Andrew senses that Emmett wants him out

April 22, 2013

A Look Back at Day 61 in the Big Brother Canada House

Emmett Gives Andrew Cause for Concern

Emmett and Andrew went to the hot tub for their daily game talk. Andrew said to just imagine that if he goes this week, then it's Gary and Talla against Jillian in HoH. Emmett was quick to point out that if he stays and Gary wins HoH, then the three of them are left fighting for that veto. Emmett then began to weigh the benefits of keeping Andrew or Talla. On the plus side, if Andrew stays, Emmett said that the three are kept together and can team up on Gary. As for keeping Talla, Emmett said that it then wouldn't matter who won HoH. It would all come down to winning the veto, as that would ensure that Emmett and Jillian could save each other.

Emmett told Andrew that he is just letting him know what's going through his head, and said that he would expect Andrew to do the same. He added that he's not saying that Andrew leaving is what's going on, but he is running scenarios through his head. Andrew told Emmett that he doesn't really like it. Andrew said that it's a game and Emmett can do what he wants, but he would be very pissed off if he were to be evicted. Andrew feels that Talla does not deserve to win any money. He said that even if it costs him the money, he does not want to see Talla at the end. Same goes for Gary. Andrew asked Emmett to let him know if he plans to keep her over him. Emmett told Andrew that he is pretty sure that he's fine.

Andrew also told Emmett to think about what would happen if Jillian were to vote to keep him and Emmett broke the tie and sent him home. Andrew said that Talla will end up winning this game if she stays. Emmett did not agree, saying that Talla would not even win against Gary. Andrew once again said that Talla does not deserve to be there at all. He pointed out that Talla knew that she would be the replacement nominee if Gary won the PoV, yet she still went for the prizes in the veto competition. Andrew stated that Talla is the epitome of a floater.

Emmett and Gary Talk Final 2

Emmett and Gary discussed the upcoming eviction. Emmett continued to make it seem as though getting rid of Andrew is only beneficial to Gary, but Gary wasn't buying it. Gary feels that it would benefit both of them. The two of them also had differing opinions on how the move would impact Emmett's chances with the jury. While Gary felt that it would help Emmett's chances, Emmett said that he would now not have Andrew and AJ's votes. Emmett explained that he and Andrew have been hanging out this whole time and now Andrew's best friend is sending him out.

Emmett pointed out that Gary wants to take Talla to the Final 2. Gary swore to God that it's Emmett that he is going to the Final 2 with. Gary pleaded with Emmett to trust him, saying that Talla will be the next to go. He also said that he isn't trying to screw over Emmett's game and realizes that it will look bad if Emmett doesn't take Jillian to the Final 3 at the very least. Emmett told Gary that he will be taking him to the Final 2. He also said that Jillian will likely do the same, cause she is not an idiot. Trying to give Gary reason to stick with him and Jill, Emmett explained that Jillian will probably take Gary to Final 2 cause she can beat Gary, but not Emmett. Emmett added that he will also take Gary to the end, seeing as they have had a deal.

Andrew Voices his Concerns to Jillian

Andrew was concerned about the discussion that he and Emmett had earlier in the day. Andrew felt that Dan's visit is part of the reason that Emmett is thinking about turning on him. He told Jillian that just because Dan Gheesling comes in the house for a day, it doesn't mean that you have to make this big backstabbing move. Andrew explained that Emmett had been discussing scenarios in which it is better to evict him this week. Andrew continued on by saying that he didn't even think that Emmett knew who Dan was when he came into the house, but now he is trying to be this big game player. He said that it pissed him off completely that he was put on the block over Talla.

Jillian said that Emmett must feel that Gary will take him and Talla to the Final 3, while Talla will take him and Gary. Andrew didn't find this to be a good enough reason to turn on him, given that he would take Emmett to the Final 3 as well. As for the Final 2, he said that he will stay true to his word with Jillian. Andrew wondered what would happen to the Emmett and Jillian relationship if Jillian voted to keep him and Emmett voted him out on the tiebreaker. Andrew said that he would get over it, but will be pissed off at Emmett. Andrew discussed potentially having to go to Gary to campaign. He told Jillian that he could tell Gary that they could team up, but he wouldn't really mean it. Jillian advised him to do what he can to stay, but added that it's possible that Emmett really isn't out to get him.

