Big Brother Canada Launches

February 27, 2013

A Look Back at Day 7 in the Big Brother Canada House

Big Brother Canada Premieres

After years of waiting, Canadians finally got to see their own version of Big Brother hit the air. It was an intense opening episode. Suzette was crowned the first HoH in the show's history, after being the first to answer a phone that was placed in the storage room. She was instructed not to tell anyone what she had heard on the other end and to promptly make her way to the diary room.

Suzette was forced to make her nominations shortly after. She decided to target arguably the two most physically imposing males in the house, Emmett and Tom. Emmett and Tom instantly bonded over this, discussing that one of them will win the Power of Veto and they will be able to save the bros. Given the results of the veto competition, that may indeed just happen. Tom won the Power of the Veto, which will force Suzette to nominate someone next to Emmett. The veto ceremony will air on tomorrow night's eviction episode.

The Live Feeds Launch

The launch of the 24/7 live feeds brought us a look into the Big Brother Canada house on what was now Day 7, as the houseguests moved in on February 21st.  In the period of time that passed between the end of the premiere and the start of the feeds, the veto ceremony had already occurred. We soon found out that Tom had used the power of veto on himself, and that Suzette had named Kat as the replacement nominee. 

Kat is certain that she will be the one being evicted tomorrow evening, as the other side of the house has the numbers. She was not seen doing any campaigning, but rather was working on an elaborate plan that she hopes will help Aneal down the line. Kat and Aneal created a story that they knew each other prior to entering the house, as they went to the same dance studio when they were younger (ages 16 and 8 respectively). Furthermore, the story continued with Kat becoming Aneal’s babysitter.

Kat is hoping that when this info is leaked to the others, the “Four Bros” (Alec, Peter, Tom and Emmett) will begin to split. More specifically, Kat hopes that it will cause Alec & Peter to go up against Tom and Emmett. You’re probably wondering how exactly that story would cause a divide between an already tight group. Not even Kat and Aneal know the exact answer to that question at this time. One would assume that Kat is hoping that others would start to think that there are more secret partners in the house, making the house feel the need to split them up. 

We saw the beginning of an alliance between Tom and Emmett on the premiere, and Tom looks to be one of the major players that have pushed for a large alliance since that time. Tom was seen speaking to Jillian, reaffirming that he would like to keep the good looking people in the house, suggesting that he, Jillian, Emmett, Alec, Topaz, Peter and Liza work together. There have even been rumblings of a NINE person alliance. Within this larger group, there are some potentially budding showmances. Alec and Topaz is the main one at this point, with Emmett & Jillian and Tom & Liza being other possibilities. 

Danielle is one of the houseguests on the outside looking in. Aneal described her as “hated” within the house, while Jillian referred to her as a “moody bitch”. AJ is another that may be in trouble. Many of the houseguests were seen gossiping about seeing AJ talking to himself and being extremely fidgety. Just prior to the end of the night, Gary was talking to himself and plotting to take out Tom. As said earlier, Tom seems to be one of the players leading the charge for the big alliance, but he also seems to be rubbing people the wrong way. Some of his alliance members were even seen questioning whether or not they can trust him. Finally, Suzette is already worried about Tom coming after her next week when she cannot play in the HoH competition. 

All in all, it was an interesting first night of live feeds from the Big Brother Canada house. It was refreshing to see a cast that appeared to be there to play, rather than one filled with people that do not even know the legends of the game or what a power of veto is (Shane Big Brother 14). As of now, look for Kat to be evicted on tomorrow night’s live eviction episode at 10 PM ET on Slice.