Dan Gheesling visits the Big Brother Canada house

April 20, 2013

A Look Back at Day 59 in the Big Brother Canada House

Things started off like any typical Saturday morning in the Big Brother Canada house. The nomination ceremony was held and, as expected, Emmett nominated Andrew and Gary for eviction. A short while later, Big Brother slipped a letter inside of the front door. Eventually the doorbell rang and Talla went and picked up the letter. She read the letter aloud for the other other houseguests.

It informed them that Big Brother is sending a special guest into the house for a sleepover. It also said that this guest has an idea of what you are going through, so use them as you see fit. The houseguests immediately began to speculate who it might be. Andrew said "imagine it's Dan". Jillian said that she doesn't even know who Dan is, and she is hoping that it will be Hayden.

Andrew wasn't thrilled about the news of a guest coming into the house. He said that they already know what the strategy is. He didn't care who it was or what they were there for. He just wanted to get things over with. Talla, on the other hand, was the most excited of them all. She said "Oh my God, I'm so excited!" and told Emmett and Jillian that they need to get an extra chair and get the bedroom done for their guest. People that she was interested in seeing included Evel Dick, Dan, Chilltown, Janelle, Britney and Wil from BB14. Talla was sensing that no one else was sharing in her excitement, and said "we're having company and I'm the only one that's excited? That's rude, so rude. Andrew is just bitter."

Emmett was concerned about the visit from a game point of view. He told Jillian that this is a nightmare for them. He said that they have set everything up well up to this point and he feels good about things the way that they are. His concern was that someone would come in there and screw everything up, specifically mentioning that they may come in there and start telling Talla that she should be thinking for herself. Emmett continued to voice his displeasure, saying that they already threw Gary back in there when there were only four people left and now they are sending some houseguest in to help out the brain dead people in the house. He questioned how much production was interfering with the show.

Talla found this message, written in ketchup, on the kitchen counter. She started screaming. She again was the only one to show much excitement over it.

It was not long after that the doorbell rang for a second time, and in came Dan Gheesling! Talla jumped him at the entrance, making it hard for Dan to get down the stairs. Eventually he did and all of the houseguests met him with excitement. Jillian let him know that they had just gotten his two biggest fans, Alec and Peter, out of the house. Andrew pointed out that he thought that Dan should have won Big Brother 14. They all gathered in the living room, where Dan had them all introduce themselves and they briefly discussed what had happened up to this point in the game. Dan is playing it off as though he has only seen the first episode and doesn't know anything about them. After the houseguests and Dan were done introducing themselves, Dan got up in front of the group and told them that he had a special announcement for them.

Dan's announcement was as follows:

"So, I'm dressed in all black for a reason. Not cause it's my funeral, but cause its one of your funerals tonight. Big Brother has granted me the power to evict one of you guys but, like I said, I know nothing about you so it's going to be based on one thing. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a few things; coaching, my wife and Big Brother. So, I like to keep people in the house that love the game. You guys are going to go around in a circle one by one and tell me one thing, why you love this game that much, and then when it's done we'll talk about the ramifications of what's going to happen."

One by one, the houseguests made their pitch to Dan and explained why they love this game and why they deserved to be there.

"The tough part is that I have gotten to know you guys for less than 120 seconds. First thing is that I'm super excited to be here and hang out with whoever is left here. The second thing is that any time in this game someone comes up here and wants to talk to you all as a group, lesson number one - never let it happen. I'm here to tell you that you have all been misted, none of you guys are getting voted out! I'm messing with your head and let's group hug it out!"

Talla's reaction to the news - "Oh my god, I am so mad! I cant believe you! I was like "I gave the worst speech ever!" This is why you're Dan!

The houseguests then gave Dan a tour of the house. They eventually settled in the HoH room. Dan asked them if they believed him when he said that he was evicting one of them. The answer was a unanimous "yes!". Dan let them know that one of the reasons that he did that was to see why each of them were there.

The houseguests and Dan then gathered around the memory wall. Under the impression that Dan has only seen one episode, they all filled him in on everything that has happened up until this point in the game.

Dan let them know that he a resource and they can use him while he is there. There first to take advantage of this opportunity was Talla. Dan and Talla spent some time talking some game in the main bedroom.