Emmett Maintains his Stance that Andrew Must Go

Emmett and Jillian continue to disagree on what should happen this week. Emmett said that Andrew keeps saying the whole alliance things, but "what have you done for me, Andrew?". Emmett feels that he has pulled his weight, but Andrew has not necessarily done the same. Jillian told Emmett that Andrew won HoH and didn't nominate them. Emmett explained that he thought about taking Talla out cause Gary thinks that he can beat her in the Final 2. He told Jillian that if Gary and Talla are in the Final 2, they are not going to vote for Gary. This would mean that Gary would have lied to them. Emmett said that AJ and Andrew would not vote for Gary if he were up against Talla. Jillian suggested that they tell Gary that they will not vote for him if he lies to them. Emmett said that it makes no sense for Gary to want to take Talla cause, no matter what speech he has, he has no chance in hell of winning the game.

Emmett admitted that he can understand why Andrew would be mad. He plans to do his best to make sure that Andrew is not mad at him, even though he intends to send him to the jury house. Jillian said that she will tell him that she is voting with the house, like Emmett did with Peter. She again said that she honestly would rather keep Andrew over Talla. Emmett told her that it makes no sense for him to leave Andrew in the game. If Gary ever won HoH, that would force Emmett to beat Andrew in a mental competition for the veto. Emmett explained that this is their best bet and that he is not doing it to hinder Jillian's game.

The Veto Ceremony and The Aftermath

With Gary winning the Power of Veto, and Emmett only having two options for the replacement nominee, things were quite predictable. Gary used the Power of Veto on himself. Emmett named Talla as the replacement nominee. The game talk throughout the rest of the night was fairly repetitive. Talla does not want Andrew to know that he is going home, as she fears that he will start stabbing her in the back and could potential save himself. She was concerned that Emmett had said things that gave Andrew the feeling that he may be headed home. Talla let both Emmett and Jillian know that she feels that it is best not to let Andrew know that he is in danger of leaving. Jillian told her that maybe she and Emmett will go full force saying that they are keeping Andrew.

Andrew continued to criticize Emmett's thought process to Jillian. He said that he wanted to tell Emmett that when you are trying to make a big move, you don't tell the guy. He added that Emmett needs to work on his small talk. Andrew told Jillian that Emmett is forgetting that Gary would take Talla to the end. Andrew also said that "Emmett might think that he's this veto winning machine. Might want to tell him to check his record. He's got TWO. Know who else has two? Me!". Jillian later told Emmett that Andrew is considering telling Gary everything, including about their alliance. Emmett didn't care, saying that he had already broke the news to Gary. Emmett even said that it could benefit them if Andrew were to reveal his Final 2 deal with Jillian. Emmett believes that this would make Gary think that there is some separation between Emmett and Jillian, making it more likely that he takes both of them to the Final 3.

Jillian continued to push for Andrew to stay. She told Emmett that Andrew makes a lot of sense sometimes and she just knows that he would take them both to the Final 3. Emmett countered that by saying that both Gary and Talla are also taking them both to the Final 3. Jillian believes that Emmett is wrong about both of those assumptions. Emmett held strong on his stance that Andrew needs to go. He questioned why Jillian would want to take a guy that will beat them both. Jillian said that she cant beat Talla in endurance, but Emmett told her that's why they are taking Gary to the Final 3 over Talla. Emmett said that the only way that they will take Talla to the Final 3 is if she wins the next HoH, cause they would then have no choice.

As it stands now, Andrew is heading home on Thursday. While Jillian is unlikely to back down from her stance that Andrew should stay, Emmett is not going to back down from his opposing view. Gary wants Andrew gone. Jillian will likely ultimately vote to evict Andrew as well, even though it is against her wishes.