Dan's visit comes to an end

April 21, 2013

A Look Back at Day 60 in the Big Brother Canada House

Andrew Expresses his Confidence in the East Coast Alliance

Andrew spoke with Dan and revealed that he is very confident in his alliance with Emmett and Jillian. He expressed that he is up there solely as a pawn and that he only needs one vote plus Emmett. Andrew told Dan that he is very confident that Jillian will vote to keep him and he feels very good about Emmett breaking the tie in his favour. Andrew said that Emmett is a good guy and that they will have a friendship outside of this house, so he believes that he will keep his word.

Dan tried to get Andrew thinking, pointing out that both Emmett and Jillian have nominated him when there were other options. When asked if that concerned him at all, Andrew said that it does a little bit. Andrew made it clear that he has "hitched his wagon to this horse" (Emmett and Jillian) and is going to ride it out. Andrew told Dan that both Emmett and Jillian have expressed concerns that they are fearful of the other in the Final 2, so he believes that he can work his way in there with them. If he makes it to the Final 2, Andrew feels very confident in his ability to win the game.

Jillian and Dan Talk Game

Jillian and Dan again discussed what was best to do for this week and moving forward. Jillian feels as though Andrew would use the PoV on her if he won both HoH and PoV next week, but Talla would not. Jillian is still in favour of keeping Andrew around, though Emmett has not been in agreement with that. Dan asked her who is there that she knows that she can beat, hands down, in the Final 2. Jillian said Talla, but Talla could beat her in endurance. Jillian is not thrilled about the idea of Talla winning any money. Similarly to last night, Dan poked around to see if Jillian would ever consider breaking off from Emmett. Jillian explained that she is guaranteed to get something out of this game if Emmett is in the Final 3, even if it's not the $100,000. At this time, she has given no sign that she would be willing to get rid of Emmett if it were to benefit her game.

Dan Compliments Emmett's Game

Emmett and Dan sat down to play a game of chess. Emmett joked around that he is going to have to do some damage control once Dan leaves, to make sure that everyone is back on the same page again. Emmett said that he has been putting shit in people's ears for weeks now, and Dan came in and has been telling them to think on their own. He added that Dan has been opening people's minds, while he has been trying to close them. Dan told Emmett that he is really playing a great game. Emmett explained that while he comes off as quiet in some situations, he involves himself in the conversations that decide who goes home. Emmett said that he will not be taking the easy way out by taking someone that is easy to beat to the Final 2. He said that he will take Jill, someone that he has trusted the whole way. Emmett told Dan that he could not be any luckier than to have teamed up with Jillian.

Emmett said that Jillian will 100% take him to the Final 2, while there is a good chance that Gary would also take him. He said that Andrew being in the Final 2 with him would be the one thing that would keep him from winning this game. In terms of what will happen this week, Emmett said that he will let Andrew know that he is going home on Wednesday morning. He felt that it would be better to tell Andrew in advance, not at the last minute, or else Andrew would see it as a cop out. Emmett said that he would do everything to build Andrew's ego up when he lets him know. Dan was quite impressed with Emmett's game. He told him that he has a lot of power, essentially playing with two people seeing as he thinks that Jillian will do whatever he wants. Dan also said that Emmett seems to have himself well insulated and has found a way to keep people from getting scared of him even though he is a big time competitor.

Dan Exits the Big Brother Canada House

After a little over 24 hours in the Big Brother Canada house, it was time for Dan to go. He sat everyone down and said: "I just want to thank you guys for having me. You guys were all so nice. I know some of you guys were probably, when I walked in, scared. What I have seen in all of you guys is that you all love the game. I'm going to be rooting for you all when I go back home. The other thing I hope you guys learned was that anything can happen."

