Jillian second guesses turning on Andrew

April 19, 2013

A Look Back at Day 58 in the Big Brother Canada House

As we found out last night, Emmett plans on nominating Gary and Andrew. Emmett had let Gary in on the plan, and today it was time for Andrew and Talla to find out.

Jillian and Talla found some time to talk things over. Talla brought up that Peter had said that Andrew will win the game if he is there in the end. Jillian took that opportunity to say that Gary had mentioned the Andrew has a lot of fans in the jury house. Talla understands that Andrew is a threat, but she expects that Gary is leaving this week. Emmett spoke with Andrew and let him know that he has to nominate him. He brought up the potential scenario in which Andrew is not on the block, wins the Power of Veto and saves Talla. This would allow Andrew and Talla to evict Jillian. Emmett said that knows that it would never happen, but he is covering his bases. Emmett told him that it's nothing between the two of them, but he . Andrew said that he understood why Emmett would do it, even though he would never vote out Jillian. He told Emmett that he has to understand that he will be a little bit cranky about this.

Emmett told Andrew to trust him that nothing has changed. Emmett explained that Jillian had done the same for him last week, minimizing the chances of him going on the block. Andrew was frustrated that Talla was again getting what she wants, avoiding going on the block. He said that while he is "with Talla", it's because he has no one else. He explained that he doesn't have a deal with her and only brought her in so that they could have the numbers. Andrew mentioned that maybe Emmett is trying to get him out, and that's fine. Emmett reassured him that he is simply protecting himself in the best way that he can. Andrew understood but said that he doesn't have to be happy about it.

Jillian told Emmett that she had let Talla in on the plan to keep her off the block. Jillian said that Talla was really excited and said that Emmett really does love her. Emmett replied by saying that he doesn't love her and she is an idiot. Emmett realizes that nominating Andrew is going to put some strain on their alliance. He told Jillian that "there is going to be less trust now, but I am not willing to put that in his hands, for them to put you up and have the opportunity to get you out. It's just not worth right now. He's not going to trust us anymore. You're going to have to talk to him. He's not going to trust me anymore." Emmett told Jillian that she has to keep Talla on their side and away from Gary. There is concern that Gary could still send one of them home next. Jillian felt that it would be the best move for their game to get rid of Andrew, cause Talla and Gary hate each other. Emmett later got a chance to speak with Talla. He let her know that he would hope that she would repay him for keeping her off the block, when the time was right, by sticking with he and Jillian.

Emmett pointed out, to Jillian, that it was good that Gary was back, cause he was their original alliance. Jillian said that it was the alliance that she didn't trust. Jillian feels that Andrew seems so real and sincere about taking them to the Final 3. Emmett said that Andrew's an idiot if he wants to take him to the end. As for Talla, Emmett believes that it may be best to get rid of her over Gary next week. Emmett explained that this would guarantee Jillian a spot in Part 3 of the final HoH competition, as she would win endurance. Jillian agreed that it isn't wise to take Talla to the Final 3, admitting that Talla could easily beat her in endurance.

Next up, Emmett tried to work on Gary to see where his head was at with regards to Jillian. Emmett floated the idea out there of taking Talla to the Final 3 over Jillian. Gary told Emmett that Talla would be easier to beat. Emmett was forced to then come up with numerous reasons as to why Talla is dangerous to bring to the Final 3. He explained that Talla would have a great shot at winning endurance, which is something that Gary was in agreement with. Emmett also said that when Talla gets mad, she's capable of stringing a sentence together and could make a good argument in front of the jury. Gary then said that it could hurt Emmett if he were not to take Jillian to the Final 2. On the other hand, Gary said that it would help to show that Emmett isn't whipped. Emmett replied by saying that the jury will find out that he's not whipped when he wins the final HoH and doesn't take Jill.

Gary advised Emmett to think back to his first HoH letter, where his family told him not to get all caught up with the showmance. Emmett told Gary that he could talk Jillian into throwing the endurance portion of the final HoH. Gary wasn't buying it. Emmett told him that he says "Jill, drop", she will drop. Gary cautioned Emmett that Jillian is a smart girl and that may not work as easily as he thinks. Predictably, Emmett told Jillian everything that he had said to Gary. He let her know that he had to feel him out in order to see what Gary thinks about her. Emmett explained that if Gary doesn't trust her and doesn't plan on taking her to the Final 3, they will send him home.

Finally, Andrew made a plea to Jillian. He was frustrated that Emmett was showing a lack of trust in him. He stated that he is a man of his word and is not Alec or Peter. He told Jillian that he would not take Talla to the end, even if it meant not winning the money. Andrew is concerned that there may be some twist to save Gary, where the person on the block next to him is automatically evicted. Jillian spoke with Emmett after listening to Andrew. She said that she is stressed out because she thinks that Andrew is legit and really wants to take both of them to the Final 3. She added that Andrew truly is hurt that Emmett doesn't trust him 100%. Emmett asked if that meant that she wanted him to keep Andrew off of the block and risk having her go up as a replacement nominee. Of course, Jillian did not want to risk going on the block herself. Emmett explained that he wanted to have an option at the end of the week. If he wants Andrew out, he wants that option available to him.