Emmett wins the veto, securing a spot in Final 3

April 27, 2013

A Look Back at Day 66 in the Big Brother Canada House

In the most important veto competition of the season, Emmett won the veto and secured his spot in the Final 3 in the process. Emmett and Jillian were ecstatic that they had earned their spot in the Final 3. Jillian was still taking it all in, saying to Emmett that "you're in the Final 3. Like 100% and so am I. That's weird. Neither one of us are going to jury. Ever." Emmett said "couldn't have done it without you" and Jillian replied by saying "couldn't have done it without you either! We were good for each other."

Either Gary or Talla will be evicted. As discussed in yesterday's recap, Emmett and Jillian are planning to evict Talla. Emmett will have the lone vote. Nothing has changed since that point. Emmett still plans to send Talla home, bringing Gary to the Final 3. Jillian said that she doesn't want to throw Emmett under the bus to Talla, but she can say that it really isn't up to her and we had a girl thing and they (Emmett and Gary) had a boy thing. Jillian plans to let Emmett talk to Talla first.

Emmett plans to speak with Talla prior to the eviction and let her know that he is going to evict her. He told Jillian some of the things that he plans on telling Talla. He is going to explain that he has a good relationship with Gary and that Gary has been there since the beginning, before Talla. Emmett would point out that he knows that Gary got voted back in and it's not fair, but at the same time, he (Emmett) voted out two of his best friends (Peter and Andrew) for Talla. Given that he had saved Talla on a couple of occasions, Emmett intends on telling her that it's not like he hasn't helped her in this game. Emmett feels that they have come to a point where it's time for them to break off and do their own thing. Both Emmett and Jillian agreed that it's not right to have to carry someone throughout the whole game and that Talla didn't do much to pull her weight. Emmett noted that at least Gary won some competitions.

Jillian said that Talla was sincerely happy about Emmett having won the veto. Jillian did not like this, because she knew that Talla would be crushed to find out that she was going home. Emmett later brought up that Talla thought that they were taking each other to the Final 2 cause they had a deal to do so. Upon hearing this information, Jillian immediately said that she no longer felt bad about evicting Talla. She said that she was previously feeling guilty, but no longer felt one bit bad once she realized that Talla had made Final 2 deals with both of them.

Jillian and Emmett began thinking about those in the jury house. Jillian pointed out that Topaz hates her for lying to her face three times. She believes that girls are catty and Emmett would have Topaz's vote if the two of them made it to the Final 2. She said that she also lied to Andrew about a Final 2 and Final 3. Jillian went on to say that "I've done bad things. Lied to Talla about a Final 2. She's going to find that out. I've been a bad person." She later said that "I'm starting to have major guilt for all of the things I have done in this game". Jillian justified lying to Andrew by saying that he approached her about the deal, so what was she supposed to do? As for Talla, Jillian said that Talla had to have known that she would have taken Emmett over her.

Emmett was concerned that Andrew may be mad at him and will no longer want to talk to him after the show. Jillian feels that Andrew will still want to hang out with Emmett, as he knows that Emmett was doing the best thing for his game. Emmett was still worried and said that "Andrew is really one of the only ones that I can see talking to a lot".

Moving forward, Jillian said that her concern is that Gary may pull a win out of his ass and break up their hopes of making it to the Final 2 together. Emmett said that he will hang up there in endurance for as long as Gary can last. He joked that he may even hang on a bit longer. Jillian feels that their best opportunity is for Emmett to go head to head with Gary in the mental-physical competition that they are expecting to see in Part 2 of the final HoH competition. The live feeds are set to go down for the season on Sunday at noon. An eviction is likely to take place sometime on Sunday. Odds are that we will have to wait until Wednesday to see how the eviction and any part of the final HoH competition played out.