Interview with Big Brother Canada's Liza Stinton

March 22, 2013

Big Brother Canada's fifth evicted houseguest, Liza, participated in a conference call with ourselves and a few others. Find out what she had to say. You had two secret alliances in the house – one with Jillian, and also one with Peter. Both were very capable of going very far in the game. Had you have stayed, what were your intentions when it came to working with each of those two alliances?

Liza: If I stayed in the house, those are actually the only two people that I trusted and I respected, both on a game level and as human beings. I think Peter is the smartest player in the game and I think Jillian is a beautiful person. That said it would have been in my best interest to stick with Peter, the stronger game player, not the better person. But I would have stayed true to Jillian and I never would have thrown her under the bus. Do you think you were maybe getting impatient in the house and that resulted in you playing a little too hard too fast? Why do you think this was the case so early on?

Liza: I think I just get really frustrated with stupid people, and I was thrown in the house with a lot of them. So when you’re trying to communicate with somebody on an intellectual level, and they're not responding to you the way you want, I feel like maybe I had to play a little faster and a little harder to get through to these…players. There were points when your alliance with Peter kind of looked more like a secret showmance. Is this a correct observation, and what were your feelings for Peter?

Liza: I adore Peter as a person and I respect him as a player. Him and I have a really intense intellectual connection. The conversations we had about game or real life were really intellectually stimulating and it bonded us. My relationship with him was completely real, but the only bed I was in every night was Tom's cause Tom captured me on an emotional level. You have nice intellectual chats with your friends, but you go to bed with the person you really care about. There seemed to be a lot of hate between Topaz and yourself, on a few occasions you both said some unpleasant things to each other. Where did this mutual hatred come from?

Liza: Very early in the game, like week one, Topaz approached me and essentially said she was grateful that I was so sexually extroverted because she’s used to being the big flirt. So I think me being myself really took a lot of the heat off her, but you know… this is a hard question to answer nicely.

Where did this come from? I don’t know she sleeps all day, why are we talking about Topaz? Topaz wakes up for two seconds, and all that came out her mouth were lies. I was just talking smack about her, she didn’t like it, threw it back. I think her calling me a whore is the teapot calling the kettle black. You had a lot of different alliances. If you had found a way to escape the double eviction and hang on in the game, what would have been your game plan without Tom?

Liza: Being in that house, in that game, without Tom, I think would have been a very toxic environment. I would have had very little opportunity to stay positive and focus on the game. My only option at that point would have been to strengthen my relationship with Peter and use him to get as far as I could. If you could take Arisa's spot for a few seconds and drop a bomb on the house, what would you say to try and stir things up?

Liza: Drop a bomb on the house eh? Is that what everyone expected me to do last night, just to walk out and be like "Quattro!"? I really feel like I said everything I needed to say in the house. I thought I was leaving...midweek I was pretty sure it was me, so I was doing my best to feed info to the people that I wanted to see take this game. There is no bomb on the house. I was not going to blow up the Quattro alliance, because that would have hurt Peter's game. I would have probably lied and said something sleazy about Emmett so everybody turns on him.

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