Kat is evicted; Jillian Wins HoH

March 1, 2013

A Look Back at Day 8 in the Big Brother Canada House

Tonight was the first ever Big Brother Canada eviction. Results of the eviction came in a couple of hours prior to the airing of the episode, making it clear that the live evictions are not actually live. Kat was evicted by a vote of 11-1, with Liza being the lone vote to evict Emmett. Following the conclusion of the “live” eviction taping, we began to see the HoH endurance competition on the live feeds. This was prior to the airing of the “live” show, and thus the feeds continued to be blocked and unblocked at random. Eventually we found out that Jillian had won the competition and become the second HoH.

There was not a whole lot of game talk throughout the remainder of the night. The most significant conversation, from a game perspective, was between Jillian and Emmett. Jillian informed Emmett that she is leaning towards nominating Danielle and Gary, with Danielle being her target. Emmett threw Suzette’s name out there as a possible nomination, but Jillian said that she had promised that she wouldn’t do that.

Emmett told Jillian that he’s confident that they have the votes to send Danielle home, and that she would indeed go home unless she were to win the PoV. Things then got a little bit interesting as Emmett then said that if you put me and Danielle on the block, I’m guaranteed to play for the PoV. Jillian immediately said that she would not put Emmett on the block. Emmett explained that they would still have the votes so it’s safe in a way. Jillian mentioned that they could possibly use Tom as a pawn, but Emmett figured that Tom may be voted out if that were to happen. All in all, there was little to suggest that Jillian would sway from her initial plan of nominating Danielle and Gary, but it’s worth keeping an eye on Emmett to see if he will yet again bring up the possibility of going up as a pawn.

Outside of actual strategic game talk, it is interesting to note that Peter and Alec discussed their concern with the “mental stability” of AJ. That marks the second night in a row that such a concern has come up. Last night the houseguests mentioned that he was extremely fidgety and was often seen talking to himself. Tonight, Peter noted that AJ seems to believe that he is a major player in the house, and is in the middle of everything, when in reality that is not the case. While AJ is known to talk a lot and, at times, make something out of nothing, the concerns of the other houseguests seem to be exaggerated.