Dan then went on to say a little something about each of the five houseguests. He told Jillian that she seemed like a really genuine, nice person who is very competitive. He thanked her for taking care of him while he was there. Dan then told Andrew that he is a man that never lacks for a joke, has so much life and has given him a new outlook on being 38 at some point. His advice for Talla was to be positive and not beat herself before she starts. He told her that she can be a strong player in her own way. Dan told Gary that he is really mature for someone so young, and he gets how to be himself no matter what the situation. As for Emmett, Dan said that it is fun to see how much Emmett enjoys the game and being there. Lastly, before exiting, Dan told them all that he will be watching them from home and hopes to see someone make one huge move before this game is over. Talla's reaction was "this is why he is the greatest player ever, cause he just mindf*cked everyone right now".

Gary Pushes for Andrew to go

Gary continued to work on his relationship with Emmett. Gary has been trying to make it clear that he is quite content with 2nd place, even though he really wants to win it all. He has taken advantage of his trip to the jury house, constantly throwing out info related to it. Even though he is lying more often that not, it has been influencing the houseguests. Gary told Emmett that Jillian and Andrew are respected in jury. Emmett has expressed concern about Talla getting to the Final 2 without winning and being rewarded for it. He thinks that people like Alec and Peter will be impressed by someone that didn't have to win to make it to the end, which is what they were trying to do.

Gary was getting concerned that Emmett wanted to keep Andrew around. Emmett eventually told Gary that he was planning on taking out Andrew this week and that he was just messing with him. Gary said that Andrew would be a vote for Emmett in jury, but Emmett wasn't so sure seeing as he would be responsible for taking him out. Emmett let Gary know that if he does this for him and takes out Andrew, Gary would owe him one later on. Emmett said that there are positives for him if he kept Andrew, as Andrew would take him to the Final 3. Gary wasn't really buying it, but he agreed that he would help Emmett out later on.

Emmett Calms Talla

Emmett spoke with Talla and tried to calm her about going on the block tomorrow. He told her to play her game and make no promises. He said just be you and don't worry about this week as much. Emmett let her know that he would come to her one way or another and let her know if he thinks that it's in his best interest to keep her. Emmett explained that Talla is a hot commodity and a lot of people want to take her to the end. Emmett began to try to turn Talla on Gary. He pointed out that Gary's word doesn't mean much, given that he gave it to Tom and then took him out the following week.

Emmett tried to put it in Talla's head that it would be nice if she would return the favour and help him out sometime if he were in a situation where he needed her. He said that they are working towards a goal and set themselves up the best they can to get there, but you cant get there alone. Emmett again pointed out that it's always nice to get helped out in return when you have previously helped somebody else. Emmett ended the conversation by telling Talla that she was okay and not to worry. He promised that as of right now she was fine. If that changes, Emmett said that he would tell Talla and let her know exactly why it changed.

Emmett and Jillian Continue to Disagree

Emmett and Jillian continue to be on opposing sides in terms of who should go home this week. Jillian strongly believes that Andrew should stay. She thinks that Andrew would take both of them to the Final 3, while neither Gary nor Talla would do that. Jillian also said that she would rather Andrew win this game than Talla or Gary. She said that Talla keeps slipping a little further and is getting a free ride, which is annoying. On the other hand, Emmett is quite concerned about having his life on the line against Andrew in next week's veto competition. He said that he's not willing to let go of Talla, because she is such a non-factor.

Emmett said that Andrew is going to be pissed and he will have to talk to him. Jillian said that she would like to talk to him as well, given that she cares about him and is the one that actually wants to keep him. Emmett asked Jillian if she would rather take Gary or Talla to the Final 3. Jillian said that even though Gary would take Emmett to the Final 2, and Talla would take her, she wants to be guaranteed to win the endurance comp and make it to the final part of the last HoH. Therefore, Jillian said that she would prefer Gary to be in the Final 3. Emmett told Jillian to start working on turning Talla against Gary. He said to tell her that they cant have Gary make it to the finals and convince her that Gary is with him and will be taking him to the end.

The veto ceremony will be held tomorrow. Andrew has discussed trying to talk Gary out of using the veto at all, hoping to get him to stay on the block against him. He and Emmett have discussed various plots to try to get Gary to leave himself on the block, but it's unlikely that Emmett actually wants this to happen. If and when Gary does use the veto on himself, Talla will be named the replacement nominee. At this point, Andrew remains the most likely option to be evicted come Thursday.