Interview with Big Brother Canada's Suzette Amaya

April 1, 2013

Big Brother Canada's sixth evicted houseguest, Suzette, participated in a conference call with ourselves and a few others. Find out what she had to say. You mentioned that you felt that the game was a lot more difficult than you expected coming in. Can you expand on that and give some examples of what you found to be more difficult that expected?

Suzette: When you watch it on television, you think this is so predictable. I know who would be strong, who would be weak. Everyone had so many strong characteristics. I felt like I could manipulate people. I think that it was hard because there were three showmances and the bromance. I didn't think it would be so hard to convince when I was on the block I was trying to get people to vote to keep me in, and everyone was afraid of of the HoH. I didn't think there would be that kind of bullying aspect in a sense, you know? So, I thought that was kind of tough as far as there was a huge alliance from the get go and I couldn't see how I could break into it. What has the Big Brother experience taught you about yourself, and what is the biggest thing that you will take out of this experience?

Suzette: I think the experience has taught me a lot more patience than I already had, and also to just never take life for granted. Being around those people, I just learned so much about reality television and that it really is reality. You never know if what you see on TV is real but, living and experiencing it, I give credit to anyone that does any kind of reality shows. It shows the real emotions and the conversations are real whether the people are strategizing or not, so umm you know...I'll take the whole experience because I'm a big fan too, so it's just an honour to be able to represent for not only curvy girls, but also for Aboriginal people. I just feel so blessed. You said you regretted evicting Kat and that it was a bad move for you. Why, and what was the right move?

Suzette: I think that I maybe should have listened to her a little bit more. I feel that she had some merit to what she was saying about like, you know, the strong players vs the weaker players. I could have worked with her but she's also emotionally driven so, her being so close to Tom, I felt like it wasn't good move to keep her. Maybe if I had more time to talk to her it would have been good. Maybe I would have got someone out that is strong, like Jillian. I don't know. It's tough to say. I didn't imagine this game would be as difficult as it was. Is there a part of you in your head that is like "why did I ever pick up that blasted phone?", cause I think if it wasn't for that first HoH reign you might still be in the house and wouldn't have had the target on you pretty much from Day 1.

Suzette: I think so for sure! It was like a blessing and a curse. It was cool. I can say to the people that got evicted that I was HoH and I got to experience a little bit of that. Being first in Canada is exciting, but it put a huge target on my back because people saw me as a mental threat or just a wildcard that wasn't bonded to anybody, so I wasn't afraid to make big moves. I was hoping to just float on by and kind of be behind the scenes, but I continued to be in people's conversations so, yeah. You know what, there was people who had chemistry. At the end of the day, there were people who were cuddling at night, and no matter what you told them or tried to get them to see what was going on in the game, people are loyal to their cuddlemances and people are hanging out in the hot tub. I try to think "how could I have done things different?". It's hard to even fathom what moves I could have made. Do you think your game would have been different had you not been HoH the first week or do you think that you still would have been a target even as one of the physically weaker players?

Suzette: I think that if I wasn't HoH, that would have bought me a little more time to have been more social with everyone in the house rather than being stuck in the HoH room and being disassociated. I would have loved to have used those boys as personal trainers to build my physical strength! The boys did see me as a mental threat. They told me that to my face. I think either way, I sort of was the odd man out from the get go. Now that you have been out of the game for a couple of days, what is it like taking it all in? Have you heard from Tom or Liza or other people that have left the game? Do you have any hard feelings?

Suzette: I'm still in the dark. I haven't seen an episode, I haven't been online. I'm still disconnected from the show. I have left the house and I'm still waiting for the phone call back to my family, but I have no hard feelings towards anyone in the house currently or who have left. Tom and I squashed things in the end. I would even have liked to have worked with him if he had stayed in the house. I think we're grown adults and, in the house, things become a pressure cooker and things get over-exaggerated and emotions run high. All in all, I think that we all grew from this experience in a sense. I have no hard feelings towards Tom at all.

As for Suzette's thoughts on who she thinks will make the Final 2, who she would like to see in the Final 2 and who she would have taken to the Final 2:

I think Alec and Peter will be in the Final 2, but I would love to see Gary rise above everything and hopefully there will be twists and turns and he can get up to that level. I definitely would have taken Gary with me all the way. He was like my bromance.

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