Jillian Sets her Sights on Danielle

March 2, 2013

A Look Back at Day 9 in the Big Brother Canada House

Have-Not Competition

Early on in Day 9, the houseguests competed in their first have-not competition. By the sounds of things, they were split up into 3 teams of 4, with Jillian and Suzette getting to sit out. The losing team of four, the have-nots for the week, was comprised of Tom, Talla, Peter and Alec. Those four will now be sleeping in a room that has only one bed and one cot.

Jillian Sets her Sights on Danielle, Tom has other plans

With nominations on the way tomorrow, the game talk really began to pick up in the early evening. Aneal was one of the first to speak with Jillian, and his main concern was that he wanted Jillian to do what was best for her. He emphasized that she cannot let Tom come up there and take over her week as HoH. Jillian said that she will not let that happen and that she wants to take out Danielle. Jillian said that her motives were personal, as Danielle has not been treating her very well.

She also told Aneal that Tom has already planned out the 9 people that he wants to have in the jury house and the final two. Jillian told Aneal that the nine people are herself, Aneal, Alec, Tom, Emmett, Topaz, Peter, Andrew and Liza. Aneal expressed his concern with what he sees as a four person male alliance between Peter, Tom, Emmett and Alec. Aneal likened them to the Brigade, suggesting that the guys are taking girls under their wing for the time being, but will be quick to cut them when needed (Emmett/Jillian, Tom/Liza, Alec/Topaz). He felt that it would be best to eliminate one of those guys as soon as possible. While Jillian did not necessarily disagree with what Aneal was saying, she felt that it was too soon to make a move like that and preferred to stay focused on evicting Danielle.

A short while later, Tom and Talla had a lengthy discussion. Tom expressed his desire to get Suzette out of the house. Tom and Talla continued to bond, with Tom revealing his Final 2 deal with Emmett to her. Tom then hinted that he knew some info that could cause a big stir in the house and that it had to do with the lone vote that was cast against Emmett. He also floated out the idea that it’s possible that some houseguests knew each other before entering the house. He pondered whether or not Emmett and Jillian had some sort of pre-existing relationship, as he felt that it was odd that the two instantly became so close once Jillian became the new HoH.

Tom then made his way outside to chat with Andrew and AJ. Tom couldn’t hold in what he felt was a major secret any longer. He confessed that Kat had come up to him prior to leaving the house and had told him that she and Aneal knew each other outside of the house. In reality, Kat and Aneal had planned this story on Day 7. Kat was going to tell someone, evidently Tom, that she and Aneal went to the same dance studio when they were younger, and that she eventually became his babysitter. Tom again brought up the possibility of Emmett and Jillian having some sort of pre-existing relationship, but he made it clear that he and Emmett are still bros and have no trust issues whatsoever.

Predictably, Tom went up to the HoH room and tried to push for Suzette to be evicted. Immediately after telling Jillian that it was her week, he made his pitch for why Suzette needed to go. Jillian stayed strong, telling Tom that it will not happen. She promised Suzette safety, and she is going to stick to her word. Tom gave in and agreed that Danielle can go this week, but explained that Suzette is his Danielle and that he needs Jillian’s support in getting rid of her next week. Jillian said that she was fine with that plan. Throughout the rest of the evening, Jillian continued to get promises from the other houseguests that they would not change the nominations and that they would vote whichever way she wanted.

A Change of Plans?

After all signs had pointed to Danielle being the clear-cut target, a backyard conversation between Tom, Peter, Emmett and Liza began to change things. The group discussed that they don’t feel that Danielle is much of a threat, and that they would be better off backdooring Aneal if they are able to win the PoV.

Emmett pitched the idea to Jillian, who was initially not very receptive to the idea. Emmett continued to portray Aneal as the “ringleader” of the other group, someone that needs to be sent home in order to send the rest scattering. Jillian’s concern was that Danielle would then be staying, and would come after her if she were to win HoH. Emmett explained that she would be able to cut a deal with Danielle, telling her that they will save her if she doesn’t come after her. Eventually Jillian told Emmett that she would sleep on the idea. The nomination ceremony will be tomorrow, so check back for more updates as the day progresses.