Andrew's eviction may come as a surprise

April 24, 2013

A Look Back at Day 63 in the Big Brother Canada House

Emmett and Jillian Plan Ahead

All week, Emmett has been anticipating that Thursday night's eviction will be a double eviction. He mentioned to Jillian that one of them could be going home tomorrow. Jillian said that she knows a way for neither of them to go home, implying that Andrew would take them both to the Final 3. Emmett told her that she doesn't know a way, she only thinks that she does. Emmett went on to say "trust me, I want to do that (keep Andrew) more than anything, but it's too risky." Furthermore he said that it's just not smart cause not only does he want to survive tomorrow night, but the rest of the game as well. Emmett's concern was that Andrew would only have to win one competition (Part 2 of the Final HoH) and then would be sending him home if he beat Jillian in Part 3.

Just like he did last week, Emmett planned to try to manipulate Talla into think that it's best for her to not win HoH. He said that he is going to tell Talla that she is playing a great game, the Dr Will and Boogie game. He would explain that once you win a comp, you're no longer playing a good game. Emmett's logic is that you suck if you win just one comp but, if you don't win any, you can say that it was your game all along. To further mess with the minds of Talla and Gary, Emmett told Jillian that she needs to sleep in the main bedroom tonight. He wants Gary and Talla to feel as though there are holes in their relationship, potentially making Talla and Gary more open to taking the two of them to the Final 3.

Jillian mentioned that she does not want Talla to come to the Final 3 with her. Emmett said that is why they are taking Gary. He again told her that Andrew is going home, adding that she needs to get that through her head. Emmett feels as though Jillian can beat Talla in endurance anyway, given that she has already done it twice before. Emmett said that he would then just have to beat Gary in the physical portion of the final HoH. He said that beating Gary would be a lot tougher than beating Talla, but it doesn't matter because both Gary and Talla are easier to beat than Andrew. Emmett told Jillian that "Andrew is leaving this game because he is such a good player. It's not for any other reason".

Emmett and Jillian Work on Talla

Both Emmett and Jillian spoke with Talla. Jillian was up first. Jillian pointed out that their best chance to win the game would be against each other in the Final 2. They discussed that Emmett is in a good spot in terms of jury votes. Jillian doesn't think that Emmett has a whole lot of blood on his hands. She noted that Emmett was nice to Peter before he left. Jillian went on to say that it sucks for her that her best chance to win the game would be against Talla and Gary, but she wants Emmett in the Final 3. She said that she knows that Emmett is taking the two of them to the Final 3, so that's why she feels kind of obligated to take Emmett to the Final 3.

Emmett later tried to make Talla feel as though he was open to a deal where he would take her to the Final 2 over Jillian. He said that Jillian thinks that it's a given, but you have to go with who gives you the best possible chance to win the game. Emmett noted that Jillian could have four HoH wins by then, giving him yet another reason not to take her to the end. He explained that it is just a game and Jillian will understand, but it will take a while. While there was lots of talk about Final 2 scenarios, both agreed that they are on board with a Final 3 with Jillian. When Talla asked Emmett if he was sad about Andrew leaving, he said yes. Emmett told Talla that it doesn't really benefit him to keep her, but he feels that they can go far together. He told Talla that Andrew would definitely go after Gary, so he could stand back and watch the two of them go at each other's throats.

Jillian Struggles with Andrew Leaving

Jillian is still not 100% on board with the idea of Andrew going home. While she cannot do a whole lot to change it, she is unsure how to go about it. Jillian said that she has been honest with Andrew for the most part, so she is feeling guilty about not letting him know that he is going home. Andrew spoke with her late this evening and gave the impression that he was feeling safer than he was just a day or two ago. He mentioned that Emmett had been referring to them as "we" a lot more again and was probably just giving him a scare before. Andrew wondered if Emmett was trying to secure himself on all angles, perhaps looking to reel in Talla and Gary for a Final 3 in order to have the easiest path to the finals. Andrew said to Jillian that while he would not respect Emmett doing that, he would vote for Emmett to win the game over Talla and Gary.

Jillian told Emmett that she feels like shit because Andrew has no idea that he's going home, and she feels horrible about it. Jillian said that Andrew's family is watching and saying that she is a bitch. Jillian has been considering telling Andrew that he is leaving, thinking that he may be wondering why she wouldn't have at least done that for him. As usual, Emmett told her that it's just a game. He said that it's called Big Brother and it's a game where you lie. Jillian said that she knows, but she really loves Andrew. Emmett said that they got to the Final 5 together, but it time for them to break off from the alliance and do their own thing now. He continued on, saying that Talla thinks that we're taking her and Gary thinks that we're taking him, so we're set. Emmett eventually had Jillian go sleep in the main bedroom, as planned. He is still hoping that it will show a fracture in their relationship that could help them later on in the game. He even staged going down there to check in on her let her know that he was just joking about whatever caused the "issue" between the two of them.