said that he's back in this game and doesn't want to go home. Emmett told him that he has to win the veto and he is going on the block against Andrew. Gary asked if Andrew could go home. Emmett said not if he wins the veto. He wondered why Talla couldn't go up instead, but Emmett explained that the two of them cannot both go home, so he cant be making more enemies than he needs to. Emmett reassured him that he is not the target

Gary emphasized that he never stopped trusting Emmett. He said that he was rooting for Emmett and Jillian when he left, and tried to shift the jury towards voting for Emmett over Peter if it came down to it. Gary pleaded with Emmett and Jillian to at least give him the opportunity to prove that he trusts them. Emmett pointed out that he and Jillian are the only ones that are happy that Gary is there. Gary said that with Emmett in power, they can make it to the Final 3. Both Emmett and Jillian said that they are aware of this. Gary was quick to point out that Andrew has wanted Emmett out since Day 1, but is now kissing his ass. Gary also made it quite clear that he feels as though Talla does not deserve to be there.

Gary stated that he has been with Emmett since Day 1, and his trust and loyalty towards him has not changed. With Jillian just around the corner, Gary said to Emmett that "the only person I trust in this game is you. If it's Final 3, that bitch (Jillian) is gone cause I want us in the Final 2." Emmett could not believe that Gary would be so stupid to say that with Jillian in the room, even if she probably didn't hear. Emmett expressed his displeasure with what Gary had said, saying "stop talking like that around her. Seriously, do you have a brain in your head? Christ, man, you're like a child."

As planned, Emmett tried to make it clear to Gary that he would take him to the end. He said no offense, but I'll take you to the Final 2 because I think that I can beat you more than her (Jillian), not because I like you more than her. Jillian and Gary had a few minutes to speak alone. Gary let her know that he will not be putting her on the block unless he has to. Jillian felt the same way about Gary. Jillian let Gary know that when he walked in the door, Emmett grabbed her and said "this is good". Gary revealed that the vibe in the jury house was "Team Andrew", so he is glad that Andrew is the one getting evicted next. Gary and Jillian agreed that Talla would need to leave the following week. They both said that they would put each other up as the pawn, keeping Emmett safe as payback for this week.

Emmett spoke with Gary again and reiterated that he needs to stop saying stupid shit around Jillian. He asked Gary to not mention anything about the two of them to Jillian. Gary said that Emmett would beat him in the Final 2 because the jury will hate him for getting voted in over them. Emmett agreed and said that's why he would take Gary to the end. Before Gary headed off to bed, Emmett let him know that he would be telling people that Gary is going home because he got voted back in and didn't deserve to be there.

Once Emmett and Jillian got some alone time, Emmett told her to make sure that she makes Andrew feel comfortable with everything. They want Andrew and Talla to believe that Gary is the target. Emmett let her know that he told Gary that he would take him to the Final 2, but he really wouldn't. If Andrew was to win veto, Jillian thinks that Gary would have to go. Emmett made a case for keeping Gary, saying that Gary cant beat her in endurance and cant beat him in physical comps. It is still up in the air as to who would go home between Gary and Talla, but both Emmett and Jillian agree that they can trust Gary more than Andrew. The plan, as of right now, is for Andrew and Gary to be nominated. Andrew is the target.