It's down to the Final 4...again

April 25, 2013

A Look Back at Day 64 in the Big Brother Canada House

Daytime Game Talk

Throughout the day, the game talk was much the same as the past couple of days. The houseguests were preparing for tonight's eviction, which seems quite likely to Andrew being evicted. Jillian asked Emmett if she should mention anything to Andrew about him being evicted tonight. Emmett advised her not to say anything. Emmett said that when he did so much as hint at it, Andrew freaked out. If Jillian felt obligated to tell Andrew, Emmett suggested that she wait until there is only about five minutes left until the show. Jillian said that she wont say anything, but Andrew is going to be so mad. Jillian still believes that her and Emmett can trust Andrew 100% to take them to the Final 3, so she is not too happy about the idea of him leaving tonight.

Emmett worked on getting Talla to throw the HoH competition again this afternoon. He told her that if she were to win something, people would be like you won comps and were obviously trying all along then. Talla said that she does not need that and thanked Emmett so much for helping her. Emmett said that she should want to say that it was her social game that got her here. Her social game was so good that she didn't have to win comps. Talla agreed that it made sense to go that route with a potential jury speech.

Tonight's eviction will bring us down to the Final 4, for the second time this season. Andrew may end up getting blindsided unless Jillian decides to give him a heads up at the last minute. Despite what was said at the conclusion of last night's episode, tonight is not the Final HoH competition of the season. The three part HoH competition is still to come after another houseguest is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Eviction Night

As expected, Andrew was evicted by a vote of 2-0. The Final 4 is now Emmett, Jillian, Gary and Talla. Jillian has won her 4th HoH of the season. It's important to remember that the initial nominations do not mean anything this week. It's all about the Power of Veto. Whoever wins the veto will have the opportunity to select who gets to cast the lone vote: Emmett, Gary or Talla.

If things stay on schedule, the nominations and veto competition will be held on Saturday. The feeds are going down on Sunday at noon, and will remain down for the rest of the season. Someone is likely getting evicted on Sunday. That eviction will air on Wednesday night's episode, leaving us with the Final 3 heading into Thursday night's finale.