Interview with Big Brother Canada's Kat Yee

March 1, 2013

Big Brother Canada's first evicted houseguest, Kat Yee, participated in a conference call with ourselves and a few others. Find out what she had to say. In order to give fans a better idea about what you wanted to do in the game, which BB USA houseguest (would you say) best represents the type of player you potentially saw yourself as?

Kat: I just admire Dan so much because he is very genuine and very frank with his intensions. Although he may be pulling the wool over someone’s eyes in the seasons that I’ve watched with him, in the diary room he was very sincere when he was apologizing for it. He was very open and up front about you know “hey this is what I’m doing, this why I’m doing it…I’m very sorry and I hope that one day you can understand”.

I met him pretty much after I got evicted. It was so mind blowing just to meet him because it’s like you know these people, but you really actually don’t know them. It was very comforting to meet him because I felt like he’s the only person that I’ve come across so far who could really understand what it’s like to be in a house like that, and what an emotional and mental rollercoaster it can be. I have a lot of admiration for him. I’d like to think I could be a player like him, but I think I’m being painted as more of a Brian. You had a plan coming in, stating that you wanted to try to “lay low and keep the target off your back”. How much harder was that type of game to play than you originally thought coming in?

Kat: I knew it was going to be a challenge for me going into the house because I had to be completely opposite to what I am in real life. I’m not a manipulative person, I’m a terrible liar, and I’m not a guilty person. So, to go around and try and get information from people was very foreign for me. Trying to hide my athleticism was incredibly difficult because I think people just took one look at me and were like “this chicks a body builder” or something. I love playing sports and that whole teamwork mentality. But when you get in the house you have nothing to do.

It’s funny because this whole time or whole experience you can think that you’re ready for it and think “I can do this or I can do that”, but I think that once you get in there and meet the other people in the house it changes everything whether you realize it or not, and that’s the thing that’s sort of come to light with me leaving the house. Had you stayed and won HOH next week, who would your nominations have been, and why?

Kat: That’s a really tough question to answer because things change so quickly in the house. You can have an idea one week but you kind of have to wait for all the little birdies to come chirp in your ear while you’re in the HOH position­. When you win HOH, you're in a position of power and you don’t need to go around and ask people for information. People will come to you and give you the information. To be honest, I would probably put my biggest threats up. To say I would know for sure the way it would go down, I can’t really say that because somebody may have come to me with a good deal. Had you have stayed in the house, who do you think your ideal alliance would be and why do you think you think that you would have aligned with them?

Kat: My ideal alliance would have been with Aneal and Liza. We all seemed to stay on the same page and we thought the same way. We were people that were okay with having to use others in the house as means of getting to where we wanted. They would have been my absolute ideal alliance, and I’m rooting for them to win. Suzette, in her goodbye message, was saying that she had some regrets. Do you think that she was playing a little bit scared during her time as HOH and was ready to make too big a move, and you just kind of got burned as an easy target?

Kat: To be honest, I don’t think Suzette knew what she was doing at all as the HOH. She went into the house just looking to have fun and be on TV. I don’t think the idea and concept about the nature of the position had really sunk in until she was in that position, and I think that was a bit much for her to handle right off the bat.

I am kind of thankful it was her and not me but, at the same time, if it was the other way I might not be here right now. Suzette agreed that I was right and the irony is that she pretty much voted someone out that was in her alliance. I considered her a friend, and I still do, but I would have never considered putting her on the block, and had someone else put her on the block I probably would have done my best to save her next week. She’s not going to know that until she leaves the house but, when she does, she’s probably going to kick herself for it. When it comes to the voting, you had one vote to save you – Liza – So did you kind of have an idea going in that she was going to put that vote in your favour?

Kat: To be honest, I just found out about that today. Going into the eviction yesterday I thought it was going to be 12-0, because at this point in the game everyone’s too scared to stand on their own and play their own game. I knew everyone was going to vote with the house.

Aneal and I had discussions regarding his game and moving forward in his game, and we agreed that we would talk to the other houseguests and convince them not to vote for me because we wanted his vote to make a statement. So I was very surprised when I found out this morning that Liza was the one that voted for me, and I was shocked because Aneal and I had these discussions. I’m thankful either way. They're both amazing people. You talked to a lot of people, once you kind of knew that you were going to be the one going home, about things that you were going to be getting rid of and leaving in the house. I’m wondering if you could let us know the things you left behind for the other houseguests?

Kat: Well I had an awesome pair of slippers; you’ll probably see Liza wearing them because I left them with her. They're just absolutely obnoxious in colour, and sparkle, and the toes have lights on them. Every time you step they light up. When I walked in those and everyone saw them, they were like “awe man, those things are awesome”.

With Tom, I left him my sort of comfort item. I have this big plush hand that I used for naps and to mess with people to try to pick someone’s nose with it or high five them with it and do silly stuff. I left that with Tom, and told him that he better use the hand properly for inappropriate things.

I had a bunch of rolls of duct tape that I had brought in with me to cover logos or anything like that. I loved the wild colours and designs, and everybody just sort of laughed because I had pieces of duct tape with crazy patterns on them all over me. We actually used the duct tape to make a lot of improv sports, so I figured the duct tape would probably have better use in the house because they are probably going to have really long boring days to come. If it means they make a tennis racket out of duct tape, I’ll be good with that. Based on the ­first seven days that you were in the house, who would you be shocked to see make it to the final three?

Kat: That is a tough question. You sort of have your perception of people and what their motivations are, what they may be lacking, or what they could do better. I think I would be really shocked if Jillian or Topaz made it. Those two girls are fabulous, and I think that if they played their own independent game then they really could go far, but the fact that they're getting tangled up in showmances…I think that is going to mess up their game.

To be perfectly frank, I don’t think the guys are going to keep them around, because those boys have some very strong relationships with one another. My perception was that the girls could be very expendable to them. I would be shocked if those two girls made it to the end unless they were using the showmances to their advantage and were really cut throat and didn’t care. If that’s the case, good for them, they did what they had to do.

I think the third person I would be very shocked if they made it is Danielle. Either Danielle or AJ. I think both of those would be pretty big shocks for me because, it’s not that they weren’t liked by the house but, they didn’t really participate with the house, or in AJ’s case he participated a bit too much. Any of those four and I think I would be very shocked.

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