Talla mentioned that she has yet to win HoH or anything. Dan told her not to talk herself down like that and that you can win this game without winning anything. He said that you just need to explain that it was what you were trying to do. Talla noted that Emmett had been telling her the same thing recently. Talla let Dan know that she feels close with Andrew. She said that she knows that Andrew would take her to the end. As for whether or not she would do the same for Andrew, she said "don't ask me that". Talla believes that out of everyone left in the house, Gary would choose to work with her. She also noted that she does not feel that she can trust Gary 100%, but is likely the one person in the house that could trust Gary. She said that Gary is alone but is SO strong. The problem is, if she won the veto and used it on Gary, she would be turning her back on Andrew.

Talla then moved on to discussing her relationship with Emmett. She explained that at one point she was scared of Emmett and wanted him gone because she believe that he wanted her gone. Now, Talla said that her and Emmett have an open relationship and have become close. Dan and Talla continued to go over all of the possible scenarios. Dan mentioned a couple of things to get her thinking. First of all, Dan said that it's inevitable that someone is going to stab someone in the back at this point in the game. He said that you either do the stabbing or you get stabbed. Dan also brought up that there is a showmance in here and, from what he has seen, everyone is cool with it. Talla didn't have much of a response to those comments. Eventually, Talla revealed that her ideal Final 4 to give her the best shot is herself, Emmett, Jillian and Andrew.

Next up, Gary took the time to speak with Dan. Gary explained that the rest of the house thought that they were the Final 4, so they hate him. Gary made it clear that he feels strongly about his bond with Emmett. Gary said that he feels comfortable with the deal and the talks that he has had with Emmett, leading him to believe that Emmett will keep him around. He told Dan that he has all of his cards with Emmett. Dan asked who Gary felt had the best shot to win the game, given what he has heard in the jury house. Gary said Emmett. As for who had the worst shot of winning the game, Gary said that it would have to be Talla. He mentioned that he has been throwing it out there that Jillian and Andrew are respected in the jury house, cause he wants those to be the next to go.

Gary said that he is trying to get into Emmett's head and make him drop his showmance. He feels as though this would be the second biggest move after the season, only behind him taking out Tom a week after making a deal with him. While Gary mentioned that he could beat Jillian 100% in the Final 2, he said that he would rather take his chances with Emmett because they are solid and he would have kept his word. Gary feels as though it is possible to get Emmett to turn on Jillian. Dan then got Gary thinking about whether or not it was possible for Jillian to go home this week. At first, Gary thought that there was no way. Eventually he realized that it is possible if Talla wins the veto and uses it on someone, forcing Emmett to nominate Jillian. Gary said that it would be sweet if Jillian were to be evicted this week. After his talk with Gary, Dan had a chance to speak with Emmett.

Emmett was somewhat hesitant to reveal much to Dan, noting that he is nervous about it coming back to bite him somehow. Emmett explained that he was on the block within 20 minutes of entering the house. Dan said that it was super impressive to him that everyone saw Emmett for what he was physically, yet he is still in the house this late in the game. Dan said that the vibe that he gets from Emmett is that he is really chill and a lot of people would trust him. Dan had earlier mentioned that Emmett kind of reminds him of Memphis. He said that he is the kind of guy that he would align with, someone that is super trustworthy and is good in challenges. After discussing everything with Emmett, Dan said that it sounds like he has won all different kinds of competitions and that he can use that in his speech. Dan also pointed out that it seems as though Emmett just has to get to the end and he will be in good shape.

Gary again spoke with Dan, telling him that he is going to utilize him. Gary said that he wants Dan to put it in Emmett's head that it is a good thing to get Jillian out this week. He said that Jillian is trying to play the sweet game, but she has so much blood on her hands. Gary feels that it is in his best interest to get Talla to the Final 3 with himself and Emmett. At that point, he said that he could take out Emmett and win the game. He said that he has a 50% chance to beat Emmett and a 100% chance to beat Talla. He said that he badly wants Talla to be in the Final 3, because he can crush her.

Gary's ideal scenario is Andrew leaving this week. However, if Andrew were to win the veto, he plans on pushing for Jillian to go. Gary discussed making a Final 3 deal with Emmett and Talla, and said that he would stick to it because he plans on taking Talla to the Final 3 anyway. Dan cautioned Gary against talking about getting Jillian out until after he was safe. Gary noted that the alternate option is to convince people to evict Talla if she ends up on the block beside him. He believes that it is something that he that he could successfully do.