Emmett and Jillian discuss their Final 3 options

April 26, 2013

A Look Back at Day 65 in the Big Brother Canada House

The live feeds were down for much of the day. When they returned, the houseguests were all dressed up nicely and had just came in from the backyard. Gary mentioned something about there being a red carpet and cameras back there. As far as we can tell, the houseguests got to watch video clips and/or see pictures from throughout the season and had some type of Big Brother Canada awards show. Here are some pictures of the houseguests:

Gary asked Emmett if Jillian had officially told him what she's doing yet. Emmett said that he thinks that she is putting up Gary and Talla, but it doesn't really matter. All that matters this week is the PoV. Gary then said to Emmett that as long as Talla doesn't win the PoV and then you win HoH or I win HoH, you've got a big ass cheque in your wallet. Gary also mentioned that he believes that Talla will be content with things when she leaves and will be proud to have made it to the Final 4. As of now, Emmett and Jillian do indeed plan to evict Talla over Gary if either of them win the Power of Veto. The power would ultimately be in the hands of Emmett, as he would be the lone vote in that scenario.

Jillian told Emmett that she was struggling with her relationship with Talla, because she loves her and doesn't want to have to take her out. Emmett told her that she wont have to do anything. The vote would be his and he would be the one to evict Talla. Jillian said that Talla really truly believes that she will take her to the Final 2 cause she threw it out there like it was the realest deal ever, but she was obviously lying to Talla. Emmett asked Jillian if she wanted to take Talla over Gary. Jillian's reply was "oh, no no. I don't know." Emmett pointed out that Talla has votes in the jury house, while Gary has maybe one.

Emmett then pointed out that if you take Gary to the Final 3, you know that he is not going to win endurance. Talla might. Jillian agreed. Jillian said that all that she knows is that she wants the two of them to make it to the Final 3 so that they have a 66% chance of winning the Final HoH. Emmett expressed his concern that Talla may not take him to the Final 3 over Gary. Jillian said that perhaps they could persuade her. She said that she could talk Emmett up to Talla, saying that he loves you so much. Emmett added that Jillian can point out that he just sent home one of his best friends over her.

Emmett also said that he needs to continue to work on building his relationship with Gary, as he is unsure of whether or not Gary would take him over Talla. Emmett does feel more confident in Gary taking him than Talla taking him, but he feels that Gary may view endurance as a lost cause and wish to increase his chances of winning a physical competition by evicting him over Talla.

That was all for the game talk on the night, as the houseguests were all in bed shortly after midnight in anticipation of nominations and the veto competition on Saturday. With the feeds set to go down for good on Sunday at noon, finding out the veto winner will be our biggest clue as to who is likely to be evicted on Wednesday's episode.